Xiaxue and Paris Hilton both want a new BFF

Reality TV is getting ridiculous. lol.

I mean, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire (2000) kinda amazed me.

[Tragic happiness]

I only watched one episode of it out of curiosity because I generally don’t have time to watch TV.

Predictably, the marriage resulting from the show didn’t work out. It’s kinda absurd, anyway, to think that one can find a soulmate through auditions.

While fans recovered from the disappointment of a failed match made in heaven (an oxymoron), no one thought to do another show like that.

Until Paris Hilton.

Three months ago, I don’t know whether it was her own idea or whether it was MTV’s idea, the announcment was made to find Paris Hilton a new BFF (best friends forever), yes, via reality TV!

[Poor little rich girl]

Three days ago, celebrity blogger Xiaxue decided that she also wants a new BFF, so she’s gone and done a Paris Hilton.

She’s even set out a questionnaire for hopefuls to fill in. Check it out. It’s kinda hilarious and I had half a mind to apply for the “job” myself because I thought answering the questions would be amusing.

Ok, maybe only a quarter of a mind. I’ve been auditioning for acting jobs all my life. I don’t want to have to audition for a best friend, too!

Not for Xiaxue, anyway.

Not that she’s not cool or anything. I mean, having her as a BFF would be quite entertaining at times.

But I don’t like going sun tanning and she doesn’t MMORPG, so we’d probably hate hanging out with each other.

Back to the subject of reality TV.

I think reality TV will always appeal to the voyeur and the curious in all of us. The more absurd an idea is, the more people will turn up to watch it.

But, seriously, how good a friend can you get from a bunch of people signing up to be your best friend only because they feel that they can get something out of it?

The show is an oxymoron.

If I were ever to hold a contest like that, I would be extremely wary of the people joining the contest, which defeats the purpose of the contest! Haha.

Can’t say I’m not jealous, though. I want a BFF too! But finding a BFF, I must say, is infinitely more challenging than finding a marriage partner.

I’ve been betrayed by females much more than I have by males. It’s just ridiculous.

I’m tempted to go into a spiel about human nature and loyalty and betrayal, but I need to rush off for drums practice now so I can’t write anymore.

Perhaps you can write it for me. lol. Catch ya later in the comments! ;)

9 thoughts on “Xiaxue and Paris Hilton both want a new BFF

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    BFF sounds too primary school to me but yeah. I totally agree with you.

    #1- I want a BFF too.
    #2- Finding a BFF is much much more challenging than finding a marriage partner.

    And my female friends tend to be less trustworthy. =(

    Someone once told me this:

    You’re the same person five years from now, except for the people you meet and the things you do.

    and considering a best friend is somebody who understands you and someone you’ll do the same things with, how am i to be sure we’ll meet the same kinda people and be interested in the same kind of things in say 5 years?

    maybe a little.

    But who can guarantee a term of ‘forever’?

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    I hate “reality” tv, well, except “Cops”. Firstly, there’s nothing “real” about it. It’s just as edited and managed as anything else and, secondly, I think that it appeals the lowest part of our psyche – we are expected to enjoy watching ordinary people humiliate themselves for our pleasure. The Romans at least treated their gladiators with some respect.

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    Waffle: Haha.. well, you can still do it. Since it seems to be the trendy thing now, people will be very entertained by it. :P

    elle: Yeah I know what you mean. I had BFFs when I was in primary school. We actually made promises to each other to be BFFs! lol, very primary school. But I’m not in contact with them anymore! *sob*

    Jesta: I think WWE is the father of all reality TV. But funny everyone calls it sports instead of reality TV. :P

    Shotgun: lol… thanks for your feedback! haha.

    Numby: Yes, a question to which there is no answer!!

    JayWalk: But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! lol.

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    I want a BFF too! But finding a BFF, I must say, is infinitely more challenging than finding a marriage partner.

    Oh wow. I guess I killed 2 birds with one stone. I married my best friend aka my wife. Me and her get along very well. She gets my sense of humour and I get hers. Okay, actually she’s not funny at all.

    So… *clears throat* is this the exit? *points to door on the left*

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