My ugly dumplings and amazing durians

We made dumplings on National Day.

Or, rather, Cindy made the filling and allowed us to mess up her place wrapping the dumplings. We made a whole lot of assorted ones.

I’ve never wrapped dumplings in my life. And I’m a disaster in the kitchen. But I gamely tried to copy what the rest did, and came up with this:

I call them The Ugly Dumplings.

I made three of these and just couldn’t get the hang of it, so decided to stick to the easier ones.

But you know what? They don’t look too bad after being cooked.

We had a feast! Cindy cooked a giant pot of Buddha Jump Over The Wall which is arguably the best I ever had. I drank five bowls of it!!

I don’t have a photo of it because soup is boring to photograph. But I have a photo of black bean pork ribs:

And curry fishballs:

Cindy is an amazing cook!

And I’m a glutton.

Barely two hours after a super dinner, I made everyone go for durians.

It’s all Wang Wang’s fault. When we were watching fireworks from Cindy’s balcony, she got all excited because, she told us, “I can see the durian!”

She was, of course, referring to the Esplanade, but she made me think of durians and that gave me a huge craving and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So, even before our dinner was properly digested, a few of us drove off to the Four Seasons Durians Cafe.

The durians are freaking expensive but they are freaking awesome!

We bought two XO D24 durians and two Cat Mountain King durians for $120 and that’s after a discount.

Three of us shared most of it because Morte was having a sore throat and couldn’t eat too much.

After eating Cat Mountain King durians, you don’t want to eat any other durians, ever!!

Actually, I don’t know if it’s called Cat Mountain King. That’s a direct translation from Chinese.

Don’t care lah. It’s damn nice and I died and went to heaven eating them.

Pure ecstasy!

Here’s a nicely shaped durian which looks tough, but is so soft and creamy inside once you sink your teeth in it.

Wang Wang and Unker Kell got so drunk with the joy of durian feasting that they started doing strange things with their durians.

I was so full after all that durian!!! The CMK ones are especially potent because they’re very thick and creamy.

And the nice durian uncle gave us a complimentary packet to bring home! Wow!

I could eat durians every day!!!

Nah, I probably couldn’t.

I’d go broke.

31 thoughts on “My ugly dumplings and amazing durians

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    *bleah* Another food post??? Sickening. Durians too… eeew! (I know that the last part of that comment is going to cause some angry replies…)

  2. Avatar

    Durians…..are nice….They are epic. TBH, wasn’t really interested in the fireworks. though, the smoke was a good change.

    NEA, are you reading this blog?

  3. Avatar

    The durian goes for $20 per kg for CMK and $18 for D24…
    We had 8kg of durian…

    The durian damn big lor!!! Shiok shiok~

    I am a happy and satisfied carrot… ;p

  4. Avatar

    Yummy Yummy!! I like durians too!

    We met before at a casting and prob u had forgotten me. We’re common friends of KK. ^_^ I’ve been following ur blog for quite some time and I really love to read it cos you wrote beautiful Eng. I’m taking the Eng paper soon and I’m so scareee abt it! There’s once where you post a link to learn words daily (sth like tat) I can’t find it now… :(

  5. Avatar

    Sorry QY, I made the 1st dumpling with the shapre of curry puffs in mind..kekeke.. When the rest follow, i just keep quiet ;p

    It’s pretty cute though! Dumpling in kawaii Curry Puff Shape! It look and tasted delicious!! ^_^

  6. Avatar

    Jurlique: Yay, another durian lover! :)

    nadnut: Hehe… still waiting for our durian date, babe!

    JayWalk: Nice! Very useful article. Thanks for sharing!

    Wang Wang: Er… you know what, both of us haven’t had time to eat the durians yet, lol.

    Mince Pye: Prices are up in everything lah.

    Jesta: Well, my last food post was THREE MONTHS AGO. You gotta let a girl eat at least once in three months, right?? :P

    abraxis: It’s in the taste and texture. The more expensive ones are creamier, fleshier, more fragrant, tastier.

    Goonmother: Actually, it’s $30 per durian average. We bought 4. :P

    modchip: You’ve never tried a durian before?

    mamboberg: Er… anyone can afford to eat those durians wat. Each of us paid $40. That’s like the cost of a cheap handbag or pair of shoes. Just buy one less lor. I tend to spend more on food than on clothes or in fact any other thing. Haha.

    paced: Yup, the “branded” durians are usually charged by kilo.

    Dominic: Haha epic durians!!

    Wang Wang: I thought it was $15 for the D24? But doesn’t matter. Taste good can already! Haha.

    Ashtar83: lololol. Go Joo Chiat and smell lah. Damn power. The moment we stepped out of the car can smell already!

    Celine: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Which casting did we meet at? Hey, all the best with your paper!! :) I can’t remember what link I posted already. But if you Google for “Word of the day”, you can actually find many sites providing this service. Good luck!

    aig: Haha lucky you. Always good to have fewer expensive hobbies and taste buds. :P

    The Goonfather: Don’t talk so much first. Show us the durians!! :P

  7. Avatar

    Ummmm, actually we do and I almost always pass the market when going home — but I’ve been ignoring the durians. :))

  8. Avatar

    Yeah, durian is also grown locally here. In fact, one of the cities here has a festival featuring the durian, I just forgot what the festival was called. :)

  9. Avatar

    Oh, modchip’s from the Philippines too? I really should spend more time here in the comments instead of just lurking about.

    Yeah we grow our own durians here, but we don’t have those “premium” durians that you guys have, those must be really good (and not stinky!).

  10. Avatar

    Really? Usually not so fresh after so long liao.. I am impressed!!
    Reading this post again makes me have craving for durian!!! /drool

  11. Avatar

    modchip: Wow, cool, you have a durian festival? I wish we had one in Singapore!! Btw, we went to eat durians again last night! Heheh! It was cheaper but not as nice.

    chronnus: Yes, please join us in the comments more. It’s fun getting to know fellow readers! ;) So I guess you don’t really like durians since you call them “stinky”. haha. :P

    Wang Wang: Durain season is almost over!!! I think we gotta wait until next year before going ahead with our durian plantation trip to get the best durians!

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