First Day of Screening – cutting tomorrow

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A guest blog by Jesta

The first real day has now finished. The numbers weren’t as great as we expected, but the team managed to screen a total of 78 patients and 72 have now been identified as surgical cases.

The OR starts work tomorrow afternoon with 8 patients spread over 4 beds.

The reason that we didn’t see as many patients as we thought was that there is a large group (numbers are estimated at around 130 patients) still traveling to reach us here. Some are coming from as much as 1700Km away, and the security situation has made it likely that they will be subjected to more checks and stops along the way, meaning that they will be late.

The day was pretty long, but the people have been really wonderful. All the patients and their families have been really friendly and warm, no-one has complained about the huge number of cameras being shoved into everyone’s faces – there are (I think) around 5 photographers, three film crews and journalists who turned up for the opening ceremony.

I love this sign in the hospital:

Last night we went out for dinner – so I will post some food pictures (by request).

This is SUPER spicy mutton – ribs, much delighted in by the Singapore team.

Some of the local bread:

And I’d like to finish with the best switch in the world:

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    I thought it was something like “go to lobby” and “don’t bother going to the lobby”.. Wahaahahahah! :))

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