What’s weird about this sign?

Just wanted to know what you all think of the sign.

In other news, my shoot ended at 1:30 am this morning. Got home at 2 am. Went to bed at 6 am.

Here’s another teaser photo.

Day 2 of shoot.

Who is he and what’s he doing?

Nope, not earrings!

Off to Day 3 shoot now!

27 thoughts on “What’s weird about this sign?

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    Hi Sheylara, first time commenting. hahaha. The sign is weird coz it says its monitored by cameras, yet ask people to call if they see anything suspicious. Lol. Whats the point then.

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    I think is the wrong choice of the camera graphic. Should be that of a CCTV (i.e. video) camera.

    I think the technician is fitting in a ear piece so as to be able to give instructions to the actress remotely.

    So I speculate that the scene is taken from a distance away and no dialogue.

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    If the building is monitored by security cameras, why is it also requesting human eyes to keep a look out and call the police and SP PowerGrid?

    Conclusion: There is no CCTV.

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    He’s the photographer or the assistant who’s checking that the area next to your head has the correct amount of light to make the picture look perfect?

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    The sign is wrong is because:

    If it’s monitored by security cameras why do anyone need to call the police if they see something suspicius. Duh… :)

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    I know! The sign says “This building is monitored by security cameras”, but they still say “If you see anything suspisious please call 999.” HAHAHA, I mean, if theres a camera already, whats with calling 999 for, right? LOL.

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    Pic 1- That camera must not be working very well if they still need people to call.

    Pic 2- Who cares who he is; Who is that gorgeous woman in the picture and what has she done with our cute Sheylara!

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    Security camera can’t raise the alarm if you’re being robbed. You’ll need to do that manually. But the camera can provide evidence and with some luck a picture of the culprit’s face.

    Anywoops, he’s adjusting your hair? LOL! BTW is that a bicep I see buldging outta your arm? Someone’s been working out eh? Uber lol!

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    General reply to everyone:

    Interesting responses regarding the security camera picture! My initial thought about it was that it’s weird to tell people that cameras are in place and yet ask them to call the police if there’s anything suspicious!

    But you guys have raised even more points to note, such as the camera picture used being wrong. Haha, that’s a good one!

    Regarding the photo of me from the shoot, I’m amused at all your imginative answers! Very good job, hehe! Will not reveal the correct answer now. Watch out for my post about the shoot in the next several days! ;)

    Replies to other stuff:

    nadnut: Wah? Really? You have that same dress? Cool! I thought I look weird in it though. I have a clearer picture, which I will post when I blog about my shoot!

    modchip: Haha! To be honest, I can’t get used to this look. I feel so not me in it!

    Airpork: Hi babe! Thanks for first-time commenting! :)

    krisandro: Wow, lol. That’s the most outlandish guess ever. But I like! I mean I would like to play an elf caught in modern times! Seriously! lol.

    Alex: Aww, shucks. Thanks for the hidden compliment! lol.

    Relax: Wow, nice site! I had a great laugh looking through it!! Maybe I’ll try and submit my pic! ;)

    Steffi: Haha, you know what, you’re right. The wardrobe people really spent a lot of effort dressing the 3 of us up!

    Derrick: ERm…. no lah. The “bicep” is a legacy of my childhood tomboy days. :P lol. Nowadays flabby already. My muscles turned to water. haha.

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