GGF#15: Contests and prizes

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You know what my favourite thing about Gamer Girl Friday is? It’s the contests. I love giving stuff away and seeing happy people.

I was born with that crazy affliction, I think. I’ve loved giving presents since as early as I can remember. Once, on my 8th birthday, I invited my friends over for a birthday party and organised a treasure hunt for them. I ended up giving out more presents than I received.

Of course, my poor parents had to foot the bill for my generosity. Haha.

So, anyway, the reason I’m talking about contests and giving out stuff is because I will be running about two contests a week now. One in Gamer Girl Friday and one in my Xbox blog! Check out the latest giveaway over at Xbox Xperts!

Enjoy the contests!


Table of Contents

  1. Too Human is too fun
  2. Norton security for gamers
  3. The WAR trailer you’re forced to watch
  4. Something to make you go aaaaaargghhh!
  5. Results of last week’s contest
  6. Win a Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000!!


Too Human is too fun

I already wrote a short review of Too Human on my Xbox blog, so I shan’t say anymore about it now except that I’m loving it.

But here’s the video of me playing the game if you haven’t already watched it.

Too Human is the latest Xbox 360 exclusive title to be launched. It’s an action RPG with multiplayer options.

I have to be honest. I didn’t like the game at first. Then the Goonfather showed me how to do some cool combos and how to kill the annoying mini boss, and then I loved it! Haha.

Yes, you can learn how to kill the annoying mini boss in the video.

By the way, last GGF’s contest winner received his prize of Too Human three days before the game was officially released in Singapore!

I shall not reveal his name in case he’s shy. But then I don’t think he is, since he agreed to be photographed. But just in case lah.

Congratulations again!

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Norton security for gamers

Exciting news for PC gamers! You don’t have to turn off your anti-virus program when playing a game, anymore.

Norton claims to have developed a product with “zero-impact” performance, delivering top-of-the-line security without affecting your PC performance the slightest bit.

And it won’t pop stupid messages out at you, either, while you’re in the middle of a dragon raid or whille you’re busy getting your ass fragged, unless it has absolutely critical news to deliver to you, such as an army of viruses commandeered by your neglected girlfriend is about to mount an attack on your hard disk right now.

But I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

So, anyway, I had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand how Norton Internet Security 2009 works. David Hall, the regional product marketing manager of Symantec came to Singapore to demo the product for us. How nice of him!

The demo was held in a private dining room in Le Strada.

There was a lot of good food but I’m hesitant about posting photos of food because Jesta is now in China on a very noble mission and I don’t have the heart to annoy him.

Wait till he returns to Singapore. Haha.

Okay, digression over. Let’s look at some of the exciting features you can expect in Norton Internet Security 2009.

  • Goes into “silent mode” when you run a full-screen application.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Reduction in weekly scanning times without compromising security.
  • Performs scanning and updates only when you’re not using the computer.
  • A new layer of protection to stop security threats before they even touch you.
  • Anti-bot features.

Of course, it’s not only for gamers, being very relevant and useful to non-gamers as well. It’s just that, for the first time, we’re seeing a security software that won’t annoy gamers.

You can try it out yourself now. A beta version is available for download here. It’s very close to the final build now and will be launching any time soon (Symantec doesn’t want to commit to an ETA), so try it out now for free!

And keep your eye on my blog if you want a chance to win one of these indispensable silent helpers. Details will be announced soonish!

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The WAR trailer you’re forced to watch

Mythic Entertainment has released a Warhammer Online trailer, causing much frenzy among gaming communities of the world. which have already begun to foam at the mouth with anticipation of the imminent launch.

I have tons of friends asking me to join their guilds. There are so many that I am going nuts deciding whom to join.

And I have friends forcing me to watch the new trailer or else they “dun fren me”.

So, fine, I watched it.

I guess it’s pretty good.


I hate Mythic. It’s going to make me a gaming addict for the second time (first time being Dark Age of Camelot).

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Something to make you go aaaaaargghhh!

Thanks to Shelly, I just spent 10 minutes of my life staring bug-eyed at a black screen.

She introduced me to this Internet puzzle adventure site called weffriddles.

