Solomon Yeow wishes me happy birthday on Facebook

After the last two disastrous messages, I thought he would have disappeared from my life for good.

I was wrong, apparently.

A quick recap for those new to my blog:

This random Facebook dude sent me a rude pick-up message one day (read it here).

I didn’t reply it.

Ten days later, he sent me an obnoxious follow-up message (read it here).

I didn’t reply that one, either.

That was almost a month ago, and I thought that was the last of it.

Then I got a “lovely” birthday message from him last night.

How sweet.

Stan was the first to know about this because he happened to MSN me around the time I got this message.

I said to Stan, “OMG Solomon Yeow sent me a birthday message in Facebook!!”

And he went, “HAHAHahahahahaaa Holy Cow!”

I observed that Solomon Yeow must have copied the message from one of those cheeky birthday greeting cards, and Stan couldn’t stop laughing after that.

I don’t care what you guys are saying. Solomon Yeow is no pick-up artist (wannabe or otherwise), he’s a ctrl-c-ctrl-v artist.

But he’s entertaining, in a way, so thanks for all the fun, Solomon.


On a similar but not the same track, my friends got me an iPod Nano for my birthday!! OMG I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!!!

I shared a birthday cake with Unker Kell because our birthdays are a week apart.

We’re both 10 years old, if you must know, you inquisitive cat.

THANK YOU Minou, Kerrendor, Wang Wang, Morte, Talin, Joey, Hevun and Unker Kell!!!

52 thoughts on “Solomon Yeow wishes me happy birthday on Facebook

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    Happy Birthday!!!

    You really look like Kelly Chen in the pictures!!

    I have voted for you! Hope you win! :)

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    There could be another name for a “ctrl-c-ctrl-v” artist…

    It’s “bot”.

    Maybe he’s like those spam bots that send canned messages. But instead of selling “cheap gold” or “manhood enhancers”, this bot is trolling for pickups.

    How novel…

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    My favouritest monster,

    Happy Birthday!!!! Lots of hugs and kisses!!!! Love ya heaps and heaps too! Got your present in my suitcase now. Saw something and I thought of you while roaming downtown San Francisco. Will pass it to you when I head back to Spore in early Aug. Have fun!

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    I usually don’t leave comments on blog i read but


    Thx for entertaining me with your blog. Keep up the good job

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    modchip: Actually, he’s not. If he’s really gay, he wouldn’t bother sending ME messages! Hehe. AND OMG THE PIC. You are really evil!!! hahahaha! *note to self never to become modchip’s enemy* :P

    Sek Ling: Thanks dear!! But don’t make me blush… how can I be compared to Kelly Chen? Don’t really see the resemblance in that photo, hehe.

    Mince Pye: Bots are different. They send canned messages not by their own volition. Haha. But I suppose their purpose is the same as PUAs or CCCVAs. Haha.

    xinyun: Thank you! :) *hug*

    Relax: Thanks, hah. Don’t know who is Sarah B, but I’m sure she’s nice. lol.

    Rinko: Haha, I dunno. I’m very puzzled by Solomon… why he keeps sending messages even though I never reply him. Thanks for the birthday greets!

    Pingping: Yup, that’s why I said he must have gotten it off a cheesy birthday card. lol. Well, on a happier note, thanks! :)

    Fish: Aww, thanks! That’s nice :)

    chak: Elves do grow old, they just don’t look it. lol. But thanks for the analogy!

    Monster: My favouritestest monster! *HUGS AND KISSES BACK* I can’t wait to see what you got for me!!! :) Thank you so much! Love you heaps!

    Alex: Aww, hey, thanks for making an exception and posting to wish me happy birthday. Very nice of you, thank you!

    nadnut: Thanks dahling! *HUGSSSSSS*

    Jesta: Hahaa… DON’T speak of the devil!!! But thanks! :)

    arachno: Thank you!

    His Food Blog: Hi there! Long time no see! ;) Nope, didn’t get an invite to go this time round, heheh. You going?

    Rachel: MUAKZ BACK. Thank you sexy! Let’s meet soon! Miss ya! :)

    Ashtar83: Thanksssssss!

