How to win an Apple MacBook

My blogging stint at iTest is over, so it’s now your turn to go there and give your two cents.

For the price of 150 words or less, you will be admitted for a chance to win an Apple MacBook!

Can lah. I write thousands of words a day. I’m sure you can manage 150! So, go go go before the contest ends on Sep 25!


Now, here’s a summary of my 10 posts, which I had slaved over in the last 10 days, detailing the wonderful things my delinquent Xbox 360, Aristotle, can do.

(Because I know many of you never read!!!)

Day 1: My Xbox 360 gets cranky

He calls me a dodo bird and calls himself Aristotle.


Day 2: Connecting your Xbox 360 to the Internet

Aristotle doesn’t like this post because it bores him.


Day 3: Introducing the Xbox 360 to the PC

I tease Aristotle all day because he’s so fun to tease.


Day 4: My Xbox 360 wants to listen to jazz

Aristotle acts high class and asks for Michael Bublé.


Day 5: Let’s MSN chat!

I chat with the Goonfather on Xbox MSN.


Day 6: Let’s camwhore today!

I camwhore myself and Aristotle.


Day 7: Watch YouTube videos on your Xbox 360

I watch my YouTube videos on TV.


Day 8: Reasons to use the Xbox 360 as a media center

I explain why it’s better to listen to music through the Xbox 360.


Day 9: Colour your world with Xbox accessories

Pink controllers!!! Enough said!!!


Day 10: My Xbox 360 can blog!

I love my Xbox 360!


Now, go read those while I work on GGF. =P

10 thoughts on “How to win an Apple MacBook

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    heartless: Right. It takes maybe 20 minutes to read all my iTest articles. It 4 to 12 hours to make an issue of GGF. Give me a break, will ya? :P

    tiger4: Haha… fair enough. Thanks for the compliment!

    Kim: Aww, thanks. Maybe Aristotle (my cranky Xbox) will have a chance to appear again next time.

    wish: lol… akan datang! :P

    Cornflict: Cool, thanks for reading everyday! :)

    modchip: You… give me a break also! :P :P GGF will be up before the end of the day, I promise. Haha. Thank you! :)

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    thanks for all the work there, somehow I am unable to log-in and comment in there but you had some really nice tips in there… my favorite is Aristotle talking to the PC, i never knew it was that simple… All the while, I was having a difficult time setting up the media center for my xbox (unable to view videos, very slow)…. now it works smoothly now… big THANKS…, great job… =>

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