GGF#18: A bit of this and a bit of that

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I’ll be trying to keep GGF as short as possible, partly because it takes forever to load if it’s too long and has too many pictures, and partly because I have less time these days to play games and attend gaming events, resulting in having fewer things to blog about.

That kinda works out well, really. I’m sure you guys don’t really like reading blog entries that goes on forever, anyway.

Or do you?


Table of Contents

  1. Sexy witch elf in WAR
  2. Pata pata pata pon!
  3. Question Number 3
  4. Soul Calibur IV customised costumes
  5. My Xbox 360 is quite naughty
  6. Results of last week’s contest
  7. Five PSP pouches to give away!


Sexy witch elf in WAR

So, I paid $129 for a Collector’s Edition Warhammer Online to enjoy the game way earlier than most of the world (about two weeks earlier).

Servers have been up for CE owners for one week already, but I’ve been so busy that all I’ve managed to learn about the game is that Witch Elves are damn sexy.

I was very disappointed with the game when I first logged in (although keeping in mind that the game is still in beta and it could very well still undergo a huge face lift just before retail.

The graphics and animation are so yesterday, the character faces are ugly, the costumes are horrible (except for the witch elves’) and the gameplay is messy.

The moment I logged in, I didn’t feel like playing anymore.

There is no friendly tutorial to introduce you to the world, with an introduction sequence and an NPC to tell you what’s up. Instead, you’re dumped right into the middle of chaos to figure it out yourself.

But I don’t want to be too judgemental at this point of time. The retail launch could surprise me yet.

And I did manage to take this rather nice screenshot.

And I had fun flying halfway around the world to meet up with some guildies so we could try creating a guild.

We’re playing on the Darklands server, in the Destruction realm. Send me a “hi” if you bump into me, although that will be quite rare.

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Pata pata pata pon!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! The irritatingly cute little eyeballs are back! That is, on the Goonfather’s PSP!

He hasn’t played this game for months and then, suddenly, he’s gotten himself addicted to it again. That means I’m hearing “Pata pata pata pon! FEEEEVERRRRR!!!” whenever he’s around.

What’s worse, he’s playing it on the PC, too.

Yes, you can play Patapon on the PC now.

It’s more of a demo, though, that gives you exactly five minutes of fun. And the gameplay is a very simplified version of the PSP’s game. But it has the same hysterical eyeballs oozing cuteness with every chant.

Go check it out if you want to get addicted and annoy your family.

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Question Number 3

Woot! Here’s the third question for the Norton Internet Security 2009 contest! :)

Question #3: People who don’t use Microsoft Windows are safe. The bad guys take advantage of Windows users because it is easy, and leave Linux and Macintosh users alone. True or False?

Only one more question to go after this!

If you haven’t signed up for this contest to win a Norton 2009 software, then GO SIGN UP NOW!

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Soul Calibur IV customised costumes

I recently ran a Soul Calibur IV costume contest at my Xbox blog and I want to share with you some of the creations submitted by SC4 fans!

The winner, DeZmonD88, submitted 29 costumes and made a really awesome video showcasing his costumes. Check it out!

He even created a Ronald McDonalds costume. LOLOLOL. Funny.

DeZmonD88 wins a chance to play SC4 with me on Xbox LIVE. (Actually, it’s not so much playing with me as thrashing me because I’m a noob.) He also wins a beautiful Soul Calibur IV poster.

Congratulations, DeZmonD88!

Nizam, who is Singapore’s Xbox MVP (Most Valuable Professional), submitted a creation which is supposed to be his rendition of me.

Er… I don’t think it looks quite like me, but good effort, anyway! :P Nizam wins an SC4 poster! Yay!

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My Xbox 360 is quite naughty

I didn’t know my Xbox 360 could be such a scamp until I had to write about his non-gaming capabilites for my iTest campaign.

In case you haven’t been following my iTest blog, please hop over to meet Aristotle now. See what I have to put up with besides the Goonfather.

