30 thoughts on “GGF#19: The show off issue

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    sorrie for my previous dumb comments:”)
    didn’t understand ur hardships….

    ii didn’t get anytink again…

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    Being a total game idiot, I have no idea whether or not PS2 exists. I know I can find that out easily by Googling, but the main point is..

    My house own both the PS1 and PS3,

    but I’ve not even touched the PS3 before cos I see no point in doing so since I’ve still got a rusty PS1 which is working..

    So if I have a PlayStation Home account it would totally benefit me! I can get my butt off the PS1 and hop over to PS3. :P

    Although I still have no idea if I’m supposed to play PlayStation Home on the PS3 or online, but since you said you were gonna give accounts to PS3 owners.. :D

    Yippee I’m like the most convincing HAHA.

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    I won???? Wow…. it’s like the freaking 1st time i won something for some lucky draw in my life….

    Oooo…. i m starting to love your randomizer. Can borrow it to generate some 4D/Toto numbers for me? :P

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    I’ve been chasen out of my home with just my ps3 and hdtv so perhaps if I had the account I could at least live in a virtual home at a void deck feeling the warmth through imagination. =\

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    @Goonfather: Bro, giving TFU a 9 out of 10 seems a bit generous lar… even with “old enough to have seen original Star Wars long before Hayden Christensen and the sacrilegious Phantom Menace” nostagia thrown in (i’m guilty as charged:)). But i have to agree with you, it IS a damn good game. Just worried the 9/10 will give players too high an expectation:)

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    heartless: No worries, your comments aren’t dumb. :) Anyway, it’s nice to know that GGF is loved and wanted, so you did a good thing! ;)

    Jesta: EndWar will be on the PS3.

    V: Thanks for your entry! It sounds kinda weird to me, though, that you would get a PS3 and not play it when it has newer and better games. :P The PlayStation Home is for PS3.

    Cornflict: Haha.. now that I have the WAR CE, I don’t know what to do with it. It’s so big and taking up space in my room. :P

    tiger4: Wow, that’s exciting. :) Happy for you! Haha… I use the randomiser at random.org. Anyone can use it, lol.

    Swift: Wow, I wonder how you hook up your PS3 and HDTV at the void deck! ;)

    RN1209: You mean you feel that TFU is not good enough to allow people to have high expectations and meet them? :P

    Danimoko: Thanks for your concern! But I don’t think my blog is bored because it has cool readers like you to entertain it with your comments every day. I think my blog is really happy, so thanks! :)

    aig: Sounds like you’re more into RPG then? :P

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    Gee that Star Wars game looks tempting. Now I just need to get an Xbox 360 first :-( May the farce, urm force be with my wallet.

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    Yay! Thanks for #19!

    I see you hang out with very famous people now! ^_^

    Congratulations to Lindy, tiger4, abraxis, austingy, aig. aig is very lucky at this! :D

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    I’ll need the PS home beta key.. cos I’ll just need it.. I’m at home everyday doing nothing other than playing games so probably can double task by Homing on the PS3 as well.. Anyway in the gaming industry myself.. i guess winning the account gives me the edge and I’ll be able to tell customers (and brag) abt it..

    lol.. lame… I just want it.

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    RN1209: Well… I know some sites only gave it a 7.5/10. haha… They were complaining of the movement controls. To me, the movement control problem lies in the person holding the controllers. In the game, I look at the graphics, and storyline. Controls are something that we can attune ourselves too. And if we can’t, then it is our fault. Though majority would not agree coz many people just do not admit that they sux! lol! As for the graphics, there are slight glitches which is still bearable for me. The storyline seems good up till now, and I am not sure if it will last till the game ends. :P

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    I have been waiting for PS3 home since last year when the PV came out. Barf even got me a wireless keyboard to use it with PS Home.

    There fore if I get a PS Home account, I can let her go into cyber space and terrorize other users there to thank her for the keyboard.

    Anyway when will it offically launch, if its quite soon I can wait for the actual launch.

