I went for the iPhone launch…

…and decided to go home right away after seeing the insane crowd.

I started out quite excited to get my iPhone.

Arrived at Comcenter 10 minutes before launch.

Saw the queue.

It started from outside Comcentre’s main lobby, wound around the back of the building and then snaked towards the next wing, the hello! shop, and then continued past the next building.

There was an estimate of 600 people in the queue by the time the phone launched at midnight.

Some photos of the madness:

I couldn’t afford to stand around and wait in the queue for hours for my turn, so I decided to go home.

It’s freaking midnight lor… these people no need to work in the morning??

Ten minutes into the launch, the emcee interviewed the first few people in the queue, asking them what time they had started queueing.

The answer was: Since 12:30pm.

That’s 12 freaking hours standing in line!!


I’m thinking now I might want to give up my iPhone order and buy an Omnia, instead.

38 thoughts on “I went for the iPhone launch…

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    I was there too. Arrived at around 12am, and queued for about 15 mins just for the heck of it.

    Then went talking with friends and walked around a bit before going off.

    The crowd is really crazy. I’ve rescheduled mine. You should do so too. Just go to the same booking page to update your appointment schedule.

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    Iphone: Haha. Where were you?

    Darren: Hmm, but I tried the phone in the iPhone tutorial lobby. I have trouble using the qwerty keypad. Keep pressing other keys cos the keys so close together. And the phone wouldn’t register my fingernail.

    So, tell me. Why is it the best phone you ever had?

    uzyn: Wah, you were there at the same time as me? Where were you? How come never bump into you? :P I was walking back and forth back and forth along the queue, taking photographs! :P

    Anyway, I’m thinking of NOT getting the iPhone because the Goonfather keeps telling me it’s a crap phone compared to the Omina. Heh.

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    in comcentre building.. i told my gf thats blogger sheylara… then she commented why blogger got security guard escort….

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    Iphone: Wahhh got security guard escort me meh?? Or did she mistake the Goonfather for a security guard? lol.

    Wang Wang: OMG why are you still awake my dear?

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    I’m considered the OMNIA over iPhone too, even though I am almost a Mac Geek.

    I just can’t content myself with the idea of a shitty cam with no video and no flash. :/

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    Too hot to queue for 12 hours! However, since I live in the US, I just got up early and picked one up.

    The touchscreen is heat sensitive. That means, use your thumb, not your thumbnail. Bestest interface ever! All windoze Mobile devices TRY to be like the iPhone. None succeed…

    And when it comes to handling the internet and email, nothing beats the iPhone! Period.

    It’s a pretty good gadget. If I want to take peektures, I’ll bring a camera!

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    Iphone beats all windows mobile devices in the design. Many windows mobile device wants to look like the Iphone, but none wants to act like it. In terms of functionality, 1 is a computer, the other is an ornament.

    Iphone is a great PDA look-a-like phone for those who are not PC literate. Its funny that they even have a tutorial for iphones, as mac were always build with an idiot in mind. When I see people buying books like “Windows for Dummies” or “Idiots guide to Windows”, I would tell them to get a mac.

    Windows is a sophisticated OS not for the common folks.

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    For about $60 a month, I get 300 min free outgoing, 500 free SMS, free incoming, 1 Mbps mobile data with 50 GB/mth download limit, and my Omnia cost me $200 after trading in my Dopod 838Pro…

    I’m glad my wallet doesn’t look like the one in that spoof ad…

    (Oh and thanks again, gang, for sponsoring my Omnia! *hugz*)

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    Hmm…. I become security guard. But I was wearing some red T-shirt and bermudas. How to be security guard?

    Minou: My advice is that you make a trip down to try out the interface. You dun have to queue to try it! :D Not very good in my opinion. Transcriber would have made text input more appealing. This 3G iPhone lags a bit, compared to its predecessor.

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    That’s such a hype! good support for iphone i believe. 12 hrs is consider still not too long for me. as i have friend queue for 16hrs to get a PS3 game! crazy human… haha..

