Scared of crowds

It gets very confusing when everything happens all on the same weekend.

National Day, Olympics, World Cyber Games, Xbox Xperts launch.

I’m normally home on National Day because I’m scared of crowds (because I’m claustrophobic, not because people are scary, although some people are scary).

But I have to go to WCG today and throng with the National Day and WCG crowd. Nice. And I don’t know where to meet my friends for dinner. They’ll hate me if I make them go to Suntec City to meet me. It’s probably gonna be impossible to park there tonight.

So, I dunno. I just wanted to say, “Happy birthday, Singapore!”

16 thoughts on “Scared of crowds

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    Happy National day, to my Singaporean friends.
    It was a super happy week for me, to see my goddess idol performing for the Olympics for the second time.

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    I’m with you on the crowds thing. I much prefer to watch these things from the comfort of an air-conditioned home…

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    motd: Actually, it turned out not too bad. :P But I left Suntec around 5:45pm, dunno if it got worse later. There was a flag ceremony at the Suntec Convention Centre atrium around that time, but the crowd still was manageable.

    Relax: Wow… who’s your goddess idol?

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Yes, very! lol.

    JayWalk: That’s why I’m not there. Haha. So how is it over there? Any horror stories to share? :P

    Jawker: Well, I was there from 3pm to 5:30pm and I was dressed all in white! :) Did you see me getting thrashed in PGR4 by Xbox gamers there? Haha.

    zzz: Awww. :( Sounds like you were really busy yesterday! Did you manage to enjoy yourself a bit, though?

    Jesta: Actually, I would much prefer not to watch any of these things. I’d rather play games. haha.

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    Better to stay at home in safety than to risk getting molested when walking thru crowds in public places.

    It’s hard for horny men to resist temptation of beautiful girls.

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    modchip: Thanks! :)

    Mockingbird: Um… what a scary thought. Lucky my dad doesn’t think that way or I think I would be locked at home all my life. Haha.

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