Why would anyone want to know what I’m busy with?

Incidentally, I was looking at my blog stats and saw this keyword search:

“busy these few days back soon”

This has got to be the weirdest google search, ever. What was this person trying to find? I can’t think of any logical reason.

Okay, don’t care. Back to me!

[Me and cat!]

After a stupendously busy week, another busy week comes.


Meeting with Microsoft to discuss an exciting new gaming campaign!

Drums practice. New revelation. I’ve never loved an instrument as much as I’m loving the drums. Practiced for three hours straight yesterday (playing the same song over and over and over) and still felt like I could go on, but then I had to rush off to attend a performance.

Rush home after drums to get dressed to attend Nokia Connection 2008. I have to wear a cocktail dress for that. Stress. (Hate wearing that kinda thing.)


Photoshoot for Short+Sweet publicity campaign. I think that’s gonna be fun!

Drums practice. It’s sad that I don’t have a drum set at home so I have to keep travelling to the studio to practise. It takes me an hour to get there and an hour to get home.


Communicasia 2008 bloggers event. So many launches this week!

Drums class. Yay!

Cathay and Sony launching their new digital movie system. Free movie screening. Yay.



Work on Gamer Girl Friday. Make videos (hopefully).


Looks miraculously free. But, as things have been working out the past months, I think this day is gonna fill up before mid-week.

I don’t have time for myself.

I hardly have time to blog.

No time to play games except on my NDSL when taking the MRT. Except these days I’m listening to music and practising drums in my head on the MRT.

Time’s up! Gotta scram!

Have a great week, people! =)

15 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to know what I’m busy with?

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    nadnut: Haha… he’s a funny cat. We took this photograph about six times, with the owner trying to make him smile with every shot, but he persisted in being grouchy. But I think it’s cute that way! lol.

    modchip: Thanks!

    aig: lol.

    junkie: OOH going to Greece? How lucky! Watcha doin there, work? Holiday?

    Minou: Grouchy kitty belongs to a theatre director friend.

    Jesta: You forgot what I do for a living, my dear. /whap

  2. Avatar

    Nicholas: Er… why is that?

    nadnut: Hehe… funny how many people like cats with attitude! I guess that’s one of their appeal?

    rn: Ooooooh tempting leh!!!! But I can’t buy a drumkit because I got no place to put at home! Plus I don’t live alone so, like, I’m gonna worry about the noise. No choice, have to practise at studio until I move out on my own (although that’s not in the plans yet). :(

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    Haha well. I think I’m the opposite. When I see great drumming, it only inspires me to want to be able to do that some day. Of course, I do feel intimidated, but I still want to do it! haha.

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    It’s good to know you’re very committed to drumming. I hope you keep playing and get a lot better someday. Not that I’m assuming you’re a terrible drummer right now but… *sighs* is this the exit? *points to door on the right*

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