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    the keypad has an autocorrect function. It will try to correct your unintentional mistakes so its not so bad.

    eg. typing “tomorriw” instead of “tomorrow” and the phone will change it correctly after you press the spacebar. don’t really need to spell correctly.

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    Hi, chanced upon your post as I was googling for news about the launch. I was there at around 11:45pm and turned back immediately, didn’t even get into the line. Same question I had in mind, “Don’t these people have to work on Friday?!!” Well, I guess doctors will have a field day writing MCs for some of these new iphone owners :P

    So here I am in my office now, feeling lousy that I have to work and miss out on an iphone. And my office laptop couldn’t load Singtel’s reservation page. I can’t change my appointment!!! My destiny with iphone remains unknown…


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    Go for iPhone if you can. Omnia in my opinion will get very sluggish and needs to do hard reset just to get back its original performance.

    I didnt go for the launch since already had the iPhone 3G sometime back but it sure is crowded from those photos posted :)

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    Oh mine! 12 hrs of wait! People got nothing better to do it is? Think the madness wasn’t that bad in HK I think. Or maybe I wasn’t there for the launch. I just bought my the next day from a suburb 3 shop where there was no madness. And yes, I’m still in love with my iphone even though I’m still quite dumb with it!

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    That’s an insane amount of people, it’s almost worth going there just to check out the crowd.

    IMO the iPhone is def worth getting, some of its quirks take some getting used to (ie. typing is a pain until you learn to trust autocorrect), but once you’re over the hump it’s all kinds of awesome. The browser is near perfect (Flash is the only thing missing), the UI is intuitive, and there are loads of apps for it. I haven’t tried going hands-on with the OMNIA though.

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    I still cannot understand why so many people are so obssessed with this gadget…

    Looking at the length queue doesn’t help relate me to the many complaints on rising costs and inflation.

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    I’ve made my reservation for the iPhone 3G, collection on 31 Aug.

    What made you said “I might want to give up my iPhone order and buy an Omnia, instead.”???

    I know Omnia features & specs are so much better than iPhone, but the cool factor of iPhone, you can’t get elsewhere leh.

    I’m also tearing my hair over whether to listen to my head and go for more superior Omnia and give up on my reservation for iPhone or follow my heart which is swooning over the super sleek iPhone.

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    Looks like many ppl is considering omnia over iphone. My bf wants to get an omnia and I am considering the iphone!

    The queue is seriously crazy lah! Why must be first batch to own the phone? Wait till later when the hype cools, than go the phone loh. Usually later batches of such gadgets will be better isn’t it? Just my thought lah.

    I shall wait… patiently… wait… hahaha!

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    Relax: Hahaha.. funny. I like the first video. The second one is a little blah.

    Shelly: Uh… but the iPhone is a phone, not a cam…

    GaMerZ: Haha, not bad, so what time was it when you finally got your phone?

    modchip: Well, I suppose 12 hours is nothing compared to those Stars Wars and American Idol queues in the USA. lol.

    abraxis: Well, that’s the problem with it not being touch sensitive. Because the thumb is bigger than the keys, so it’s hard to be precise and type the right key.

    Minou: Oh, you getting an iPhone too?

    HTC Touch: Actually, I find Windows easier to use than Mac. Whenever I try using a Mac, I’m totally lost. Haha.

    Mince Pye: Haha. You’re welcome!

    Dimenxion: Wow. What game was that you friend queued for?

    Mandrake: Yeah, the autocorrect function makes it not too bad, but it’s still not ideal. Especially since we have a lot of made up words in Singapore. lol.

    ET: Haha… I know how you must have felt. When we drove past the queue looking for a space to park, I was like, “OMG can we just drive straight hom now??” Heh, I’d be interested to know how many MCs were reported total today. :P

    Anyway, I think even if you can’t get the phone now, you can still wait for the second batch. You will get it eventually, lol. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wait first, see how other people review the phone.

