Win a HP TouchSmart worth $1,999!

There is absolutely no trick, no joke, no catch! The good people at HP are giving away a HP TouchSmart IQ500 PC to one lucky reader!

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Just answer this question:

What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

Post your answer here for a chance to win!

And do it fast because this contest will be hosted in many other blogs, but only one winner with the best answer will be picked!

(For duplicate ideas on different blogs, the earliest one will be picked, so don’t wait!)

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Rules and stuff

  1. The contest is open only to Singapore citizens and permanent residents.
  2. Entries will be judged based on how creative, innovative, productive and interesting your ideas are. Start thinking of the best ways you can use the HP TouchSmart now!
  3. Closing date is 12 July, 0000 hrs.
  4. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

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Good luck!

29 thoughts on “Win a HP TouchSmart worth $1,999!

  1. Avatar

    I use a touchscreen phone, love it, and can imagine the possibilities of having a touchscreen desktop at home.

    As a desktop, it’s going to open up several interesting use on the media front. No “lag” involving shifting my mouse just to click what I want. Instant touching of what I want to select. Photo editing is going to be different. Drag and select is going to take on a different meaning. In addition, if drawing on neoprints in arcades was fun, drawing at home on the HP TouchSmart is going to be awesome.

    Multiple touch? That would mean multiple input=multiple friends using it at one go. Another form of entertainment at home!

    But I ain’t going to use the HP TouchSmart as a normal desktop anymore. Computing is going to be different. It’s going to pervade the house. It’s amazingly flat. How can anybody call it a desktop anymore. I’m going to hang it on my wall. Connect it to my house entertainment system. Even my computer and english illiterate father will know how to use it to watch movies and control the music. Touch? How difficult can it be.

    With the HP TouchSmart hanging on the wall, I’ll use it as a scheduler for my iRobot roomba as well. Heck, why stop there. It might even be possible to control other house appliances at home. No more light switches. The HP TouchSmart looks so easy to use, any visitor will probably get to use it immediately. My 1 yr old cousin could probably play games on it even.

    HP TouchSmart as a wall mounted touchscreen phone? Why not. Attach a handset to it, and with skype offering unlimited calls for a small fee, it’ll be easy to set things up!

    At the end of the day, having a HP TouchSmart will simply bring computing to the everyday happenings on our life, and soon we’ll wonder how we survived without it before.

  2. Avatar

    Al Sayf: Nope, no restrictions or limits! Be as creative as you can!!

    TedFox: Wow, great entry!! Hehe… I’m imagining the TouchSmart talking to the roomba and gossiping about you when you’re not at home! Aww cute! lol.

  3. Avatar

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    1. HP TouchSmart will give better control Post-Processing on the photos. It simpily replace my mouse and even tablet. Not forgetting its LIVE Feed to the screen which doesnt require a second output which wacom uses!

    2. HP TouchSmart uses AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Processor which requires low power instead of desktop processor and not forgetting it heats make the machine cool&quiet!

    3. With its huge internal storage, nvidia PureVideo Technology & Window Vista Media Center, it allows me to steam High-Defination Videos/Movies on my screen which i can act it as a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) which i can share its beauty to my family members. Not forgetting its Touch Screen capabilities!

    Not forgetting HP 1 Year Product Warrenty it make me have a peace of mind !

    Kelvin @ Jurist.SG

  4. Avatar

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    I’m now living a life in which my technology belongs to the 1990s. With the HP TouchSmart, it would be like a time machine projecting me into the future! No more cranky ball mouses and mouse pads for me. I wouldn’t be lost in my sea of wires and cables too!

    With the TouchSmart, accessing media in my computer would be a breeze. It would be like a giant iPod touch right on my desk! I’ll probably make more friends online and be updated with the latest movie releases and gossips having easy access to almost EVERYTHING!

    Like really. Life without the TouchSmart =
    Watching TV on a tiny TV,
    Using LAN cables to access to the internet,
    Constantly hitting and yelling my CPU due to the lack of memory,
    Loads of thumbdrives lying about to store my media and
    Getting really annoyed every night when I can’t see my keyboard!

    Life with the TouchSmart =
    Late nights with the TouchSmart watching media,
    A clean table without wires and cables lying around (laughs),
    and a thousand other possibilities!