    Goonfather: Haha, thanks and thanks! I shall call it CCCVA for short. :P

    ZhaoMing: It’s not belated, my birthday is TODAY!! But thanks all the same! :)

    krisandro: Wheee! Thank you chao ah beng! Your birthday wish is damn crap but I likey!! Hahahaha. :P

    my second comment.: Thank you, but what do you mean. You want to sing me a song through MSN? *scratch head*

  6. Avatar

    yep. my third comment. but i found it lame to continue counting.
    i will gladly sing u a song in msn if that is u are willing to listen. haha
    most importantly, just to make friends? =]

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    Thanks for commenting on my Wise Blog. w00t! :P

    sarah B is Sarah Brightman, the original Christine of POTO and the biggest selling soprano in the world.

    The more she ages, the younger she looks. Now she looks much younger than she was 20 years ago, during her Andrew Lloyd Webber era.

    See you later :)

  8. Avatar

    arzhou: The game isn’t out yet, DUH!! :P

    yhang: Hehe, I’m glad you’ve decided to use a proper name after all. :P Well, I’m going to have to decline lah, I’m a bit shy when it comes to voice chat. Don’t really like it. :P But thanks for the offer.

    Relax: Oh, ok. Never a big fan of hers. Don’t really like her voice, a bit too opera-y. :P

  9. Avatar

    its okay. even normal typing chat wont do? haha. then it is alrighty =] i will still comment here if i have any thing to talk about ur posts!

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    Happy B’day Sheylara. Hey looks like your B’day wish came true:) By the way i have abbreviated my name to avoid confusion with my new namesake here.

  11. Avatar

    Happy birthday, precious girl!

    I could never forget the birthday of one as good-looking, well-mannered, intelligent, humorous & charming as you.

    Why, that would be like forgetting my own birthday! *gasp*

  12. Avatar

    “..a ctrl-c-ctrl-v artist…”

    ROTFL X3.141.592.654 times….

    Ok fine, as usual, I’m late to comment again – just another downside of being 6 hrs away from you.

    But eh steady leh QY, I LOL-ed again on reading that line so loud, all the stress from work today just went away…hahahahaha….

    @modchip: That foto sure made him look retarded…ahehehe~

    Ahh…Mr Solo-man sure gave us some nice memories to chuckle upon…makes me wonder if he’ll strike again!

    If i wish you Happy Barfday here, it’ll be what, my…4th time?

    Heck, a Leo is a Leo is a Leo…

    So here goes again: Ich wünsche dir, Sheylara, du hübsches Spaßvogel du, Alles Wunderbares, Schönes und Geiles zum Geburtstag!!

    Ok, now get your ass on MSN and ask me what all that meant.

    Douch chu worry, nothing bad inside for the Goonfather to learn and curse at ang mohs who cannot park next time.

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    Did you do a birthday special in AoC? Maybe a present of a new pair of even larger, gravity-defying breats???

  14. Avatar

    Numby: Thanks buddy! :)

    ZhaoMing: Aww, thanks for the vote! :)

    Wang Wang: Thanks dear! *hugs* I love my present! :)

    brokenshardz: Haha… happy birthday to you too! :P

    aig: Thank you very much!!

    precious: Hahahaha!! ROFLMAO. Silly girl! But thank you! :)

    Stan: What’s with the pi? :P No worries about being late, unless you’re meeting me for an appointment, then you better not be late! :P Thanks for the birthday wishes in German! I don’t need the literal translation. I can tell that you’re wishing me a wonderful birthday. Haha. :P

    YUWEN: Happy birthday cuz!! Thanks for dropping by! :) Hope you had a great birthday too!

    Luke: Thank you! :) I think karen has disappeared for good. No sign of her for ages! :P

    Jesta: I haven’t played AoC for more than a month (I even got kicked out of my guild because of that – my guildie who is my RL friend told me… TOO LATE, duh.). I know you find that hard to believe, but I really haven’t had time. Haha. :P

    Jacelyn: Thanks!! I’m glad you feel entertained by this. Haha.

    starm|st: Haha… thanks. New terminology!

    Naiveguy: Thanks, mate! Never too late! I have a tshirt that says that! :)

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    Just when you thot this Solomon joker hit bottom, you still see him furiously digging.

    Gotta hand it to him for this never say die attitude. *facepalm*

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    They should have a limited edition Solomon Yeow aquapet. That would be really cool. Everytime you press a button, you get to hear a pick-up line.

    Imagine that. A Solomon Yeow aquapet. Brrrrrrrrrrrr… *gets chills down his spine*

    But anyway, happy belated birthday. May you live a long, happy life. :)

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    Hey everyone, greetings from Los Angeles, USA. This is a cool site. I’m wondering if you have any advice on staying out of the friend zone with women? I’m really tired of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Perhaps I’m being too much of a nice guy?

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