My thoughts on the S’pore Blog Awards

I’m just glad it’s finally over! The news is that I didn’t win, and I’m glad because:

  1. I can save money. (I’m supposed to buy loads of people drinks if I win, haha.)
  2. I was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction last night and it was a good thing I didn’t have to take tons of photos like all the winners had to do.

Which is not to say that I’m completely happy that I didn’t win. There are good and bad to both results, really.

So, I’m not glad because:

  1. After putting all my friends through the month-long voting process, I feel I’ve let them down and wasted their time.
  2. I don’t think my blog is the ultimate in entertainment, but I do work very hard to entertain and connect with readers, so a win would have validated my hard work a little.

But it’s not a very big deal. After all, I don’t need the prize of a laptop anymore, since I’ve got my Pinky! (That’s not her name. I’ll tell you her actual name another time — I need to give you some time to prepare yourself mentally first.)

The main reason I’m writing this post is because I want to thank all my friends and blog readers for supporting me through this event by reading my blog, voting for me and sending me words of encouragement.

It was a very trying one month because I generally hate asking people for help or troubling people, so it really took a lot out of me to go on a vote-soliciting campaign. In fact, I didn’t do as much as I could have because I couldn’t bring myself to.

I don’t like voting contests.

I was told by a few friends that you can cheat in the Omy S’pore Blog Awards voting and give yourself a zillion votes if you’re free enough to do it, by exploiting some loopholes in the system.

But I told them not to do it. I didn’t want to win that way. I wanted to win for having an entertaining blog and not for having clever friends who know how to exploit systems.

But learning about that kind of dampened the whole thing for me. And I stopped placing any hope in winning, and kinda slacked off in soliciting votes for a while.

Still, overall, it was a good experience, and I guess being a finalist is actually validation enough for me. All the finalists in the blog awards have their own appeal and very different fan bases. So, I think we’re all winners.

Self-consolation, lol.

But, honestly, I’m not sad or anything. The only thing I feel is apologetic towards everyone who voted for me. I’m sorry you wasted your time! But thank you from the bottom of my heart. At least I know you care, and that is reward enough for me.

For now.

Until the next contest.

Haha, kidding. Not going to put myself through all that again!!

Have a happy weekend! :)

27 thoughts on “My thoughts on the S’pore Blog Awards

  1. Avatar

    but your blog’s very very entertaining for some of us, so don’t say we wasted time voting for you =)

    pinky… ookkkayyy, prepared myself to hear your MSI’s name.

  2. Avatar

    JayWalk: Thanks, pal. I thought you’d be the first to complain since you’ve been complaining about sore fingers since Day 1. Haha. But I really appreciate your support, regardless!

    yongwei: Hi fellow finalist! :) I saw your lollipop… lol. :P

    heartless: Yes, but I don’t think I want to join again, unless they remove the voting part. :P

    Cornflict: Aww, thanks!! That’s very nice of you!

    sgnick: Thank you! It’s very heartening to hear that!

    tstar: You’re very sweet to say that, my dear. Thank you! Hehe… okay brace yourself, cos I will be revealing all the names of my new gadgets! Haha. :P

    tyler: Noooooooo! The secret will follow me to my grave! Haha.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks Emo Timo! I won’t be sad, cos I know you’ll give me a good good role in your next film. REMEMBER HOR don’t give me evil role or I’ll beat you up with a hot dog! :P

  4. Avatar

    You may not have won, but you did get the second place (which in itself is an achievement). You also got some publicity for your blog, which may well have generated more traffic for you.

    On the personal side: I don’t really care. Your blog is STILL the only one I read, and is STILL very entertaining writing whether it has been acknowledged by an awards ceremony or not.

  5. Avatar

    :( Awwww… I’ll give you a warm hug if I was there. You’re still a winner in our eyes. :D

    Any photos of the wardrobe malfunctions? >:)

  6. Avatar

    @Jesta: Yes, I agree. This is the only Singaporean blog I will come back to read every now and then, regardless of whether it has been graced with any awards. This blog is entertaining on its own, who cares about awards?

  7. Avatar

    nadnut: Thanks babe! *hugs*

    tiger4: *sniff* So sweet of you. I’m touched! But no photos of WM, sorry!

    Jesta: You’re right, lol. And thank you for giving me the honour of enjoying your exclusive blog readership! :P

    modchip: Thank you! Virtual hugs are just as good as real ones, I say. :) No. Just forget about the wardrobe malfuncation, will ya? :P

    Wang Wang: Thank you dear! *HUG*

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Wow, that’s very nice of you! I feel comforted to hear that!

    Relax: Hur hur… thanks for not asking to see photos… haha! :P And thanks for your support, as always!

    Neo: Thank you! Appreciate you coming in to post that comment! :)

    heartless: No more already. Nothing to see here, move along! :P

  8. Avatar

    awwww… it’s ok Shey… no worries, you’ve done your best and its all that matters… You will always be our clear winner in our eyes… hugzzz…. =>

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