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, if the demo is any indication, I feel that the targetting of the Force powers and the lightsaber controls could have been tighter:) Anyway, I still remember how much fun I had with Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast years ago on the PC, so I was kinda hoping TFU would match that experience for me:)
    @Goonfather: You’ve got a valid point on players needing to attune to the control system, but aren’t game programmers paid to make that transition easier for most players (even if some of us do kinda suck)?:) I can’t fault Lucasarts for the storyline, though. I’m thinking of getting the novel instead of the game, heh:)

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    Think you better catch up on your beauty sleep if you want to continue looking beautiful :)

    An 8GB memory stick already costs $92. I can’t imagine how much a 32GB stick can cost :p

    The Force Unleashed is not an easy game to play. Not easy for me anyway. I had the same difficulties in Star Wars Battlefront.

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    RN1209: But you won’t be able to hear those nice Star Wars music or those beeping droids from a book. Walking down the corridor, you get random beeping of wondering droids and the distant sound of blasters, gives you a feeling of being in the universe. Ok ok…. I know many readers would disagree with me. I hate to read. :P

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    @Goonfather: Yup, that’s the sad part about TFU. I do want to experience more from what I saw from the demo, but I think I’ll just get more frustrated with the controls as the game progresses and there are more and more enemies to contend with:)

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    Wah, free Home account to give out. Must reserve one for me, your good healer since DAoC…..

    Been waiting for it a long time. Wat server are you playing in WAR? Unable to catch you online so far…

    Yours Super Good Healer,

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    Hahaha I forgot to mention that if I have an account in PS3 I’d be stuck to PS3 instead and toss the PS1 away! :P

    Kinda motivates me to ignore my PS1. Hee!

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    Derrick: Haha. May the farce be on your wallet. :P

    modchip: Well, I wasn’t exactly hanging out with them like socially. :P It was quite within the working environment that we met.

    Jimmy: Thanks for your entry! So what sort of games are you into?

    Naiveguy: PlayStation Home will be launching in late October, so if you got an account now, you could play around with it for at least a month. ;)

    RN1209: I personally feel that controlling the force with the D-Pad is quite a huge challenge. But maybe some gamers like that. :P It does seem to be that you can control your force very precisely.

    Mockingbird: I would want to sleep more if I had the time to. ;) Who wouldn’t?

    Aicee: Wow, hi rare spawn!! Sorry, I guess I’m also a rare spawn… very hard for me to reply emails and messages these days cos I have so little time and there are so many places requiring me to reply messages! I’m on Darklands with COK (Destruction). And I think RGGay is on Darklands (Order). Go find them bah. ;)

    V: I still don’t understand why you’re stuck to the PS1 when you have a PS3! :P

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    currently playing Warhammer online and its great! worth every penny to upgrade my comp just for it! This game costs me well over $800!

    I’m in Ironclaw server .. feel free to cheong together

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    Molyneux is known to over-promise and under-deliver. There’s black and white and fable to prove. No doubt that he had some good stuff like populous, theme park and dungeon keeper, but his empty promises really put some people off.

    Waiting about 5 years for black and white only to find that it was buggy was rather disappointing. :(

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    I wish my job could be something like yours, playing games :) Mine is soooo mundane and don’t exactly earn that much if I don’t get a professional certificate.. Just whinny me grumbling.. lol

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    arghhh, they are in darkland orders eh…. sob sob then I cant join them… already joined COK in Darkland destruction…. maybe I should get a new account under my gf hahaha

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    Lycansberg: Wow… I don’t know anyone in the Ironclaw server. Everyone I know are in the Darkland server! Anyway, I still haven’t had a chance to play the game since I first logged in during Open Beta!! Sigh. Hope you’re still enjoying the game!!

    quar: Well, I didn’t play Fable and B&W to be honest, but thanks for your feedback! I hope Fable 2 will be as good as promised. It really did look good at the demo. Let’s give it a chance and see how it performs at release! :)

    Naiveguy: You got it! ;)

    heartless: Yes, you did!

    Wang Wang: My dear Wang Wang, I wish my job were also about playing games, but I’m not really playing them now. I spend maybe two hours per week now playing games. That’s definitely a lot less than any real gamer out there. :(

    Aicee: Yah lah… they very mean, last minute decide to switch to Order. Grr…

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