The Dark Knight seduces me with his billowing cape


To start off with, I have a few admissions to make.

  1. While I did somewhat enjoy a couple of Batman films in the past, I’ve never been a fan.
  2. I saw photos of Christian Bale on the Internet and thought he’s a bit too old and not good-looking enough to be a superhero.
  3. I have never watched a Heath Ledger movie and didn’t quite get the buzz surrounding him and his recent death.
  4. The character of the Joker has always irritated me because I thought the clown face with the fake smile looks stupid and doesn’t make a very appropriate villain.

That was before I watched The Dark Knight, three nights ago.

Today, I’m a convert many times over.

You either outright believe me (because you’re a fan and you know), or you have to watch it for yourself to believe me.

It was a good thing I was invited to the gala premiere of The Dark Knight at Lido on Wednesday night. Otherwise, I probably would never have watched it, unless my friends forcibly dragged me to.

I was very late because I had to rush down after drumming class.

By the time I got there, guests had already begun to file into the cinemas. It took me about ten minutes to frenziedly sort out the admin, get a drink and get myself admitted.

Because it was free seating and I was really late (although early enough to catch the start), I only managed to get second row seats.

Better than nothing, I guess.

I was a little lost in the first 20 minutes because I didn’t watch Batman Begins (prequel to The Dark Knight) and because, like I mentioned, I wasn’t a big Batman fan. And it took some time getting accustomed to staring up at a giant screen just a few feet away from me.

But that’s all dust under the carpet now. The movie was gripping enough to draw me out of the present and into the dark.

The Dark Knight is quite dark, thanks to Heath Ledger, who stole the show with his Oscar-deserving performance as the Joker. Now I wish the man hadn’t died, because I want to see more of him.

The Joker is a lot more likeable now (I mean in the sense of loving to hate), compared to the Joker of Jack Nicholson. Not meaning to slight Mr Nicholson, who is a great actor, but I just prefer the look of the new Joker.

With the gritty makeup, no mask, and downplaying of colours, the Joker is now more real, which makes it more terrifying. Believable villains are always scarier than campy larger-than-life villains.

Heath Ledger brought to this role a raw vulnerability that is heartbreaking and a quiet madness that is chilling to watch. I couldn’t get enough of him.

And you know how I said Christian Bale doesn’t look superhero enough for me? I take it back. He does in The Dark Knight.

He probably did, too, in Batman Begins, but I can’t know for sure because I didn’t watch that.

Although the actor is not heart-stoppingly good-looking, he isn’t without charisma. Charisma he has, in abundance. And I guess charisma is much more important for a superhero than vanilla good looks.

I love that intense gaze of his, which at the same time sends out vibes of love (for the good guys) and menace (for the bad guys).

The new bat costume I like. Very keeping with the times.

But I don’t know about the new batmobile. It looks like a tank. Not quite right, here. Not quite what I expected.

The Lamborghini that Bruce Wayne drives, though, is something else. I think Batman should drive this instead of Bat Tank up there.

Watching this baby go is worth the price of admission alone.

Well, so is watching Heath Ledger bring the Joker to life.

So is watching Christian Bale sew himself up after getting a cut.

So is watching acting veterans Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman heat up the screen.

(Aaron Eckhart is kinda cute, too, as the people’s hero, Harvey Dent.)

So is watching the nonstop explosive action you would expect in a superhero action movie.

So is watching the Dark Knight’s cape billow in the wind.

I totally fall for that sort of thing.

If you’re going to watch this movie (which I’m sure you will because you don’t want to be a suaku and miss the movie of the year), just take note of a few caveats.

  • The movie is really long at 150 minutes. Make sure you go to the bathroom just before and don’t drink too much in the cinema.
  • If you’re watching it at Lido, bring a jacket. People around me (and me) were all frozen stiff by the time the movie ended.
  • Try and get tickets early so you don’t get front row “privileges” like me. Action movies are really better watched from afar.

You can watch the trailer here. As if you need any more convincing.

And don’t be late for the show. The heart-pumping, adrenaline-inducing action starts from the very first second of the film and you don’t want to miss a single moment.

22 thoughts on “The Dark Knight seduces me with his billowing cape

  1. Avatar

    This is the best superhero film i have seen in a long time; and Heath Ledger as the joker is brilliant. “heres my card” LOL

    You didnt like the batmobile?? the scene where it reconstructs itself into a monstertruck wheeled superbike is amazing

  2. Avatar

    Okay, the “watching Christian Bale sew himself up after getting a cut” part was pretty scary to read, but yeah I’ll be watching this anyway! I couldn’t get tickets to it today >=(

  3. Avatar

    To all who haven’t seen it yet: Watch the film!
    It is very dark, pretty disturbing (don’t take the kids), but it is very good.

  4. Avatar

    this is my first time commenting!

    i have been reading ur blog for quite some time but never did dropped a comment but this time i must =]

    i am many times the same as u. same as in never a batman fan, not thinking the actors were very good, bla bla.

    omg. but i love the dark knight to BITS. i think the joker pulled it off very well. he is SUPER good at mind games! which he also showed without flaw in the movie. and the slouch of his. is classic =]

    batman is always cool. he has the gadgets. lol. i love the part where his bike came out of the “mobile” that was AWESOME.

    and the part where the fake batman hit onto the window. with the great sound effects at vivo. nobody could be not shocked.(unless they were slping. (which shouldnt be the case.))

    write on sheylara! ur post just made me watched the movie again in my mind. =]

  5. Avatar

    I went with both my kids and a bandmate to watch The Dark Knight yesterday. Midnight show! :D

    My daughter fell asleep towards the end so that was kind of disappointing but I guess she was very tired after being out with me the whole day before that. But anyway…

    I’m not the biggest Batman fan but I hardly give any comic superhero movie a miss. I’ve watched all the Batman movies that ever got out but only became more of a fan since Batman Begins ‘coz it got darker… and I like it that way.

    Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker was just stellar! Even though I can’t say The Dark Knight is my favourite superhero movie, I’ll say this:
    And that’s a lot coming from me ‘coz like I said, I hardly give comic superhero movies a miss.

    It’s just sad that Heath Ledger’s gone. ‘Coz if anyone else has to play The Joker from now on, I doubt any of them will ever be as good as he was. But at least he left on a high note, as far as his acting career is concerned. Give him an Oscar dammit!

  6. Avatar

    Relax: Haha. ;) I love that line. And thanks for the info… very interesting! lol.

    Alex: I suppose the batmobile is cool in a military sort of way. But if I had a choice, I’d prefer something really sleek and shiny! But the superbike was pretty nice, I can’t deny!

    Pingping: It’s scarier to watch than to read. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! ;)

    Jesta: I didn’t know you’re a batman fan! Then again, fan or not, I think this movie really appeals to the general masses.

    my first comment: Nice, I like your nick! Haha. Thanks for your first comment! :) It certainly was a very good movie. In fact, while writing this post, I kept wanting to watch it again and was debating within myself whether I should shell out an extra $10 to watch the movie again. Or maybe wait for the Blu-Ray to come out so I can buy it. But that would be damn long to wait, I think. O_o

    Al Sayf: It’s certainly a very heavy movie for kids, and very long. I’m not surprised your daughter fell asleep! But you’re one damn cool parent for bringing your kids out to a midnight movie! Heh.

  7. Avatar

    I just got back from TDK. It was a VERY good movie.

    Yes, Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Joker. He may get it for other reasons besides just his performance in the movie.

    Now that you’re part of the BatNation, go get a copy of Batman Begins and see how it all started!

  8. Avatar

    1st time reading your blog, and it won’t be my last. =)

    Yeah, i say give heath ledger the oscar. He deserves it for the outstanding performance, and totally redefining the joker character. awesome acting!
    I would rather not watch a movie than get front row privileges. heh. It is just too neck craning and especially with action movies, you lost half of what goes on in the action scenes!

    Ahh, you take drum lessons eh? Nice.
    A great instrument to learn and so much fun to play, esp when jamming with a bunch of good musicians. So where do you learn your drums at?

  9. Avatar

    aig: So, when are you going to watch it? But don’t expect too much. Movies tend to disappoint when someone goes in with sky-high expectations. :P

    modchip: Yeah, glad you agree! I really never liked the Joker before!

    abraxis: Oh yeah, I definitely want to watch Batman Begins now! So, what do you mean Heath Ledger may get an Oscar for reasons besides his Joker performance? Because of his death??

    JayWalk: I thought people loved NIcholson’s Joker? I’m not very sure. I never liked it myself.

    zeta: Yay, thanks for supporting my blog! :) I really think now that Heath Ledger will get the Oscar, and I’ll bet there’s gonna be hundreds of teary eyes in the audience when that award is given. Aww, I feel teary eyed just imagining it!

    I’m learning drums at The Music Lab. Are you a drummer, too? Cool! From SOFT? ;) I love the drums to bits. It’s so fun! Can’t jam yet, though. Just started learning and still at basics. Haha.

  10. Avatar

    You’re more than welcome! Your blog is interesting, especially the chronicles of your misadventures with the goonfather. haha.
    Yeah, it will definitely be a very emotional moment. Especially when they juxtapose his other movies alongside this, and the world realises what a great actor it has lost. Pity the world is just all too fixated with money, and not too concerned with people doing special and amazing things with the skills and talents.

    Ahh, i’ve heard lots of good things about the music lab. Alvin’s quite the famous drummer/drum teacher. Don’t know him personally though. Heh, i sorta lurk in the soft forums from time to time, but yeah, i’m sorta in the local drum/music community. Will tell you more about that some other time. =)
    Yeah, the drums are great fun! Stick it out and grind out the basics well, and then when you have all that skills and techniques in place… Ahhh, that’s when the real fun really starts! =p

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for the nice comments, zeta!! :) OMG yeah, I think I will definitely catch the Oscars this year for that moment. I usually never watch it. :P

    Well, so which community or where do you hang out? Playing any gigs I can go watch?

    My drumming will be coming along very very slowly cos I have very limited time to practise. Many days, I can’t even afford 15 minutes to practise, it’s ridiculous. But it’s okay, I still have fun with it! :)

    Yeah, The Music Lab is really cool! Very nice people there! :)

  12. Avatar

    Yeah, since Heath Ledger died, the studio will troll for a sympathy vote and they may get it. The Oscar people don’t always do the right thing. Many of the decisions made are political, with very little to do with excellence of product or performance.

    The irony is, he should be nominated based on the strength of performance, which was very very good. Ledger was quoted shortly before his death that he was having problems getting OUT of character. Method acting is tough!

  13. Avatar

    Finally, I watched it yesterday. Nice character development.

    The damsel in distress does not have character immunity, and got killed off (HAHAHAHHA…. WAKAKAKA….. :P )

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