Sheylara overdose


I have been officially announced as Xbox ambassador.

Cnet’s story here.

TODAY also published something on me, but they used a super ugly photo of me so I refuse to post it here.

More on this in Gamer Girl Friday today.


I will be making a special appearance tomorrow at the main stage of World Cyber Games at 4 pm. Come and support me if you’re in the area, okay?

It’s at Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 402 and 403. Admission is free!


Gamer Girl Friday will be very late today because I have been seriously and freakishly busy. I haven’t even started on it. Please be patient! :)


Happy 888 today!! May you get a Toto windfall!

Um, no, I didn’t buy. Let you win it! ;)

14 thoughts on “Sheylara overdose

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    I agree, the one on Today isn’t very flattering. Can’t you see that she’s dating Master Chief on a big banner? :P

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    I would prefer the GGF’s 1st picture of you in Today’s..

    QY you must do the girls and yourself proud ok? my colleague was browsing Today and said ‘Wa. They get girl to be xbox live expert. They know wat they doing ma?’

    I smack him on his back like a mad woman and of course, I defended for you a lot too! :)

    Make them change their views on girl gamers!! ^_^

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    Relax: Haha… of course I can still play Wii and any other platform. :P

    Mockingbird: Oh well, that’s happens. :P Gotta live with it!

    JayWalk: Thanks for saying that!

    mamboberg: I will try to chat more there, of course. :)

    Sham: Yah lor :( I didn’t want to leh. Sometimes my poses and looks are dictated by the photographer.

    jiax: Thanks for the compliment! :) You can know the answer if you read my blog more! ;)

    Albert: Haha. I wouldn’t agree that standing beside someone means you’re dating them. :P

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Good for you!! :)

    modchip: Thanks! :) GGF is really hard to pump out when I’m so busy. Have mercy! Haha.

    Wang Wang: Haha… I think your colleague is not the only one who feels that way. But thanks for your support!! Will do my best! :)

    Dexter: Thanks, pal! :)

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    Congrats girl! So happy for you. I’m sure this is the start to many exciting things to come your way.

    Pretty poster of you and ermm… the giant solider. (ermm… me no gamer, don’t know his name although I’ve seen him around at many places. haha!)

    Congrats once again!

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