    Paddy Tan: Ask you something since you’re already using the 3G iPhone. Does the battery only last 3 hours if you use it to surf continuously? And 8 hours on normal standby?

    Monster: So, you’re okay with the keypad function?

    Mockingbird: Well, there has to be a reason. :)

    chronnus: lol, I guess my consolation for being there was I managed to take photos for my blog. lol.

    WaveSurfer: I think Apple is just good with marketing. And maybe SingTel too.

    DK: Wah the whole gang was there? Whereabouts were you guys hanging out?

    betshopboy: The Goonfather has been chewing my ear off telling me all the bad stuff about iPhone. He says I will regret if I buy it because if I hate it, I’m stuck with a lousy 30-month contract with SingTel and I won’t be able to sell the phone, either.

    Here are some reasons why I’m considering against the iPhone:

    1. Can’t use it as a modem for laptop. (Which means I have to buy a separate sim card and modem for my future laptop… if I don’t want to have to keep interchanging my sim card between phone and laptop.)

    2. The keypad is hard to use (and only one method of text input)

    3. No SMS forwarding and mass SMS. And can’t delete single SMS.

    4. Battery lifespan is bad and can’t replace battery, which means can’t carry spare. Apparently only lasts 3 to 8 hours.

    5. Can’t copy-paste.

    claudia: Well, I think everyone rushing to get it because they don’t know when the next batch will come when the current batch goes out of stock. There’s like a worldwide shortage of iPhones. That time the Omnia also got rush and shortage mah, just never as hyped up as iPhone.

    And people want to sign up the plan before Sep 5 to get the promotion plans from Singtel.

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    After a few days using the iPhone text entry, you will become very aware about how your fingers are shaped. You will type accordingly after that.

    Actually, between my oddly shaped thumbs and the auto correct feature, I type pretty quickly.

    As for some of your objections…

    1: there’s an app that allows you to tether your lappy to your iphone via wifi.

    2: Text input has a learning curve, but once conquered, it’s fine.

    3: The iPhone saves SMSes as conversations. I think that not being able to forward is an annoyance but not a deal breaker.

    4: Yeah, the battery life is lidat here, where 3G coverage is a mile wide but an inch thick. Figured with Singapore’s blanket coverage, it should be less of a problem. 3G burns more juice searching for a signal than actually using one. The weaker the signal, the faster the battery drain over here.

    5: Yeah, that’s an annoyance too.

    Another thing to keep in mind. Apple updates its software whenever improvements call for it. Windows doesn’t. I’ve got a Dopod 838 Pro that, aside from the WM6 upgrade, has not been updated since because Dopod dun wanna pay M$ for the “privilege”. Updates are important! Besides, with the Omnia, you’re looking at a WM6.1 system run by a GUI shell. Two more things to crash and go wrong.

    The genius of the iPhone is that it does what most people want it to do. And it does it well. And it does it SOOO well that certain “sophisicated” OSes (that crash a lot) try to copy it. To no avail…

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    It took me some time to get used to it. Oh, it doesn’t register anything other than your finger itself. And it has to be the fingerprint and not finger nails. Does that make sense? Honestly, I like my iphone more than my other phones for the moment. It hasn’t given me any probs for the moment.

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    I have seen the tether program, but apple does not allow it. Which means jailbreaking is required. That’s the biggest reason why i gave up my iphone reservation and bought an omnia instead. Is there an approved version for iphone 3G?

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    Actually, I’m very appreciative of the iPhone.

    I think the imminent iPhone launch was the main reason I managed to get my Omnia at $200, down from an MSRP of $1098.

    So, yay for the masses and their infatuation with the iPhone!

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    abraxis: Thanks for sharing that info! I’m still deciding! lol. Read some not so good feedback on the 3G iPhone from forums, though. So I’m worried! I think I’ll wait a while more and see more reviews. Anyway, my contract won’t be up until late September. Heh.

    Monster: Yeah, I know. It’s heat rather than touch sensitive. I would prefer touch sensitive though.

    Mince Pye: Haha… silly!

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