This is what you get when you diss a blogger

People should know better than to diss bloggers in an era when nothing is private anymore.

I got this crap message in Facebook yesterday from some insolent jerk who’s full of himself. So, like, since we’re in the Internet age, I get to share the message with all my readers! How lucky for you!

How not lucky for this pompous jackass.

Here you go.

[wtf msg]

WTF… roflage.

I’m full of curiousity now as to which part of my Facebook profile suggests that I’m “poor, desperate and lonely”.

Well, alright, I’ll have to admit to being poor as a churchmouse. But it looks like the desperate and lonely one is you, you weirdo. Why else would you be spending all your time checking out random women’s profiles on Facebook?

And why should I even tell someone as rude as you anything?

Do I even care whether you think I’m interesting or not?? Yawn.

My profile pciture. How in the heck does it look like anything taken in a Glamour Shot studio?

This is my current Facebook profile picture:

[my profile]

Notice the dodgy background? You go find me a studio anywhere in the world that looks like that.


This nutcase seems to have a fetish for sweaty women working out. I wonder if he also spends his days voyeuring at the gym.

Eew, the very thought.

Maybe he meant to be ironic. Maybe he thinks he’s being really witty and clever and humorous and girls just dig that kind of talk, OMG!!! If that’s it, OMGOMGOMG he needs some serious help.

I don’t think he’s very smart at all.

Here’s his profile. