Trying to find cheaper durians

The last time I talked about paying $120 for four durians at the Four Seasons Durians Cafe with my friends, the Goonfather called us carrot heads (which is a Chinese slang for people who easily get conned out of their money).

“The durians there are the best I’ve eaten, seriously,” I argued.

Then I challenged him to find me a place (in Singapore) with the same standard of durians but cheaper.

By the way, I said I won’t talk about food until Jesta is back in Singapore, but durians are fruits and he doesn’t like durians, anyway. Haha.

So, anyway, the Goonfather found a popular durian eatery beside Highland Centre which offers Cat Mountain King durians at $15 per kg (compared to Four Season’s $20 per kg).

The eating area is in a carpark!

When we arrived, we discovered that the price had gone up to $18 per kg for Cat Mountain King because of demand.

What’s more, we were too late that night and they had already sold out of CMK, so we had to settle for D24. (We went there around midnight.)

The D24 was $10 a kg, $5 cheaper than at Four Seasons.

Some of them look really good, too.

But I think they must have been lower grade D24s because they were generally smaller and not as tasty. Less creamy, less fragrant and less solid than the Four Seasons ones.

The Goonfather claimed that I was just imagining that to avoid being a carrot head, but then Unker Kell agreed with me that the cheaper durians were, in fact, lacking.

I felt a little queasy after a while.

(My palate for durians kinda grew atas a few years back. I would feel physically sick after eating low grade durians.)

((Atas means high class in a snobbish way.))

(((I can’t help that! It just developed mysteriously!!)))

So I will still go back to Four Seasons despite the cost!! Not that it cost a lot more, anyway!

But I don’t mind trying out more places. Heheh.

Gotta eat more durians before the season ends with the month!

9 thoughts on “Trying to find cheaper durians

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    $120 for 4 durians huh?think it’s worth it if it’s taste is out-of-this-world,you made me wanna try it at four seasons cafe, maybe i should drop by there sometimes and ‘sample’ the durians.

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    Hey Monster,

    You know that I’ve not eaten durians like for more than 20 odd years. And when I started eating again, I can’t have low grade ones anymore. Like you, I’ll feel sick and queasy. Oh…I’ve to eat with cutlery too.

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    You try 717 Trading opposite Serangoon Shopping Centre.

    I used to go there for my regular fix but I believe with all stalls, you need to know the stall owner in order to be assured of quality as they then the save the better ones for their regular customers.

    So that means that even with the best durian stall, you still need the element of luck as a first-time customer to get the stall owner’s “private stash”.

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    Ralph: It’s not exactly out of the world, but it’s really very high quality. Or it’s also possible that I was lucky and the uncle liked us and picked the best for us. Haha.

    Jesta: Hahaa… love it when you use Singaporean slang!

    Relax: Hmm… because the demand is high? Everything is expensive in Singapore. *sob* (Well, almost everything.)

    Monster: You eat durians with cutlery??? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard, cuz. I want to see you doing that, lol.

    JayWalk: I think you’re right. So, maybe I was lucky to get good durians at Four Seasons the first time? :P I will try again the second time and see how it goes!

    modchip: They smell, um, I DUNNO… duriany??? lol. The good ones have an alcoholic taste to them, like the fruit is spiked with alcohol.

    heartless: Yes, durians are all year round now, but the best ones are still produced during season.

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