    It’s like having a second girlfriend (I already have one!), a second brain (with the massive hard disk space and memory) a new TV (much better than my CRT one), and a new me!

    Who needs a new mouse huh? :P

  5. Avatar

    what will your life be like with HP touch smart?

    it would be super duper great having a HP Touch Smart at home! WOW! i think when i am having one HP Touch Smart at home, even if my day would be so lousy, i think when i reach home, i would still be really happy, seeing the HP Touch Smart. because, because it is just so COOL! haha, i would be super duper happy having one. everything is going to change, when having this COOL. computer at home. i really really would love to have one. just like this computer’s name, after touching it, maybe i will become smart. it is really damn cool. i love this touchsmart computer and would really want to win it. i am currently using a HP computer at home now and it would be really good if i could have one more. another one that is really cool and WOW! with this new computer, my life would be really exciting daily, just by only using this hp touchsmart com. so i really really hope to win this computer so my boring and tired life would be live up with this new, exciting, COOL computer.

    thank you. =D

  6. Avatar

    Nooooooooo!!! I’m not eligible!!! But if I was Singaporean, with HP TouchSmart, I’ll be able to touch… the lives of more people around the globe. Tssss… :)

  7. Avatar

    What will your life be like with HP touch smart?

    I only have 3 words to describe it… SLEEK, MODERN and FUN…

    1.) SLEEK – with a black, elegant 22″ high-definition widescreen
    display that works flawlessly with the help of only the latest in Intel Core2 Duo processors, it would fit perfectly in my sleek, modern home.

    2.) MODERN – now that i have it displayed in my home, do you know it works with just one touch of your fingertips? How COOL and MODERN is that? I’ll be able to watch my favorite movies, view and edit my personal photos, and record then upload my own videos with its built in webcam and microphone by just a simple touch. Now that is state of the art entertainment within your fingertips!!!

    3.) FUN – now, can you imagine how FUN it is without the wires? With only a power cord, you get a keyboard, mouse, remote, card readers and speakers all without the wires and clutter! A wired mouse will now be a thing of the past!

    HP truly delivers all these and more to my life, true to their objective… “The Computer is Personal Again”….

  8. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP Touch Smart??

    It will be full of a woman’s touch, the warmth of HP’s human technology and intelligent computing supplementing my life.

    1. This will be like my car, and might just take its place as my 2nd wife. I will depend on it to fulfill my work responsibilities and take me to places my car can never bring me.

    2. I will learn to wash my hands more often so that I do not leave stains on its pretty screen.

    3. I will be able to live my life aka “Mission Impossible” style, without the hassle of additional peripherals. Everything is just a touch away, like how my wife takes care of me. Thats what I call a woman’s touch, full of love, comfort and tenderness!!

    4. When I am away on business trips, my wife can easily “get in touch” with me, and see me on the big screen. Alternatively, I can have conference calls with my clients at the touch of my fingers!

    5. My study room will be able to replicate the design of my house – minimalist. With its sleek and modern design, it fits right into a well-designed house, yet packs the computing power of the bulky desktops I have at home.

    6. As an early adopter of technology, and someone that people look to for advice, I will be able to demonstrate the cool factor of the HP Smart Touch and encourage purchase and usage of the device.

    HP Smart Touch can give me so much! In return, I can let people know how much it can do. Its a “Win Win” partnership – HP Smart Touch and me :)

  9. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP Touch Smart?

    I will be able to read while watching my favourite TV programmes during advertisements in the living room since it’s portable which means it’s possible for me to place it on the dining table!

    And i won’t get anymore scoldings from my mom as i have a bad habit of bringing in my food to the room while surfing the net!

  10. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP TouchSmart?

    I doubt I will have a life. Either my wife will kill me, cause I will be touching the HP Touchsmart more than I touch her. Or I will be hiding in my room all day touching the HP Touchsmart and having no life at all. And in the worst case scenario of losing my wife over the TouchSmart, I won’t even be able to put a picture of my right hand in my wallet, as that hand is busy touching the TouchSmart!!

    And what will my life be WITHOUT the HP TouchSmart?

    I think it will be so devastating that I will start to sing…..

    “I don’t want anybody else,
    When I think about you,
    I touch myself.
    I don’t want anybody else,
    Oh no, oh no, oh no….”

