My pretty pink precious!

Last Friday was a great day!

First, I got to play Halo Wars at an exclusive Microsoft Xbox preview session.

Playing Halo Wars

Then, the Xbox Team gave me a whole bunch of goodes: An Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, two games (Tales of Vesperia and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) and a UNSC Halo Wars cap.



Supriya from Text 100 called out of the blue to offer me a Nokia N82 to use as a temporary camera until I get a new one.

The N82 has a 5mp camera with Xenon flash so it’s as good as my dead Lumix!

Nokia N82!

How sweet is Supriya!


I went to Comex and bought this beautiful pink MSI Wind.

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Necklace from lov3accessories.

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?!!

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Haha. I look so white in this picture. It’s the powerful Xenon flash lol. Free whitening! (The first two photos are dark cos I took them in the day without flash.)

The other side of it:

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

All white! I had contemplated getting the white cover instead of the pink because I love white gadgets, but white was already out of stock by the time I made it to Comex. In fact, all the colours were out of stock except pink, which only had nine units left, so I grabbed it!

This pretty pretty sleeve came with it!

MSI Wind sleeve

I could just die. I’m so in love with my MSI Wind my heart is bursting with love! If you don’t mind, I shall just bask all I can before my credit card bill next month turns the love into a heart attack.

The MSI Wind specs:

LCD: 10″ WSVGA (non-glare)
CPU: Intel Atom 1.6GHz
Batt: 3 cells + 6 cells FREE
OS: Windows XP Home

Cost me $935 (list price of $899 + $36 to upgrade RAM to 2GB).

MSI also gave me this mouse freebie which is so silly looking no way I’m gonna use it. So now I don’t know what to do with it.

Stupid looking mouse

Last look at my cutie! :)

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

30 thoughts on “My pretty pink precious!

  1. Avatar

    That MSI freebie looked like a detached finger (with clickable fingernail to boot)! And it looks like something else too, but I shall behave on your blog……

  2. Avatar

    hey sheylara, i’m thinking of getting laptop for
    like recording of guitar and vocal through Line6’s gearbox and i kinda need

    • Processor: Pentium® 4 – 1.2GHz or better (2.4 GHz or more recommended).
    • Operating Systems: Windows® XP® Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 2 installed, or
    Windows® Vista® Home, Business or Ultimate Edition.
    • RAM: 512MB minimum (1GB or more recommended).

    the price seems really affordable, but its powerful enough right?

  3. Avatar

    hey! do a review on MSI wind yea? Cos I’ve been contemplating to buy it, but I’m a gadget noob. Need your professional opinion!

  4. Avatar

    Mince Pye: Well, you guys have all seen the original photo already. I wanted to save space… lol.

    Mother: Haha. I think it looks like a brinjal. Except wrong colour. I tried to like it… but every time I look at it, it makes my hair stand.

    tiger4: Well, I’m sure you will someday. :)

    JayWalk: I haven’t actually tested it. Haven’t had time to play with it and still in the process of installing software. It just a Windows XP Home edition.

    Jesta: Congratulations on levelling up. You gain one skill point in Understanding Women.

    Leaf: Hee. :) The guys don’t get it, huh?

    yongwei: Well, it seems like the specs of the Wind meets the requirements of your software.

    Monster: Get one too? :P

    modchip: Please see my answer to Mince Pye above. lol.

    Fran: The RAM upgrade was done by the MSI people. They assured me that it’s legit and the warranty isn’t void.

    aig: Thanks! :)

    Ashtar83: Thank you. Heh. Well, it’s a bit weird using a phone as a camera (not used to it) but better than nothing! haha.

    jiahui: Thanks!! :)

    wen: Um… I will talk about it after I’ve had a chance to try it. Haha. Can you believe I haven’t had time to try out my new toy since Friday? O_o

    heartless: Aww, thanks. I feel so too! :) I love my lappy!

  5. Avatar

    Ya, I’m interested in the performance too, compare to the normal T7xxx Series CPU notebook.

    Recently singnet got a free Atom Series Acre notebook. I would not want to get something to find that it crawls later on and ended up throw one side even though it’s cheap. It’s a waste of time and money.

  6. Avatar

    It’s so scary that gadgets (which are SUCH a guy thing) get suborned by women, and the whole purpose of them – that they are cool and do cool things, even if those things are unnecessary – gets thrown out of the window for colour!

  7. Avatar

    Can I also say that the title of this post could be SOOOOO misinterpreted by anyone with a dirty mind? NOT that I would do so, of course…

  8. Avatar

    aig: Wow… how did you know? So smart!! lol.

    tiger4: Well, I failed to get the iPhone yet again. I think I’m not fated to get it. :P

    JokeDiary: I think MSI Wind now got islandwide shortage. According to the MSI guy at Comex, the next shipment is coming around October or something like that.

    Will try to play with my Wind asap and give a review!

    Jesta: Colour is everything! Without colour, we’d be living in monotone! And you know there’s a whole science on colour therapy? Colour is totally so more important than anything else for the sake of physical and mental well-being. :P

    WRT to your next comment… see what leading a colourless life does to someone’s mind? Tsk…

    Precious: Awww hehe! You’re my everything precious! :P I didn’t visit the Asus booth. It was too crowded, so I just grabbed my Wind and ran. :P

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I didn’t get it free actually. It’s on loan. :P

  9. Avatar

    Forget abt the iPhone. Given a choice, I take the N82 anytime.

    BTW, thanks for the lov3accessories link. You solve my birthday gift for wife problem. ^_^

  10. Avatar

    Haha, Nokia would be very happy to hear that! :)

    And yay, I’m glad I could help. I think your wife would love lov3accessories cos I love it too! :)

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