It’s one of those “games” in which you have to solve a “riddle” on each page to advance to the next page (level). I love those because you never know what to expect. Each level is very different from the last. And you really need to think out, around, under, above, and inside out of the box to figure it out.

weffriddles seems to be largely text-based. I can’t be sure, I’m only at level 3. But I’ve played a similar game before which is graphical. It was infuriatingly fun and addictive, only I can’t remember what it’s called.

Anyway, I love how wefriddles has a forum where people provide hints. Spoilers and outright answers are discouraged, so you can have more fun figuring it out yourself.

I took 10 minutes to find the answer to get past the first level because I was using the wrong browser. This is one time Internet Explorer wins. And that was a very subtle hint. Not that you’ll need any, I’m sure.

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Results of last week’s contest

Last week’s contest was to win a Friendster thumbdrive!

I’m quite surprised by the number of responses I got for this. Although it’s lower than the GT5 windbreaker and Too Human, it’s still higher than I expected for a tiny little thumbdrive!

Well, regardless, we have a winner this week!

And the winner is… modchip!!! :)

Yay! Congratulations!

I want to say that I’m a little surprised that modchip won. lol. I’m not being mean, okay, I’m just about to reveal how I pick winners every week.

First, I put your names on a spreadsheet in the order of your entry. So, like, if you signed up first, you’re number 1. If you signed up second, you’re number 2.

Then I get the randomiser to pick a number from 1 to 30 (assuming there are 30 participants).

Now, modchip is always number 1 because he’s almost always the first to comment on my blogs! While I believe intellectually that the randomiser doesn’t play favourites, I always feel psychologically that first and last have smaller chances of getting picked. I know that’s illogical, but life isn’t always logical.

So, when the randomiser returned “1” today, out of 24 choices, I was quite shocked.

Oh, but I’m happy for modchip. Congrats again! One Friendster thumbdrive coming to you! :)

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Win a Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000!!!!

Share life’s most memorable moments—anywhere you go!

That’s what the product page says, and here’s what the product looks like:

So, yes, I have a box of this and I need to help it find a happy owner.

Will you be the one?

Click here to read about its features.

Please post a comment here to apply to be a happy owner of a LifeCam VX-7000!

Winner will be picked via randomiser.

Last day for entry is Thursday, Aug 28, 2008.

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Don’t forget to join me on Xbox LIVE tonight and tomorrow night, 8pm till 11pm! And, if you’re not on LIVE yet, visit my Xbox blog to learn how fun it can be!

Signing out here, signing in to LIVE.

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55 thoughts on “GGF#15: Contests and prizes

  1. Avatar

    So… It’s only when I’m in China that you don’t feel the need to annoy me? Hmmmm….

    Ah well, I get requests from your readership to post food pictures so obviously your blog is known for it’s culinary content.

    I won’t put this in one of my posts, but I’m allergic to spicy food (chili, pepper and curry have a very bad effect on me) and ALL the food here is spicy. So… despite being in Xin Jiang I have actually tasted very little of the local cuisine, observing it from the sidelines, at it were.

  2. Avatar

    Huwhat!?! I won!?! Thanks Sheylara, thanks randomizer, thanks friendster! :) Yeah, I also think that the minimum value and the maximum value has little chance of getting picked in any number randomizer programs. 0-0

    That Norton thing is really interesting. Actually, just this week, I removed a certain “anti-virus” because it’s really slowing down my PC. Eventhough I’m not really into PC gaming, I need the speed/accuracy for my other PC tasks.

    Lastly, I want to apply to be a happy owner of a LifeCam VX-7000! Put me in excel slot number one baby! Thanks! ^_^

  3. Avatar

    superb issue…
    congrats to modchip!!! swerte.. .hehehe…

    Not really a fan of Norton AV, i prefer the free ones and believe it offers the same quality of AV protection, IMO…. what is really exciting news is Warhammer online, any news on what specs needed to run the game? =>

  4. Avatar

    ^ aig! Thanks!

    For Windows XP

    · 2.5 GHz P4 (single core) processor or equivalent
    · 1 Gigabyte RAM
    · A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
    · At least 15 GB of hard drive space

    For Windows VISTA

    · 2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
    · 2 Gigabyte RAM
    · A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
    · At least 15 GB of hard drive space

    LOL. ^_^

  5. Avatar

    I couldnt get weffriddles to start… hahaha..until the in the dark hint thingy struck me on the head and toe and everywhere that hurt esp my ego. LIFECAM application here yo!!

