The Goonfather borrows a monitor

I’m doing my just-got-home routine: Check e-mail, answer MSNs, log in to Plurk to click “Mark all read”.

The Goonfather comes up to me and says, “Can I borrow one of your monitors for a while?”

I’m wondering what he means to do with one monitor but I say, “Sure.”

I think maybe he’s going to open a window on one screen to download something or look at something or whatever, and I can still use the other screen to continue my MSN chats because JayWalk is waiting for me to reply him.

I let the Goonfather have the mouse “for a while”.

He stands over me and he hogs the computer for 15 minutes. True enough, he’s only using one screen but he’s also freaking using my mouse.

How am I supposed to use my other screen without my mouse??


Next time just say “Can I use your computer for a while?” lah!

Wtfeck is “Can I borrow one of your monitors for a while?”??

Irritating Goonfather.

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    Hahahahhaa!! This post is really funny! Maybe there is some hack somewhere that allows a computer to detect commands and actions from 2 mouses at a time? :D

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    No….next time hor, when he says that, do what u did tonight.

    But then, plug in a wireless mouse, go back to a table further away, resume your work, and entertain yourself with the goonfather wrestling with your other mouse. Set ur camcorder on stealth mode and tape the whole thing. Then upload your own version of home-made Punk’d here for all of us to enjoy.

    PS: This trick doubles as a great office prank. After all, I was the one who kena conned into calling Romania for our IT Support Services after thinking mine was malfunctioning.

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    Su Yuen: Thanks!! Well, let’s wait for someone to invent that. :P

    Stan: That is like the most outrageously wicket idea!! I like!!! :P So I suppose you didn’t get filmed when it happened to you?

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    QY: LOL Thankfully no! I was babbling like an idiot on the other end of the line to a sweet Romanian operator when my colleagues came up and revealed the wireless mouse.

    I have yet to scheme a revenge plan for them. Any suggestions? I’ll be welcomed for all kinds…Goonfather-styled included! :P

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    Stan: Dun think I will fall for that, as I have done that many times to ppl’s notebook. Not even with a wireless mouse, but bluetooth in with my SE phone. Zero evidence, no dongle required.

    Who the fook is Goonmother?

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    Sekali later Goonbrother, Goonsister, GoonCousin,
    GoonNiece, GoonUncle, GoonAuntie, GoonNephew and GoonNextDoorNeighbourAuntieSecondNiece also come out liao.

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    i wiki-ed TMD
    many new meanings.

    eg. time manipulation device.

    but i think TMD here means…..too much drama

    am i rite?

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    Goonmother: I Think that TMD is the acronym of a MUCH naughtier local expression that that…

    Something about “your mother” I think…

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    It IS ‘他妈的’.

    Literally translated, it means ‘His mother’.

    Use mainly to express shock and/or anger. Though it is not just limited to that.


    Ah beng: Eh ah kow, your shoe kena stolen!

    Ah kow: TMD! don’t let me find out who the one!

    etc etc.

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    Stan: Awww, hahaha, you have evil colleagues!

    Goonmother/modchip: I hope you guys know what TMD means already, thanks to all the helpful people who posted explanations here. :P Yes, it’s a Chinese swear phrase meaning “His mother.”

    Pearson: Haha.. no lah. Busy blogging. :P

    Jesta: Excuse ME?

    JayWalk: OH NO YOU just bred a whole Goon family with your suggestion lah! :P

    TTY/Al Sayf/Starstruck/Chaosdingo/The Goonfather: Thanks for helping me explain TMD!

    The Goon Family: What the… ????

    chak: What’s LTATAY?

    Mince Pye: You can be the goon gong if you want.

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    No thanks, but I can tell you a story about goon gong…

    One day, he ended up in hospital, after being hit by a can. And this is how his grandson related the story:

    Gong gong gong, gong gong gong gong, gong gong gong.

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    But it makes perfect sense! In Hokkien…


    To paraphrase,

    “Grandpa said, can knocked grandpa, grandpa dizzy”

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