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A guest blog by Jesta

My last post: I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to QY for hosting this guest blog. I know that it is something that she does very rarely, and I feel honoured that she allowed my writing to appear in her personal space.

I do hope that I haven’t managed to drive away any of her regular readers – light and breezy, the most entertaining blog around doesn’t always gel with the sort of things that I have been writing about.

That she was willing to take that chance is a credit to her as a person and to her readers for their kind comments.

To wrap up with a couple of pics:
Sanati before and after:


And remember this guy?
This is how he looks now:

Thank you QY, and thank you readers, remember Operation Smile and its work…

6 thoughts on “Signing off…

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    Doctors are the most noble pple around, esp. when they dont charge for relieveing ppl’s misery. Anyway, if not for ur posts, we might have to read about India’s globalisation plan : P

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    mission complete. everyone is happy ^_^

    yup. QY is generous.
    Don’t forget to keep in touch with your readers. One day letz go for a drink.

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    The doctors are incredible, but it is worth remembering that they only get to do their job when everyone else does their part first. Everyone from the volunteers who help raise money through to the medical records people and the nurses and the local staff all need to get their bits done so that the surgeons can work their magic. The whole of Operation Smile is a pretty wonderful group of people.

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    Hey, don’t thank me. It’s so easy for me to just let you have a space to blog on. Whereas you were the one who took the risk of flying to Urumqi and did the hard work of taking photos and blogging.

    Well, done Operation Smile. You people make me smile! :)

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