The latest in Singapore fashion

Presenting the latest in haute couture, hot off the glitzy runway of Heartland Mall!

Spectators were completely bowled over by the creativity and free-spiritedness reflected in this shocking and innovative new design by a relatively unknown young designer, who looks set to elevate the status of Singapore haute couture.

The designer was unfortunately unavailable for comment.

But followed the models backstage for a quick interview.

“What do you think of this unusual creation you’re wearing?”

“I love it!” said the model wearing the sleeveless version. “It’s so daring and at the same time fashionable!”

Said the model wearing the sleeved version, “I think it’s perfect for Singapore’s humid weather because the fabric is very thin and cooling!”

15 thoughts on “The latest in Singapore fashion

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    I see you were amusing yourself in Heartland Mall while waiting for us?

    I spy Goonfather in the background!

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    It’s excellent, easy to find, waterproof and cheap too.

    Although I should point out that Dilbert thought of this years ago…

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    Minou: Hahaha. Shhh, don’t tell him. Later he accuse me of spycamming him. :P

    modchip: Very grungy eh?

    Relax: Haha. Nice. Thanks for the compliments in your blog! :) Um.. what’s “tipu”?

    Jesta: What did Dilbert do? Wear garbage bags to work?

    JayWalk: Well you know how it is… you can never quite trust what mannequins say. :P

    Mince Pye: True, that.

    Ashtar83: Haha, that’s very true, too. But it takes skill to drape around a person and customise it to the person’s size, shape and style! :P

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    dxtehsecks: Haha. Would you dare to wear it out?

    Ruok: Yah lah… you so long never jio me out.

    pinky: I dunno. I thought it looked like it was quite deliberately done, the way the bags were draped around the body and cut to resemble real clothes. Heheh.

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