Being a blogger makes me anti-social

I’m now at a birthday party at which the birthday boy (12 years old) is busy playing computer games in his room.

His guests are chatting among themselves in the living room.

One of them (me) is busy blogging.

Thanks to my daily blogging deadlines, I now bring my work wherever I go, which makes me look like a very anti-social person.

Well, as much as I try to maintain a social life, I’m compelled to be anti-social while I’m at it.

But I did try to socialise with a dog.

Bruno is the birthday boy’s chihuahua.

Bruno’s hobby is barking. He’s always barking whenever I see him.

His other hobby is licking cameras.

I guess when you’re a dog, your hobbies are quite limited.

Especially when you’re stuck on the roof of your house and you don’t dare to jump down.


14 thoughts on “Being a blogger makes me anti-social

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    Bruno doesn’t dare jump from his roof?
    the way u said it made me tink of the roof of the boy’s house:P
    i almost did a flip when i saw the next picture:P

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    First time reader, first time poster.

    There’s a delicate balance between anti-social and maintaining a proper blogging schedule. Perhaps it may help, that on creative days, several short blogs are prepared. That way, you can put some blogs up a few days in a row without work, and return back to society.

    However, the more you trap small dogs in high places, the more anti-social you may become, I’m afraid.

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    Sorry I don’t have time to reply individual comments, so here’s a collective reply! :)

    I didn’t put the dog up there. He was already there when I arrived. :P

    And I can’t really blog more on creative days to use on busier days because I’m busy every day and don’t have time to do more than one a day, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for all your comments! Appreciate it! :)

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