Three entries already up:

My Xbox 360 gets cranky

Connecting your Xbox 360 to the Internet

Introducing the Xbox 360 to the PC

More coming daily.

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Results of last week’s contest

I wonder who’s going to win the Nokia USB charger!

Seems like many people are desperate for this item, for some reason.

Let’s look at some random sign ups:

This Nokia USB charger will be a godsend. I happen to have some spare USB ports lying around waiting to be screwed!

i wan leh. ! just give me la ! please !

k la BEG u ~ please~~

pleaseee pleasseee could i have that USB charger? :D

Mr Randomiser pleaseee give me that USB charger

I wonder if any of these people will win!

Okay, I’m going to roll the randomiser NOW. Hehe.


The winner is #10!!

And her name is Melody!!

Sorry to the guys whose quotes appeared above. :(

But congratulations to Melody, who only wrote two words:



Will be contacting you via e-mail when I have a minute to spare.

Apologies to those who haven’t gotten your prizes. You will get them eventually, I promise, as soon as hell week lets up!

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Five PSP pouches to give away!

I gave one of these away before.

Now, I have five more! Oooh!

If you want it, just ask for it! :)

You have until September 19 midnight to post a comment!

Five people will be picked randomly to receive this cute little thing!

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You may have noticed that there is no Ask the Goonfather this week. Well, there are two possible reasons for this:

  1. No one is sending him questions to be answered.
  2. He is receiving questions but is pretending not to have received them so he can escape Q&A duty.

So, which is the correct answer? lol.

(This isn’t a quiz. Cos I don’t know the answer, either.)

Woot! I survived another week! Did you? =)

[Gamer Girl Friday]

82 thoughts on “GGF#18: A bit of this and a bit of that

  1. Avatar

    Cool. I’ll get that patapon and play it on my PC at home… hahaha.

    Congratulations to Melody & DeZmonD88 & Nizam!

    I want the pouch please!!! #2 isn’t so lucky at all, so please put me back to #1 baby!

  2. Avatar

    new reader that stumbled upon your site… if you’d like to increase your loyal fan base by a measly soul, better bribe me with that psp pouch!

    *just kidding*

    would really love to have that psp pouch though. *please?* m(_ _)m

  3. Avatar

    The witches do look good, but they have obviously found a really magical way to hold knives without closing their hands. I do wish that games companies could learn and move on a bit. The graphics look dated and out of touch. More Second Life than new MMORPG…

  4. Avatar

    Oh, I though that PC Patapon was downloadable. It was too short, only 3 stages. It’s the first flash game I ever played that gives you rewards (aside from the usual hi-scores). Cool!

  5. Avatar

    Hi Pretty Lady,

    I would really like to win the PSP Pouch so I would be motivated to buy a PSP. And when I have bought my PSP, I would convert “Bleach” videos to watch on it. I would watch them while doing cardio at the gym. I currently watch videos with my powerful PDA. But a PSP is well bigger screen. Really want the PSP Pouch. Hope I win and have a good day.

  6. Avatar

    Birthday Present!!!!!

    Tried posting comment so many times but idea why =(

    Anyway check out sheylara on the really big billboard at raffles place really cool ;)

    Sis..I need tips on fixing dark circles. How can you sleep so little and look so pretty?

  7. Avatar

    Been messing with Spore instead of WAR, lol

    Quite funny how my “hi” to you was in WAR, asking “are you QY”

    that character creations in Soul caliber quite impressive. but weird to know ryu and ken can use sword lol

  8. Avatar

    I’ve just gotten my PSP Slim&Lite last month as a bdae gift, and I’m hooked on Bomberman-land~ (at least for now–until I clear all the stages. keke.)

  9. Avatar

    Wow, that’s a lot of people wanting the PSP pouch. Sorry, there are too many of you so I can’t reply individual comments this time and assign you ticket numbers like I’ve been doing. So, um, well, just wait for the announcement on Friday! :P

    Thank you all for your interest and participation, though. See you again on Friday!

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