GGF#15.5 Gamer Girl Friday will be late. How naughty

Gamer Girl Friday

Yes, I’m a bad girl. It’s unintentional, I must stress. Due to an inordinate amount of work and meetings and events, I can’t complete this week’s GGF on time, so please forgive me, be patient and wait a while.

I didn’t even have time to go to Comex yesterday as planned. =(

GGF will be out some time tomorrow, early or late I can’t say.

Well, at least I’m putting out a GGF#15.5, however lame it is. Can’t say I don’t try!

In the meantime, here’s a puzzle to keep you busy.

This is taken from an old NDS game called Professor Layton and the Curious Village, which I will talk about more in GGF#16 and reveal to you the culprit who introduced me to this very evil game.

Can you solve this puzzle?

Um, no prizes for getting the answer because it can easily be googled. Haha. But see if you can solve it by yourself, just for fun!


I’ll be back!

15 thoughts on “GGF#15.5 Gamer Girl Friday will be late. How naughty

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    I need 2 go Comex too 2 get something 4 my sis but can’t find time for these 2 days. Guess I have 2 find time during the weekend 2 go down. Man I HATE the weekend IT show crowd. Hope 2 c u there…

    Oh…. watch out 4 the baby prams at Comex ;)

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    I think if my girlfriend sent me chocolate that had already been nibbled and had a puzzle that needed solving I would be less than impressed…

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    T is above G (on my keyboard) E is just E (it’s a clue), C says left so it’s X, Y also so T. N go right so M and W also right E

    she’s your sweetheart so text her

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    I liked the bit about avoiding the colleagues you didn’t like on the way to work. reminds me of a place i used to work. haha cool game

  5. Avatar

    Minou: Haha cool! Did you play the sequel, too?

    modchip: Aww, it’s only a day, lol.

    tiger4: So did you end up at Comex? It was so freaking crowded I almost died trying to get to the booths I wanted to.

    Jesta: Hahahaa. You need more mystery in your life, you know. :P Keeps things spicy and interesting!

    aig: :)

    The Goonfather: It’s a great puzzle, ok!

    Leaf: niall got the answer right. :) And if you want the explanation, check out GGF#16!

    niall: Huh? What avoiding colleagues? Not sure what you mean!

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    No, I din go to Comex. The 22″ LCD monitor selling @ $279 almost lure me down but my wallet convince me otherwise :P As or my sis, I found a better deal elsewhere for her. Did you manage 2 get your mini laptop?

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