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    Hi guys, is it advisable to get a ps3 versus an xbox360 if i dun care abt blu-ray or online gaming?

    Seems to me that 99% of great games on ps3 will be on xbox but not the other way round and i am afraid if i buy the ps3 it will become obsolete like the sega saturn back then.

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    If you do not care about either, then get which ever tha you think is the best looking in your room. Or you can choose it depending on which controller you feel more comfortable with.

    Among the 3 consoles, PS3 has the least chance of becoming obsolete. Anyway I would recommend the xbox if you are a singaporean. Though I am pro Sony Playstation, the dedication of MS to their consumers has moved me. Unlike Playstation Asia, they dun get a sh!t about you.

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    Thanks for the reply goonfather. Is there a huge difference between the sixaxis and the dualshock controller? Because the newer 80gb set with dualshock has yet to come to our shores yet and im wondering if i shld wait for that.

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    The dualshock 3 is a sixaxis controller with force feedback. And it weighs much heavier too.

    Hmmm….. I am not sure if the newer 80gb you are referring to, is the same as the 80gb I know. The last I heard is that the newer version is coming with a 120gb and 160gb config with DS3 controllers. The 80gb is just not worth it, in my opinion. Save the additional cash by buying a 40gb, and use it to buy a 320gb sata HDD to upgrade it. The 40gb version is running on the 65nm cell processor, which is more energy efficient and runs cooler.

    Unless you intend to wait for the 160gb PS3, your best bet on a PS3 is the 40gb version, which retails at $559 now.

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    Oh, the 80gb i was referring to is the one that will take over the 40gb model as it has been phased out. Apparantly, both the 40gb(the one you have) and the 80gb that i was referring to has the 65nm cell processor.

    After reading some reports, the biggest question that is still lingering is whether the RSX will be 65nm too for the new 80gb line. There seems to be 2 processors in a ps3 but the RSX has maintained at 90nm so far.

    If you didnt mention abt the cell size I wouldnt have known this. Thanks. :)

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    Hmm… So they have decided not to go with the 120gb and 160gb configuration. Well, there are 2 processor, the cell and the RSX. The cell is the main processor for the PS3(like the CPU in your PC) and the RSX is the graphics processor(the processor on your PC video card). Your question has made me venture out to find the answer, and it seems like the new 80gb is using the 65nm. No official statements yet I think, but you can read it here. http://www.nordichardware.com/news,8063.html

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    Thanks goonfather. Watever the case, ill just get the 80gb when it comes cause ive already got a spanking new gta4 waiting. :)

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    But you know what? I would rather get the xbox now. And feel the love from xbox team singapore. With PS3, you will be treated like some bastard child. Only america, japan and europe gets the love.

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