Sheylara is in your face

I have a zillion people to thank!!

Okay, not exactly. I wish I had a zillion people to thank, but I don’t quite have that many friends.

But you know what they say: A handful of really good friends is worth a zillion friends in Facebook, most of whom you don’t even know but just keep adding because you want to look popular.

Alright, they didn’t say that. I made that up just now.

Here’s a list of friends who have plugged me in their blogs in support of my nomination for the S’pore Blog Awards.

Cowboy Caleb
ice angel
Simply Jean
Steven Yong
Miss Loi
Uncle Sha
Nicholas Aaron Khoo
Agnes Tan
Princess Sabrina

HEART YOU GUYS!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you for spreading the word around the blogosphere and for scaring all your readers with my giant mugshot and its pukingly-cute pinky heartsy watermark!

Picture scaled down from giant size to reduce scare factor.

Will add to the list as more friends show their support in their blogs!

YAY for friends!!

YAY extends also to friends who never plug me in their blogs because they don’t have blogs to begin with but are showing their support through voting!

Well, YAY for everyone lah!

If you’re reading my blog, YAY for you because a blog needs to be read like movies need to be watched, like art needs to be admired, like music needs to be heard, like Sheylara needs a laptop!

Well, I do need a laptop (for blogging effectively on the go)!

So, even if you’re reading my blog because you hate me, I love you!

How weird is that?!

In the meantime, HAVE YOU VOTED TODAY? =D

31 thoughts on “Sheylara is in your face

  1. Avatar

    /start grumpy old man
    WTF? I voted, gave them my IC and contact number (you HAVE to ask WTF they want THOSE for – if I get spam calls I won’t be pleased) and all I get is a “Yay!”?????

    /end grumpy old man…

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    I voted for you today. Sorry I missed out on all the fun with Karen as I’ve been very busy lately preparing for a concert my band will be playing in KL on the 27th July. We’ll be opening for Ignite, an American Hardcore/Punk band. Come lah! Bring Goonfather with you. It will be fun. :)

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    Oh… by the way, I’ll be voting for you everyday (hopefully) until the award thingy ends. There is one condition though. If you win the laptop, you must give me half of it.

  4. Avatar

    modchip: Thanks! I’m happy to know that I can always count on you! ;)

    Goonmother: Er… I also want to know who you are! lol.

    JayWalk: Hahaha… no need pressure lah, siao! Anyway, thanks for the plug! Your post is sibeh funny! Hehe!

    krisandro: ;)

    Mandy: Thank you for the congratulations and the compliments! I just took a look at your blog. OMG the picture of that mango is making me super thirsty and super craving a sweet, juicy mango! I can freaking smell it!! I like your shop. Very interesting items!!

    Jesta: Hehehe. Aww, I’ll give you more than a Yay next time we meet. I’ll give you Sheylara in dresses and heels for a photoshoot! :P lol.

    yin: Thaaaaaaaaaank you!

    Al Sayf: Wow!! Nice gig you got! I wish I could go check it out! But that’s a really busy period for me and I won’t be able to go. :( Will you be performing in Singapore any time soon?

    Thanks for the votes, though I can’t promise you the laptop… what if all my voters also want half.. how do split, man? Hahahaha.

    Shire Li: Thanks!! :D

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I’m thanking everyone collectively!! Thanks a ton for your daily vote!! You’re the best! ;)

    Tianhong: Aww, hehe, thanks very much!

    Astatine: Thank you!!

    yongwei: Hahaa, do you have ADD? The voting process only takes less than a minute leh :P Oh well, but at least you had the intention even if you didn’t carry through. Appreciate that too! hehe!

    junkie: HI HI Did you enjoy your holiday?? :) Thanks in advance for all your voting! ;)

    starm|st: Hehehe… taking turns are we? I was “drungged” last night. Get well soon!

    HuiHuiakaTara: Hmm? Why wouldn’t it reach? All the same, THANK YOU!!!

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    laughs.. u take care too babe.. hmm, how’s elyxia? :)

    goonfather – yeah i was.. ahem. for 2 days. err. accidentally though. *give innocent victimised look*

  6. Avatar

    Jesta: But of course.

    Mince Pye: I don’t know. Maybe. Up to you, really.

    JayWalk: Glad you had fun! It was fun reading it! :)

    thiang: Yay yay! Thanks for the vote!

    Miss Loi: Haha… why don’t you come into the bar? *seduce*

    starm|st: Elyxia just bought Rock Band in Hong Kong. Haha. The last two times she came back to Singapore to visit, we let her play all weekend and she can’t live without it now. :P

    Hmm… that kinda thing also can accident one?? *ponder*

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