Silence means consent?

A few days ago, I received this SMS:

From Diners Club: Pls confirm yr participation in AXS $20K draw & yr application for Diners Club Ace Card. Reply “DC Y” if Yes. “DC N” if No or “DC U” to Unsub.

I didn’t remember taking part in any Diners Club promo or applying for a card, so I ignored the message.

I received the same message the next day.

Then again the following day.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

This morning, I received yet another SMS from Diners Club and I started to curse and swear before I realised that today’s message was different.

Today, it said:

From Diners Club: Thank you for participating in the Diners Club / AXS $20K Lucky Draw. Your application for the Credit Card is being processed.

Whatwhatwhat?!! What is this lah?! I never apply for credit card! And I never give confirmation! Zzz…

Is this a case of silence means consent?

I guess so.

I suddenly realise they must have gotten my number when I paid my credit card bill at an AXS station last month.

You know AXS always has some lucky draw or other? So, I usually just enter my particulars without reading the details. (There’s always a long queue at AXS and you don’t want to hog the machine reading stuff.)

I guess it’s my own fault for keying in my particulars without reading.

I’m not complaining. I like the service that AXS provides and I’m just amused that Diners Club is “processing my credit card” without my confirmation.

Oh, well.

And, like, I’ve yet to win anything from AXS lah!

I really hope I don’t receive a credit card in the mail in the next few weeks.


By the way, I’m busy acting in a short film these few days. Yesterday’s shoot was, like, 15 hours!! No time to blog about it now, will probably do it when it’s over!

Just a teaser photo here:

Me in the middle.

18 thoughts on “Silence means consent?

  1. Avatar

    Hey QY! I will vote for you!!! heh…hey,i know jason chang as well…
    Anw…my new blog is up…link me yah! Seeya & jiayo ;p

  2. Avatar

    Mince Pye: You’ll find out when you read my blog about the shoot. ;)

    Minou: LOL yeah, I never realised it until I saw this photo.

    modchip: Haha, my overalls? Yeah, now that you mention it…

    Jesta: I don’t think it works that way when statements or questions aren’t directed at anyone in particular.

    Maybe if I were to say in my blog, “Jesta, are you going to give me a million bucks?” And you don’t comment, then that means your answer is yes! Heehee!

    Of course… not.

    Louis: Thanks Louis!!! I see you’re getting into blogging more and more. Great job with everything you’ve done! ;) Hope to catch up with you, man. Haven’t seen you in ages!

    Ruok: Yup it’s her. You worked with her before?

    kerr: Yah, rooftop, cool eh? Hmm, I wish we we filming a Matrix or Wanted kind of film. That’ll be ultra cool, lol.

    Nic: Haha.. you kena also?

  3. Avatar

    Is your latest project one of those “retro” films?

    Looks so 80’s!! At least the guy’s collar isn’t popped…

    The Corona is a nice touch. Me gusta!

  4. Avatar

    HAHA… so i’m not the only one involved with Diners Card Mystery…

    At least you got a few more sms asking for confirmation, thus leading you to the source.
    I only received the confirmation sms and soon after… the card…

  5. Avatar

    yongwei: lol, can tell from those tights meh?

    abraxis: Um, no. It’s set in modern times. Right now. I guess our clothes do look a bit retro! But then, retro is always in, so it can be modern too! lol.

    Jesta: Someday… ;)

    Ruok: Yeah ok. She remembers you! She says you’re cute! hehe.

    K: LOL, you really got the card? Watcha do with it?

    JayWalk: Haha… need to so drastic or not?

  6. Avatar

    Its…. still in my drawer…
    I’m not goin to do anything about it yet.
    Juz waiting and see if there’s any potential benefits in using it.

    Let me know if anyone learns anything useful about the card. =p
    (besides using it as a bookmark~)

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