Blog readers must be lazy

Like, only nine people wanted to win a copy of Norton Internet Security 2009, worth USD70.

About 70 people wanted to win a tiny PSP pouch, worth, I dunno, a few bucks?

(Both these contests were run concurrently at my blog.)

The NIS 2009 contest required some work (posting an anecdote, a blog and answering questions).

The PSP pouch contest only required posting a comment of at least two words.

Do you think this proves that I have lazy blog readers? Haha. You tell me!

Anyway, I’m going to announce the winners of the NIS 2009 contest now. Yay! You never expected it to be so soon, right?




These five people each win a Norton Internet Security 2009 software!! Howza!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!




These four people each win a Norton luggage tag!! Congratulations, too!!

And now, we have a surprise bonus awards announcement!

Ooooh… what is that?!



JayWalk wins the best anecdote award for this very entertaining story of his encounter with a computer virus!

This happened two years ago where the entire office network was hit by a virus. We managed to trace to one of the two terminals in the Accounts/HR department as the source of the virus.

A check on the logs and we discovered that some one has visited quite a number of porn websites and must have click one of those malicious pop-ups, thereby install it to the terminal and infecting the rest of the office network. Mind you, quite a number of the sites were very hardcore stuff that would even make a pirate blush.

Prime suspect was either the Accountant or the Customs Officer who are the only males in the department. However, since no one in the entire department was willing to own up, I had no choice but to pass the RMB 300 repair bill to split among all the staff in the department.

I supposed when it comes to money affairs, department solidarity goes down the toilet right away.

30 minutes later, the girl from HR owned up.

Thanks, JayWalk. You will receive a Norton luggage tag for this! :)



modchip wins the best blog post award for his leet photoshop skillz!

LOL. See what he did to my photo and the Norton box?!

Thanks, modchip! You will also receive a Norton luggage tag for this!



Oooh! JayWalk is sweeping all the awards!

He is the top scorer in this whole contest so he wins another luggage tag!

LOL. Sorry, that’s the only thing I have to give for bonus awards. Haha.


Now for the important part. How to claim your prizes.


Please e-mail me your name and address so I can mail your prizes to you.

And do allow some time for the delivery of prizes (especially if you live overseas) because I haven’t even received the boxes myself.

Thank you!


Finally… the answers to the quiz, just for fun!


Question 1
If you do not purchase goods or services on the Internet, you can’t become a victim of cybercrime. True or false?

Even people who do not shop or bank online can be affected by cybercrime. All it takes is one visit to a hostile website, or even a benign website with an infected advertisement, and a machine can be infected with a crimeware program such as a bot or Trojan horse.

Question 2
The Internet is so big that things like fraud or identity theft shouldn’t really concern you; the probability you will be targeted is very small unless you use the Internet a lot. True or false?

Automated bot programs are constantly scouring the Internet looking for fresh victims to infect. Even if you keep a low profile, the security of your computer will be tested by this relentless breed of crimeware. Moreover, the sheer volume of fraudulent “phishing” emails means that you are likely to receive a phony message sooner or later. While heavy Internet users may have more opportunities to become a victim, everyone using the Internet is exposed to the threat.

Question 3
People who don’t use Microsoft Windows are safe. The bad guys take advantage of Windows users because it is easy and leave Linux and Macintosh users alone. True or false?

While Microsoft Windows users are certainly the most targeted population of Internet users, people using other operating systems and software are not immune to software flaws and fraud attacks. For example, the Firefox web browser had more confirmed vulnerabilities (25) than Internet Explorer (13) for the first half of 2005. This demonstrates that computer users cannot expect to eliminate their risk of attack online simply by choosing different software. Many of today’s attacks such as phishing work independent of whatever software package you happen to be using.

Question 4
A legitimate company will not ask for personal information such as credit card numbers in an email message. Even though it may look convincing, messages that urgently request personal information are likely bogus. True or false?

Even before phishing messages became as prevalent as they are today, it was uncommon practice to request confidential information using email.


And that ends our Norton Internet Security 2009 contest.

Thank you all for your participation.

And thank you Symantec for sponsoring the prizes!

25 thoughts on “Blog readers must be lazy

  1. Avatar

    On an unrelated note, I saw Sheylara’s face on the Xbox ad on the train this morning. What’s next, those large ads posters at busstops? Haha

  2. Avatar

    Yahooooo!!! Thank you very much and congrats to JayWalkx2, Cornflict, Anlooo, muscular, aig, nerdie, Wishbone, and the(new)mediaslut! This is so cool!!! :D

    Thanks Sheylara! Good night! ;)

  3. Avatar

    congrats everyone:P
    we’r not lazy,
    we visit ur blog for the sake of reading,
    not to get freebies:P *sorrie, i’am just jealous tat u guys got it*

    btw, ur numbering is wrong….

  4. Avatar

    I was almost too lazy to post to this one, but that would be ironic… Maybe it’s because it’s easy to have an opinion, but hard to have an answer.

  5. Avatar

    Sorry about that, I blogged about it in an attempt to win, but don’t have any story of being attacked by a virus to share. Oh well…
    Congratulations to the winnies!

  6. Avatar

    Not necessarily lazy but Norton has become a big bloated POS in my opinion. I had 2007 on my laptop and it was ridiculously slow and annoying so I went back to the free copy of F-Secure that my IPS provides. Free or not I’m running Norton lol

    I don’t have a PSP and am not in desperate need of a luggage tag.

    That being said I am weeks behind in blog reading and didn’t even know you were having contests. ;P

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for all the comments, people, and for spotting me on buses and MRTs and whatnot, lol.

    I’m quite surprised that so many people are not interested in Norton 2009. Well, Symantec did admit that Norton was getting too sluggish after adding more and more security features over the years, that’s why 2009 is supposed to fix all that. It will have all the needed security features while not affecting PC performance. So, I thought that’s worth giving Norton another shot! ;)

    Anyway, congrats to all the winners!

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