Sheylara in The New Paper

Now that voting for the S’pore Blog Awards is over, I will be moving on to the next campaign… for the Xbox 360!

This is a new and different campaign that will be launched in our little island pretty soon. The New Paper has the scoop!

This interview appeared in The New Paper yesterday.

Sheylara in The New Paper

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I can’t say anymore about the Xbox campaign until after the official launch, but it’s going to be any time now. (Don’t forget to check out Gamer Girl Friday this week!)

Well, I’m really grateful to be kept busy with so many interesting activities and to have so many supporters who support my activities!

Thank you, Microsoft and the Singapore Xbox team, for this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you, The New Paper and Elysa, for the great interview!

Most importantly, thank you, my friends, blog readers, supporters and family, for supporting me all these years. I’m really thankful to each and every one of you for reading my blog and taking the time to vote for me daily in the S’pore Blog Awards!

By the way, the results of the S’pore Blog Awards will be announced on Sept 5 at an awards ceremony. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

19 thoughts on “Sheylara in The New Paper

  1. Avatar

    Me jealous… me want comprain… why they only ask Jen… no ask me abt u… i got a lot of nice things to say abt u….


  2. Avatar

    its great to have an xbox lady ambassador/expert… she’ll definately be successful due to the mere fact that she is interested in gaming and will definately connect to all console gamers out there…

  3. Avatar

    x: Er… grats, I suppose? :P

    modchip: Haha, thanks! Well, I love my box! ;)

    lawless: Thanks! :) Well, I consider this quite big a break. ;)

    Wang Wang: Aww, sorry dear. They only wanted to speak to one person. :(

    arzhou: Thanks!

    nadnut: Thanks babe! :)

    aig: Hehe, thanks for your support! I’ll definitely do my best. :)

    uzyn: Thanks, boss! :P

    JayWalk: Hmm, I dunno. But first is a magical number. There can be only one first mah.

    yongwei: Er…. yeah…

    dxtehsecks: Cool! Someone I know read the papers but didn’t see me and when I showed him the page the next day, he was like, “How come I didn’t see this page yesterday??” Haha.

    Neo: I quite like the tag line too. It’s pretty cute.

    Jesta: It is quite cheesy, but cute nonetheless.

    Jacelyn: Thanks, dear! :)

  4. Avatar

    Mockingbird: Actually, I’m the Xbox Xpert, not expert. Got difference. I don’t claim to be an expert, really! :P

    Elyxia: Thanks babe! :) Yeah, the reporter’s name reminded me of you. Haha!

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