  11. Avatar

    How will my life be like with the HP Touchsmart.


    Firstly I will finally get my own desktop that has a coll touchscreen interface…than I will get stupified by how large the touchscreen is…after which I will start playing around with the touchscreen.(Because the only touchscreen thing i have is my phone)

    With the HP desktop in the house…it will surely make the whole space look more futuristic and cool.And than I will start thinking that I am living in the same dimension as the Jetsons…except that they don’t have the HP Touchsmart and I do.

    Oh…and maybe things will look stupid next to the touchsmart.

  12. Avatar

    hi, anybody knows how to bold or italize fonts when posting here? i’ll try anyway…


  13. Avatar

    aig: You have to use the other type of brackets. Like this:


    By the way, thanks everyone for your entries! There’s still time for more entries, the rest of you. Post now, don’t wait! ;)

  14. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP Touch Smart?

    My life will be awesome. Keeping up with the latest technology is the way to live. Everything will just be a ‘touch’ away. I do not even need a mouse to get things done. With a magical ‘touch’, i can get to where i want instantly.

    HP Touch Smart will be a magical gadget for me. It will definitely change my life and bring magical moments every single time i ‘touch’ it. :)

  15. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP Touch Smart?
    (Since I have NO chance of winning)
    Not at all different since I’ll still be using my Mac

  16. Avatar

    With the HP Touch Smart, I’m gonna snuggle up close and personal (they are the guys that made PC personal again, right?) and get touchy feely with this thinking man’s sex symbol.

    With it’s 22″ hi-def wide screen and touch-screen technology, the HP Touch Smart PC will empowers me to organise my digital life with my fingertips. Organising photos and creating videos – Minority Report style! Cool..!

    My digital life will just be a touch away and it will make me feel and look real smart!

  17. Avatar

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    Wife: Hey, you pervert! Why are you touching that woman’s ass?
    Al Sayf: This one TouchSmart wat?! How else can I close the window?! >(
    Wife: Oh okay. You may continue touching that woman’s ass then.

    Ah…. I so love the TouchSmart. :)

  18. Avatar

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    I will configure the HP Touchsmart to be my point-and-die interface!

    *point* BOOM! Headshot!

    It’ll really allow me to “reach out and touch someone”… with a 50 cal round.

    It will also work great in World of Warcraft. Casting spells will just be a matter of touching the spell icons, instead of hunting for the correct button to press.

    Targeting enemies to rain furious destruction upon will just require a touch.

  19. Avatar

    Warning Long Entry:

    What will my life be like with the HP Touch Smart?

    My parents do not live with me and they hardly uses PC. My mom does know how to use it to read my blog and play solitaire and that’s about all.

    With HP Touchsmart, I believe I can “push” more information to the living room. And all they need to know is minimum touches on the screen!

    I can make a call to my dad, invites him to go to the living room. I can show him something there. I initiate a video conference session. Dad touches the remote controller, and it brings my big face on the TV and my sound on the HIFI system. We can discuss matters in this way much better. I send a google earth link to dad, dad can navigate around, zoom in and out – for example, the location of the HDB unit I am thinking to buy. I send him photos and video clips of the house interior, he viewed them on the big screen without effort.

    “HDB market is abit pricey at this moment” My dad says
    “But dad you must check out the property analysis this morning..”

    I sent him a link to the digital version of Todays.
    “Its on page four”. Dad touches the link, that connects to the internet. A news reader popped up and he flips to the page, and read exactly what I wanted to share with him.

    We can communicate so much better.

    We can put the existing LCD TV in the living room somewhere else.
    My mom will be able to watch her korean dramas on the HP.
    We do not need another external harddisk+DVD recorder.
    With a recorder software, programmes can be recorded in the gigantic harddisk.
    We do not need another PC for my secondary school sister either. HP Touchsmart is perfect for her to surf net, download, perform MS office processing and to sync with her cam and phone.

    So much more.

    With HP Touch Smart, infotainment is just a touch away, for everyone in the family!

  20. Avatar

    What will my life be like with the HP TouchSmart?

