Who says I always look the same?

Stupid JayWalk complained that I “every time same look one“.

I don’t know how different he expects me to look every day lah. Does he want me to look like Elvis Presley tomorrow and then a potato chip the next day?

Siaoness. I’m Sheylara aka Qiaoyun, and of course I look like Sheylara aka Qiaoyun.

But never let it be said that I do not embrace challenges. So, here are some “different” looks for his viewing pleasure.

This is my “see what see” look:

This is my “I’m yearning for mooncakes” look:

And this is my “Still yearning for mooncakes but decide to pose nicely for the camera” look:

Besides all those creative stares, you will seldom see me with my hair up. Or rather, attempting to have it up, since, as you can see, my hair is very hard to pin up and will insist on look dishevelled.


18 thoughts on “Who says I always look the same?

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    I think its more of posing style perhaps (facial, body, etc) …

    I was amazed by how a certain pose can changes the mood of a photo, from a recent dslr seminar i attended

    the bottomline, for you, u look gd, wateva pose it is or clothes thrown at ya

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    ermmm… taken before shower? =P

    Can see that you’ve got quite a few… ermm… interesting fans leh. Good thing u’ve got Goonfather to shoo them away for you.

    Nice pics as always. :)

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    Hi, read ur blog for quite sometime :)

    I think what jaywalk means is that you rarely (or never) post pictures of you with ur face scrunched up in different expressions.. Usually your pics just show u with a standard look: doe eyes (as in stretching your facial muscles to make ur eyes look wider (not sure of the term.. Apologies) + no wide smile = like those teenyboppers pictures like that..

    Ur Xbox pic looks nice! At least it’s sumting different (wide smiles + ur eyes are really shinning and ‘laughin’ and with a some life in them (not the usual ‘stoner’ or ‘dreamer’ or ‘teenybooper-way-of-taking-pic’).

    I guess majority of ur pics, ur eyes have that same look.

    Sorry ah.. I think all of us have been through the teenybopper way of posing for pictures as described above… It’s like a neverending thing that will plague teenagers.

    For those that outgrows this way of taking pictures, we usually cringe when we realised years later that all our friends had on the same expressions :)

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    All Hail jaywalk’s invoke on Sheylara for new looks !!!

    lol ponytail, twintail, heck try predator’s dreadlocks and scare us :D

    any style, ya still Sheylara, how cool can that be? gamer girl should be customisable :D

    more pic more to see when trees grew as tall hdb, where children are adult, when all are old with dentures behind monitor squinking at the monitor.

    so more pics please :D haahahaha

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    noo.. you do it wrong.. :(
    did i told you to twin-tailed your hair.. ??
    and try that with a slightly curl hair.. @^_^

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    chris: Cannot look too fierce lah. I don’t want to scare people away. :P

    Precious: I think I will look weird. Haha. All the computer games with avatars that are supposedly made to look like actors are all weird! :P

    amd: Yes, that’s right!!

    Daethian: AWw, haha, that’s very sweet of you. Thanks for the huge compliment!

    Relax: Um, neither? What’s a Buff headgear, anyway?

    modchip: Hahaa… not that again!

    JayWalk: You never complain about this batch, so does that mean it’s satisfactorily “different”? :P

    timmy: Haha *bish* don’t call me a diva! :P

    uncle sha: Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, poses can change moods! But sometimes it’s hard to have different camwhore poses when you’re holding the camera with one hand. A bit limiting. lol.


    Rinko: I don’t look good in a ponytail. :(

    claudia: Heh! Thanks! Well, it was taken in the shower… lol. Shhh…

    Cyrene: Okay, yah, I get what you mean. But when people post photos of themselves, they try to post only nice pics right? Haha. I try many different expressions but they all turn out ugly. :P But you’re right anyway, there seems to be a trend for a certain kind of look and pose. But I think it’s largely because people tend to look more attractive in those poses? lol.

    Ashtar83: lol, alright, but it’s a bit hard to post different pictures all the time with my limited clothes and hairstyling skills! Haha. I think I need a stylist to go shopping for me (no time to shop myself) and to do makeup/hair for me. :P

    zield: lol… my hair is a bit too long for twin tail now, is it not?

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