Getting there – the end is in sight


A guest blog by Jesta

Firstly, sorry that nothing has been posted for a couple of days. Day 4 and Day 5 (Saturday and Sunday) were very long hauls with each surgeon seeing at least 7 patients – the OR was running up to 7 tables at a time, with 6 being more normal.

Each room had two tables, each table had two surgeons and a scrub nurse, and there were usually three or four medical students hanging around, so things were quite busy.

In fact Saturday was pretty crazy. We had a local radio station come in and set up a whole bunch of equipment and other stuff (including a speaker system) and they started broadcasting live from inside the OR. If you have never seen a DJ trying to do his stuff in a surgical gown and hat then you should try to do so.

At the same time I think that we had two separate camera crews from local news stations recording inside the OR, as well as our own two camera crews. All of the Chinese speaking surgeons became immediate media stars – the only problem being that Singapore Mandarin was not always up to the task…

This is what it looked like at a quieter moment in the OR. The main surgeon is Dan from the USA:

Yesterday was really the last major day, and we wrapped up the last surgeries today. I will do a wrap up post and some more pictures when I get back and I have had time to send them to OS for approval.

In the meantime here are some more faces. I have most of their pictures after the surgery too, so I will post them when I have had time to get them to OS:




3 thoughts on “Getting there – the end is in sight

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    Either cleft children are a specially happy lot or you have a talent for making them smile. Great photos! I really love the one with the toddler grabbing at the camera. It’s so adorable! :)

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    I think that they are just kids, who happen to have a cleft. If you play with them then they smile… It’s after the surgery when they are in pain that you have to work hard to make them smile.

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