Fashion Diary #20: Little Black Dress

I haven’t updated my Fashion Diary for ages because it’s quite inconvenient for me to take my own full body shots these days.

Plus I haven’t had time to shop for clothes lately.

Plus it’s really weird when I go out and people come and tell me they know the name of my outfit.

But Justyn recently dragged me again to his studio to take some photos.

I haven’t got anything radical or creative this time because you’ve all already seen all my clothes from the miscellaneous event photos I’ve been posting in the past months.

And, this time, my picky photographer put a ban on “cute”.

He said, “Bring something elegant or else.”

So, here’s a very boring black number, no frills, for all you anti-cute freaks.

Photos by Justyn Olby.

Yah lah, I know you’ve seen this dress before. Told you I don’t have time to go shopping. Plus I don’t print money.

And just so you know, I feel very uncomfortable trying to look elegant.

And this dress is actually a little bit on the cute side, but well, at least it’s a dress!!

20 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #20: Little Black Dress

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    i was discussing with a fren why girls camwhore so much?

    Is it because

    1)You wanna show off what you got?
    2)You wanna make use of your beauty while it lasts?
    3)You enjoy being complimented?

    If thats the case, how come don’t have yandao guys camwhore? Or is it because i just don’t notice their blogs?

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    I actually prefer your elegant look to the cute one. If you say you felt uncomfortable, I can’t see it. You pulled it off! And I think you should pull it off more often. I meant the elegant look of course. Please ah! No one be thinking anything else!!

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    “WAH!!!! CHIOBU AH!!!!!”
    “u look classy and sexy in it:)”
    “I actually prefer your elegant look to the cute one. ”

    Need I say any more?????
    For years I have been bugging you to do this, and you have been telling me “No”. Now?


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    Thanks for your comments and humour, everyone. Sorry I don’t have time to reply individual comments this time.

    Next, I’ve said this a zillion times and I will say it again:

    I never claimed that I don’t look good in elegant clothes. My official word is that I don’t like being in them and I feel uncomfortable and awkward in them.

    So, just because one photographer and a few readers feel that I look good in them, it doesn’t mean that I have to like them, too, or that I even have to wear them at all. :P

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