Of hypocritical and malicious people

I met this person some time back at an event. We exchanged friendly words and it was nice.

Then, today, I found out that this person, after meeting me only once, had gone and posted nasty untruths about me in an Internet forum.

This is really quite hurtful.

I do on occasion get nasty comments in my blog, but I can deal with that because it’s a common enough occurence for strangers to just randomly bitch about random people as a past-time.

But learning that someone I know, someone whom I was nice to, someone who had appeared to be nice to me, has been spreading rumours about me, is just wrong.

I won’t go as far as to call it a betrayal because this person is just an acquaintance, but it still doesn’t change the wrongness of it.

It’s so hard to find true and sincere friends these days. You never know when someone unexpected is going to sink a knife in your back.

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    Well, there are always bad apples amongst the basket.

    These are the apples that upon finding, throw them out so that it doesn’t affect your good mood of looking (or taking a bite) at the nice bright red apples that remains. ^.^

    sorry ~ in a “fruity” mood ~ ^.^

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    heartless: Why do you say it’s a gaming forum? Do you know of any such incident by any chance? :P Well thanks anyway :)

    arzhou: Thanks, pal.

    Spiritangelo: Thanks for the good advice.

    limboy: I quite agree. :P

    fish: I’ll try. Thanks. :)

    Lycansberg: I don’t want to be specific and name names because it’ll harm more than one party. Well, jealousy is a possible reason but then I still don’t get how jealousy can make a person mean to innocent parties. :(

    Ralph: I dunno. Too many free people in the world?

    uglyfatchick: Um… is there a reason that person would be you?? lol. Did you say something about me in a forum? :P :P

    Daryl: Thanks, Daddy D! Share the hate! lol. :)

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    Oops. I’m late. But anyway, I wouldn’t worry about people who actually take effort to badmouth people they barely know or have been barely offended by.

    These type of people are already exhibiting their uglier side to everyone by doing such things. And people who actually ‘add fuel to fire’ by agreeing and joining in their fun by adding even more snide comments are just as bad.

    So it’s actually a very handy and relatively painless way to filter out the undesirables whom we wouldn’t want to befriend. :)Could be worse if you get betrayed/backstabbed for something more serious in future.

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    Hi there, it’s a long time since I read your blog becoz I was busy opps! =X

    Anyways, such bastard just want to see some drama going on. I mean for what breaking up the peace and making it worst?

    This person spreading rumors is only desperate for the fun of it, and don’t worry he/she will get his/her fingers burn soon enough.

    Just ignore such bo liao person. =)

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    Kim: You’re not late… this post is still current. :) Thanks so much for your consoling words. I do feel better after reading encouraging comments from all of you!

    I HAVE been seriously betrayed and backstabbed by good friends before. I think I’m just too trusting.

    The bad thing is that these incidences make me a more cynical and suspicious person, which is what I DON’T want to be. But sometimes, because I want to like and trust people, I just ignore my cynical side. And then I get backstabbed. Sighhh.

    HuiHuiakaTara: Hi hi! Good to see you again. Thanks for resurfacing! Well, busy is good isn’t it? Glad to hear that you’ve been kept busy! Hehe.

    And thanks also for your kind words. Well, I guess you’re right. I hope this person learns eventually that what he/she did is really bad.

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    Dun have to bother with these ppl as long as your conscience is clear. As the old Chinese saying “Real gold not afraid of fire”

    Ya, true and sincere friends are hard to find these days. Even those you had for a very long time and thought they were real friends will also change. I lost two friends that I know for more than 20 years because of a change in their fortune. What to do?

    Life goes on….

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    The reason why I love you heaps is because, you’re just you! And yes, it’s true, its hard to find real friends especially when we get older. I’ve had enough of such crappy friends and yes, I admit there are times that I can’t tell whose real and whose fake. That’s why I love you. You’re just the real you. Nothing beats that. With crappy, shitty and flaky friends, why bother with them? I’d rather have fewer friends but they are real friends than a million of hypocritical, shitty, malicious friends!

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    tiger4: What you said has some merit, but sometimes, untruths can really hurt a person’s life and career during the time it happens. By the time the truth is found out, it is a little late and opportunities have been missed. That’s why slander is taken so seriously in a court of law.

    Well, but at the same time, it’s something unavoidable, like rape and murder and theft, etc. People just can’t stop being mean, so I guess I should just be glad that I’m healthy and happy and in one piece! ;)

    Sorry to hear about those friends of yours though, that must really suck!

    Monster: I could never thank you, enough, monster, for being there in my life, for supporting me through thick and thin. I guess it helps that we’re related by blood and we got thrown together since young, and I know you will never do anything to hurt me. You are right that having a few true friends is enough. I would never ask for more friends than the few great ones I already have. (I just wish people would stop being mean for no reason at all!!) Love you mountains, cuz! :)

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    I don’t understand why would people want to bad-mouth acquaintances? This is just beyond me. Unless they are jealous or something like that. But it is easy. Just ignore them.

    And funny thing you mentioned about make true and sincere friends. I don’t think it is difficult. It is just that perhaps we have too high expectations of our friends?

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    Someone spread pretty bad rumors about me a couple of months back since i was not in town.

    I was actually pretty happy about it – “hey! I am famous enough for people to bother gossiping about me!”

