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I was checking out the hotel where we will be staying. This is something of a far cry from my original thoughts about Operation Smile missions. Obviously, there will still be missions where we will be sleeping rough, or at least not in any luxury, but this time we will be staying in a hotel that lays claim to five-star status.

Unfortunately, their website manages to combine the looks of a cosmopolitan hotel with the quaint use and misuse of English that is fast becoming a web favourite.

Hotel Angles

Have a look at the picture: Note they are happy angles… Does that mean that they are more than 90 degrees or is that acute? My maths was never that good.

Then, I read the description of their recreation facilities:

I can use the Sport Health Club, where I am advised that it will: “Health, happy and self-confident follow you to go to every day!”

Or, if I’m wanting to kick back a little I can go to the V Bar where the following delights await me: “All kinds of import red wind, beer etc, a vibrant V bar wake your tired body.”

I can’t wait to try the “import red wind” – although my wife has been known to comment on the subject of “wind” after I have eaten too many onions, she doesn’t usually refer to the actual colour.

As for food… Well, the thought of eating in the Youranju Jiangnan Restaurant makes my mouth water. There I will be treated to: “The style of Jiangnan makes you forget all unpleasant things. 12 boxes for you choose.”

Yum, yum… I can’t wait.

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    Haha… that’s funny! I’m looking forward to reading more like that when you’re actually there! Well, at least the hotel sounds really happy, friendly and eager to please! That’s good, isn’t it? ;)

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