  6. Avatar

    first time commenting! i love reading your blog and of course GGF! (:

    anyway, i would love to have the webcam! thanks! :D

  7. Avatar

    Jesta: You see, people like food posts, so like you should stop complaining about them. :P So what are you eating in China if everything is spicy there and you can’t eat that?

    modchip: Haha. When I read your first message, I was smiling to myself thinking, “lol, he hasn’t realised that he won the contest.” Interesting that you think the same way as I do, about randomisers. Cos when I mentioned that to the Goonfather, he said I’m crazy.

    Well, you can download the Norton beta to try first… and maybe try and win a copy too! ;) I’m giving out more than one… contest announced next week. ;)

    Alrighty, slot #1 for you again! Hehe!

    Oh, and thanks for helping me post the Warhammer specs!

    aig: Thanks! :) Actually, there are more advanced security features in Norton 2009 which will really be very competitive against other AV software. I just didn’t mention them cos I was writing that at 5 am and I was really sleepy and couldn’t remember everything, lol. :P Just give the beta a try!

    Anyway, you’re in slot #2. Hah. ;) And please see modchip’s reply for Warhammer’s specs. :P

    Ruok: Okay! You’re #3! See you in WAR if you’re in the same server/guild. I’ve decided to join COK.

    Guthrie: Okay! You’re #4!

    Leaf: And you’re #5!

    WaveSurfer: Haha.. you dunno what it’s for exactly you still want it? :P But nvm, you’re #6! ;)

    tyler: Sure, #7!

    Clarissa: Of course, dear. #8 for you!

    Gordon: Hiya, hope this won’t be your last time commenting! You’ve got ticket #9!

    Ryangel: Um… was that a secret code word? lol.

    Jaymie: Haha… weffriddles is annoying. I looked at level 3 for 2 minutes, then decided that I needed to stop playing that and get on with my neverending pile of work. :P Ticket #10 for you!

    heartless: Aww, sorry, but hope there’s something else you like next time!

    jiahui: Thanks for supporting my blog! Do drop by more often and chat with us here! You’re in slot #11 for the lifecam! :)

  8. Avatar

    Nice webcam I also wanttt!

    Right, Norton.
    I have never really liked Norton (using Avast now I think..)
    but, this MIGHT be a great program because I know how irritating it is to have a pop up come ka jiao you halfway during a game..


  9. Avatar

    The old norton may be like security guards, slow and unfit, as compared to other AV which are like the police, fast and agile. However the new Norton 2009 is like the CIA!

  10. Avatar

    Webcam? I wan! Randomize me too! BTW do you feel that your site is taking longer and longer to load nowadays? Must be all that extra traffic you’re generating nowadays.

  11. Avatar

    yh: Yeah, cool, so try the beta, see if you like it! :) You’re #13! Oops! Haha. Hope you like that number!

    The Goonfather: This is the first time I hear you say something nice about the police. Haha.

    yhang: Um… Sheylara not included! lol. :P But I’ll give you ticket #14!

    Numby: No leh, it still loads as fast for me. And I’ve already removed all my junk widgets and monetising banners (left only one Nuffnang cos must support local org). So I dunno why it’s slow for you. Maybe too many photos. Haha. Anyway, #15 for you!

  12. Avatar

    Ahhh…Weffriddles…I still remember how much time Justin and I spent on it.
    I completed the first round of riddles but gace up midway the 2nd round.

    So confirm u going to play Warhammer lar….haha.
    Hmmm…Should I get it?

  13. Avatar

    aww. didn’t get the thumbdrive! but congrats to modchip anyways!
    please kindly include me in the randomiser for the upcoming LifeCam draw! wanna try my luck again! =)

  14. Avatar

    …he hasn’t realised that he won the…

    Haha, yeah, I actually skipped that part (the winner announcement part) because I didn’t expect to win anyway… But then I needed to go back and congratulate whoever won, but there it was, what a surprise! ^_^ Heheheh, thanks again! :D

  15. Avatar

    I used to use Norton Anti-virus like 5 years ago and it was good. Until they decided to make it bloat-ware and my system became sluggishly, that I gave up and went for another.