    But i guess you are past that stage. ;)

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    Is that guy really refering to you, or does he/she has another acquintance with the name as yours thus causing the misunderstanding?
    Perhaps you have an identical twin… =D

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    Stupid is as stupid does…
    There’s a part of me that says that you should ignore the spouting of insignificant people, and that engaging them only makes them worse. There’s another part of me that sympathises with you and feels that this shouldn’t happen (it has happened to me, and I was very upset). The anonymity of the Internet has taken away the social constraints that usually make us keep the bad thoughts inside.
    Ah well, life continues and we’ll survive…

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    Sheylara: Take heart and keep your chin up!:) If anything, the swift response time and positive words from all your readers here prove to you that you’re not alone in facing this and most importantly, that person doesn’t know sh*t about you! Here’s wishing you better days ahead:)

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    People who are mean are basically jealous and have nothing better to do with their lives. I had someone sending me an email threatening m with a lawsuit after I wrote something on my blog. Well, she didn’t go through with it because she didn’t have money and she didn’t have anything to sue me by! She was a friend that made used of me in Hong Kong and it still makes mad when I think of her. But you know, having friends like that are like leeches! And monster, no need to thank me. You’ve always been there for me. You’ve looked out for me so much and I’ll always do the same for you!

    Muah!!! Kisses and hugs for you!

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    Some people rather spend those minutes envying someone and spreading bad things about them than using those minutes to make themselves happier. For that they lost their OWN time that they’d never get back so don’t fret Sheylara or you’ll miss the minutes that you’ve spent upset when you could be smiling too. :)

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    Hey Sheylara. Cheer up. You know whats true and thats good enough. People who are close to you or know you will also realize that whats written/said about you is rubbish. I guess it happens,but chin up please. You’ve got a long way to go gamer chic (;

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    Have you ever been the recipient of bad words/rumours about someone else AND then believed in them because you know the person that told you these words more than the person that was at the wrong end of those bad words/rumours???

    If you have then you encourage people like this freak ‘of yours’ that goes around making false insinuations about you. It’s a sick world out there – at times.

    It’s tough but cheer up and as long as you know you’re good inside. The Internet has given a lot of losers a lot courage and with their likewise loser friends, they can create havoc for decent people.

    Word of advice – ‘Stay away from Websites that are not properly administered”.

    All is good at the end of the day! Take care!

    – Just another victim here.

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    Woohoo! Can’t be me, I met you more then once (see you a lot these days esp when I go gadget shopping – you’re EVERYWHERE) and I sooo do not “internet forum”, in fact, I don’t have a habit of commenting much either. I do read often though. ;x

    This world is filled with all sorts of people, don’t feel bad about it.

    Btw, Esther invited you to the party right? I have no idea whose going. So, if you can’t make it for whatever reason, no worries, I won’t feel upset (jealous and envy is overwhelming as it is already) as long as you remember our presents!! Wahahahaha! ^_^

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    Wait, I just read what I wrote, and it didn’t sound right. Let me rephrase that.

    (Read my words and think of flowers and butterflies. Nad (I think) says I have a tendency of sounding mean 99% of the time, which clearly isn’t my intention. Anyway.)

    I’m not sure who RSVP-ed, and I really hope you’re coming. But if, you know, you can’t make it or something it’s okay – just remember our presents!

    That said… If you can make it, don’t forget our presents either! ;x

    “jealousy and envy” is due to the whole seeing you EVERYWHERE.

    I think I should stop now. See you on Sat? Have a great week!

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    simpleman: I don’t think I have very high expectations of friends and acquaintances. They don’t even have to be nice to me… I’m happy as long as they don’t spread untruths about me. :P

    meow: Haha… you’re so funny. Well, it’s good that you saw the bad rumours in a positive light! :) Hey, so you left Singapore already?

    JayWalk: lol! well, thanks for the thought. But I don’t want to be evil back to an evil person… then I will be no different from them right? Haha, sound like very noble like that!

    3POINT8: Well, the person’s comment left zero doubt that I was the person he was talking about. Without giving out any details, there isn’t anyone else in the world that will fit the description of me that was given.

    Jesta: Well, I didn’t engage him, which is quite obvious by the fact that I am not naming names or even giving specific examples. I’m trying to ignore it, but felt that I just had to make a commentary about this social issue.

    Wang Wang: Yeah, I guess.

    RN1209: Thanks! You’re very right. I am indeed heartened by the responses I’ve been getting here! :)

    Monster: I can’t imagine why anyone would want to threaten you with a lawsuit. You’re like the kindest, more fair person I know in the world! Hugs and kisses back!

    Relax: Thanks!

    Mockingbird: Hahaha good thinking, but no, that’s not it. :P

    Honeymeow: Words of wisdom there, my friend. Thanks!

    modchip: lol, okay, if you put it that way.

    Ash: Thank you very much!

    RoRK: Yes, that’s the problem. People will always believe in the words of the first person who tells you things about another person. That’s why I’m so annoyed at people who just go around making baseless accusations! By the way, I know I still owe you e-mails! Sorry! :P

    aig: Thanks for showing your support too! ;)

    phobovn: I hope you meant that person, not me. Haha. :P

    Princessa: Haha, you’re so funny, girl, but thanks for the support, too! Yeah I got an invite, but I can’t make it. Um, what do you mean “our presents”?? Is it your birthday too?

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    I think it’s awesome that one post about one person’s wrongful action can bring out so much support from very wonderful people. Good People – 15, Bad People – 1 —–Good people win.

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    …and I meant not that you DID engage him, but that, in general, trolls need to be ignored. And you definitely did the right thing by posting about it…

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