    I think the HP touchsmart will do me good. It will help me rid my bad habits. Normally, I would surf the net and find pictures of sexy gals in skimpy outfits or even nude. Then I am unable to control myself and would start touching my sensitive areas and masturbate in front of the PC. With a touchsmart, I would most likely reduce the frequency of this habit or even eliminate such activities, as I do not want to stain a $1999 computer. Mouse and Keyboards are cheap to change every other month.

  21. Avatar

    Well, my life will definitely be more convenient with HP TouchSmart. I have always trying to find ways to study when I bathe so that I don’t waste time. Sticking English notes and taping science worksheets on the shower glass door didn’t work at all—some dropped before I could enter the shower, while others either get wet or were torn when I took them off.(That wasted a lot of my notes!)
    With HP TouchSmart, I can type out notes and put it on a chair outside the shower. As HP TouchSmart stands just like a photoframe, I can read all the notes clearly and easily.

    Other than that, for girls who like to take photos of themselves, can hang HP TouchSmart just beside the mirror. Some girls find themselves quite nice-looking at a certain time when they look into the mirror. At this time, they can just turn on the webcam in HP TouchSmart and take photos of themselves without holding on to a camera and stretching their hands.

    I bought a Wacom pen-tablet recently and it was not cheap, of course. With HP TouchSmart, I don’t have to use a ‘pen’ to draw on the pen-tablet, I can simply draw on the computer screen. It’s also cool to show HP TouchSmart to friends.

    I can also use it as a scarecrow for the head to frighten away the crows to my garden. I can put horrible faces and frightening sounds and change it as often as I want.

    When cooking, I can play videos just beside my basin and cook easily while watching the videos rightaway with controlled pauses or stops.

    This may be funny, but definitely cool. I can hang the computer in front of my chest with bands and make slides or videos for family members or friends in airports when I am waiting for them to collect their luggage and recognise me.

    I thought of lots more ideas but cannot remember all of them now. Maybe one of the ideas include placing HP TouchSmart on the ceiling and watch it when I’m lying on the bed, ready to sleep.

  22. Avatar

    With a HP TouchSmart, I won’t care if Life is Good because it is already better! And I no longer need to Imagine because Possibilities are Infinite will only be an understatement. It is more than just Connecting People around me, it’s about touching the lives of people around the world!

    Think? What’s the point of thinking when it will only make me look indecisive? I may have Ideas for Life, but without action, it’s like telling others that There’s Something in the Air. With a TouchSmart, I can stop thinking and start putting those thoughts into action!

    There is so much the world has to offer and it is only a touch away. It’s time to stop wasting time by procrastinating! Why wait to be In Touch with Tomorrow, when I can be touching it today with the TouchSmart? Think Smart, Touch Smart!

    Also, with the TouchSmart, I will no longer need to Unwire the Future because the present is already wireless! Everything is now just a touch away. And the precision of finger pointing is way more accurate than that of a mouse.

    Friends who come to visit will not be Bringing Something Beautiful when they come, because they will be coming to see something beautiful – the TouchSmart! My life just seems perfect with this final touch from HP Invent.

  23. Avatar

    With this HP Touch Smart, my digital life will be more and more enjoyable!!!

    Imagine ….. without the help of a mouse, I can easily organize my photos. Just with one touch at the hi-def wide screen!!

    So excited!!!! Can’t wait for it!!!

  24. Avatar

    What would MY life be like with this touchsmart computer you ask?

    I was introduced to the world of touch screen electronics when i purchased the LG Dare. Amazed as I was because there is nothing like it. I began to wonder what a touch screen computer would be like. I myself am an amature photographer and i do alot of photo editing only to get messed up because of that dull mouse. With a touch smart computer the editing I could do with my photos would be emaculate. Words could not discribe. My mind would sore above and beyond to the limitless amount of things I could do. As a teenager I already have a name around where I live for my photos. I have even done 3 weddings. My clients would even apprieciate if I had one of these because their photos would and could be edited to greater hieghts. This computer is my dream computer by far!

  25. Avatar

    If i had a HP TouchSmart,life would be simply amazing and interesting.
    As i am heading and aiming to go for poly,Hp TouchSmart would be great desktop for me to use it at home.

    By having a great desktop,i can communicate and interacts with my friend and socialize,leading a in a better country and more technology in life.
    It makes life perfect with Hp TouchSmart

    Hp company been a good electrical company,therefore in future there would be more and more people using Hp as our first desktop.

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