You’re reading’s Most Interactive Blog gave Sheylara two ping pong bats yesterday!

Sheylara can now play a game of ping pong with a friend!

Oh, wait, no ball. And no table.

Argh, sports can be so troublesome.

Well, let’s just have a party then.

But, first, I would like to thank, Pingsters and my blog readers for naming my blog Most Interactive Blog at the Blog Awards 2008.

Photo taken by Precious (thanks, dear!)

Melvin Yuan of Waggener Edstrom presented the award to me.

(Huge thanks to Waggener Edstrom who sponsored prizes at the event. I got a Border’s gift card!)

Does that mean I’m now superly obliged to interact with you guys even more?

Not that it matters. I like! Please post more comments so I can interact with you more. =P

So, let’s have even more interaction than that, too. Anyone fancy getting boffed by a ping pong bat?

Or two?

I got my second ping pong bat for receiving the most pongs at the party yesterday.

Photo taken by Precious

Guests at the party were given six blue stickers (pong) and six orange stickers (poof) each. We were supposed to pong people we like and poof people we didn’t.

People like me! Yay! =)


(Okay, that sounds wrong.)

The Chao Ah Beng (Krisandro) beside me got a ton of poofs (although he didn’t win the Most Poofed Award).

Doesn’t mean that Krisandro is very hated, though, since he was voted Blog of the Year by the very same people who poofed him.

You people aren’t doing it right! Why is the most poofed person a cute little girl?!!

Photo taken by Brokenshardz (thanks!)

Cute little girl is molemole‘s daughter and she was really happy to win the award. She also handled the photography session like a pro!

Photo taken by Precious

Other ping pong bat recipients:

(Not everyone was present because some had already left the party.)

Photo taken by Brokenshardz

Shout out to Pimp Daddy D (Daryl Tay of Unique-Frequency) who came very late and left very early because he’s a busy man!

He won Most Insightful Blog and Most Insightful Post! Yay!

Full list of award winners can be viewed here.

Thanks again to for the awards and thanks to all of you who voted for me!

20 thoughts on “You’re reading’s Most Interactive Blog

  1. Avatar

    Thanks, uzyn!! I can’t wait for 2.0!! But don’t kill yourself coding, ok? Take care! :)

    As for drumming, you’re still my senior since you started a little bit before me, so I’m waiting for you to show off your leet skillz to me first! Hehe!

  2. Avatar

    Congrates. That looks pretty fun.
    I hope I can play ping pong with you one day, I love to play it (not on Wii Sports of course)

    I voted for you. w00t!

    (anyways, how can I change my site URL….? )

  3. Avatar

    Chao Ah Beng: Congrats to your wins, too!

    Relax: Um… I haven’t played ping pong in ages. I dunno if I can still hit the ball. :P Thanks for the vote! Yay! ;)

    Change your site URL? Er… I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but… changing your domain name is very complicated. It’s best that you check with your domain host first whether it supports domain name changing. Then get the tech support to help you with it.

  4. Avatar

    Haha welcome.

    Sorry, I mean I replaced my twitter URL with my blog`s address as commentor’s weblink on this blog mah… so I thought switching the URL is a bit ma fan…

  5. Avatar

    Nice to meet you at II anniversary! It is such a pity that I can’t stay till the end of the event as i got something on. Btw, congrats for winning the award

  6. Avatar

    I have some questions:
    Were you ping or ponged?
    How do you “pong” someone?
    Where are you going to get some balls?

    (I have more, but the doctors tell me to try to limit them and the symptoms might go away)

  7. Avatar

    Relax: Er… the URLs are stored in your cookies and they’re automatically filled in whenever you comment in a WordPress blog, right? So, can’t you just delete and type in the new one?

    Alex: Hahaha. Thanks! ;)

    rinaz: Thanks darling. You look hot always! ;) Congrats to you too, you’re a bigger winner (and hottie) than me!

    Neo: Hey, great to meet you! Hope to see you at future events! :)

    shanewei: Haha. It was really fun, especially poofing people. There were some who literally ran away when people try to poof them with the orange stickers! lol.

    modchip: Thanks!

    Jesta: So, I’ll just pretend you didn’t say anything, ok? Be good! *Sheylara backs away from Jesta slowly…*

    sylv: Thanks sylv! Never too late!! ;)

    JayWalk: I already thanked mah. :P But will definitely give a proper thank if I win the S’pore Blog Awards! Hehe! Got vote for me today or not??

    Melvin Yuan: Haha.. thanks for the prizes! ;)

  8. Avatar

    Yup. I did that, but the hyperlink on the blog’s right panel directs me to the old site. sigh. maybe i gonna live with it haha (FAIL)

  9. Avatar

    Oh, you mean in the Top 10 commentors? Sorry, I don’t know how to change that, cos it’s all controlled by the plugin. :P Well, but the list refreshes every month, so you can change your URL next month and probably the new one will be reflected! :P

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