The Dark Knight interrogates the Joker (spoof)

Sundays are good days to watch online videos. You’re at home and you don’t have to worry about bosses lurking behind you, voyeuring your screen.

Here’s one for fans of The Dark Knight.

It’s freakishly hilarious. Make sure you’re in a safe place to laugh out loud. I salute the guys who made this video. Wish I could think of stuff like that. There’s some really excellent acting in there, too.

Sundays are also good days to engage in voting activities.

It only takes 20 seconds to type in your e-mail and password and click on my picture!

Vote for a chance to win exotic travel packages, how about that?

Vote for the Sometimes Damsel in Distress!

Thank you for your vote!

Sheylara woke up feeling a bit jaundiced.

8 thoughts on “The Dark Knight interrogates the Joker (spoof)

  1. Avatar

    aig: thanks! :)

    Wang Wang: It’s an Internet video show about technology and gadgets. I was interviewed in it in two past episodes. The website is here.

    Relax: Haha… maybe someone should do a hokkien spoof?

  2. Avatar

    Relax: Hahaha! That’s hilarious! I enjoy Hokkien jokes and spoofs very much!

    modchip: Yay! More votes!!

    JayWalk: Why them in particular?

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