    So I’m still skeptical but at the same time wonder if they are able to deliver with 09.

    Oh and I’d love to have the cam too! Add me in the draw! Thanks

  16. Avatar

    Please add me – Life cam for me ..

    Guess what? my HDD for my xbox 360 crash again for the second time in 3 years! it meant all my gamesaves and content are all gone! Lucky i got backup my gamesaves but i havent update it for 2 weeks! So i have to replay my Too Human again..sobzz

  17. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara, just an idea, for your video segment, maybe a video splitter box going to a camcorder or vcr will give it a more professional look, as it is right now, you voice over a recording that is obviously recorded from your TV via a camcorder, which explains a washed out picture of the game and echo in the audio of the game.

    With a video spitter you can capture good quality video and audio that you can later voice over making it look a lot more professional.

  18. Avatar

    NiCe~ webcam, can i have it?
    Anyway nice blog u have there, tons of things updated, i disappeared for a week, and came back, wow, too many things for me to go through alrdy.

  19. Avatar

    Minou: Yup, I already bought Warhammer. Bought the CE version so I can start playing open beta on Sep 7. (Launch is 17th.) If your PC can tahan, I think you should give it a try. It should be a lot better than AoC cos Mythic got proven track record. :P

    HUIYI: Alrighty, #16! :)

    stardust: Sure thing! Always welcome to try! You’re #17!

    modchip: Haha… you’re funny.

    BAO: Ok! #18!

    Val: And you’re #19!

    Christina: Wah.. so serious! You need a lifecam to save your life? lol. Okay, let’s give you #20 for a try. :P

    amd: Okay, you get #21!

    Cornflict: #22 for you!

    yk: Yeah, I know what you mean. So, Symantec apparent knows the problem and they’re determined to solve the “bloat” in 09 and come up with quite many radical changes. Worth a try! :) Oh yeah, you’re #23 in the draw!

    jiahui: Heh… try reading the hints in the fourm. They help sometimes.

    angelusraptor: Okay, one #24 for you!

    shin: Right. #25!

    Revarye: Can I give you a number instead? It’s #26! ;)

    Lycansberg: OMG… sorry to hear about your HDD crash! But at least you have saved two weeks ago… better than nothing! Anyway Too Human is fun… I wouldn’t mind replaying it! Well, except that I haven’t even completed it once. Haha. Stuck at lvl 19, no time to play. :( Oh yeah, you’ll be #27 in the lifecam draw!

    badtzzz: Thanks for commenting the first time. Hope it won’t be the last! Will give you ticket #28!

    Anlooo: Sure, mr #29!

    Aves: #30! :)

    anodize: Which free gift are you talking about? Hehhe… I guess it’s the lifecam? If yes, you’ll get ticket #31.

    Naiveguy: Thanks for your suggestion, but a I currently have a splitter but it’s those cheap $200 type and the quality is REALLY bad. I have to tune my HD TV down to 480p before it will even register and play. My Lumix actually takes better quality videos off the TV. Haha. But yeah I know what you mean about looking pro. Just that I can’t afford those pro equipment. A half-HD TV capture card already costs over $1000!

    chak: Okie dokie! #32!

    Johnson Neo: Yeah I think it’s awesome too. Too bad for me I’m giving it away. Haha. Oh well, you get ticket #33 and thanks for the compliment!

    muscular: Well, I can’t give it to you right away, but I can put you in the lucky draw for it. How does ticket #34 sound? :P Oh, and do visit my blog daily because I try to have updates daily. Don’t get swamped!! :P

  20. Avatar

    Or you can get a cheap osprey video capture card at less than $200 and somehow get free windows media encoder and presto, not so cheap looking video. If you need details feel free to e-mail me.

  21. Avatar

    Naiveguy: Thanks for your offer! Maybe one day I’ll call on you for professional help and advice! :)

    Minou: Never mind. I’ll try first then let you know whether fun or not. :P Or you can come my house and play if you want. Heh. Since I have Open Beta access on Sep 7, you can try first. If you like it, still have time to buy it for official launch on Sep 18! :)

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