Blessings in disguise

What a strange week!

I was to have a super-packed week (nothing new) and I had been hyperventilating since last week, trying my best to juggle everything by prioritising, wanting to get my phone fixed but having to list it under low-priority (read: not a chance).

Then, yesterday, a video shoot was postponed at the last minute. Today, a photoshoot was postponed at the last minute.


Last minute postponements are usually very annoying but this time they came as blessings in disguise.

I actually had the luxury to go get my phone fixed today!

(The customer service lady apologised for making me wait 10 days for my new SIM card to be activated. Can you imagine I haven’t been able to SMS a single soul for 10 days!!

She promised that she would personally see to it that my new card gets activated tonight. Well, there are only about two hours left till tonight is over. It’s still not activated at this moment. Let’s hope I don’t have to go yell at people tomorrow.)

I have Xbox LIVE duty tonight till midnight. Tomorrow, I have to wake up really early in the morning for the postponed video shoot, after which I have a media event to attend in the afternoon, after which I have a dinner appointment.

You know what that means?

It means Gamer Girl Friday won’t be up tomorrow. Sorry!

She’ll see you on Saturday!

11 thoughts on “Blessings in disguise

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    Postponed? i’ve got a suggestion, i tink u should change it to GGS (Gamer Girl Saturday), with ur tight schedule and everytink… it kinda fits the bill:)

    btw ur camera flash too strong liao…
    makes u look so pale and sickly..*or mayb it isn’t the flash*:P
    well.. anyway, take care:)

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    Ariel Allyssa: I replied your email on Thursday. Did you receive it?

    modchip: Heheh, thanks! :)

    Jesta: Well, get it already!

    Cornflict: You think SingTel will give people freebies for making them wait? :P

    heartless: The name “Gamer Girl Friday” was chosen because it’s kind of a pun. If you’re not familiar with the term Girl Friday, it means a girl or woman whose job is to help or serve people. So I’m a “gamer girl” and also a “girl friday”, which gives you gamer girl friday, which is why I do my columns on Friday for it to make sense. If I changed it to Saturday, the pun won’t work anymore. :P

    Yeah, it’s the camera flash making my face very pale these days. Just experimenting with different looks so that people won’t say I look the same all the time. haha. :P

    Anlooo: Haha… I don’t think I’m a famous celebrity, but thanks, anyway. I’m just busy because so many projects and job opps come all at once.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Please read my response to heartless above. Yeah, I know it kinda limits me, but then I like the name Gamer Girl Friday so I won’t be changing it. :P

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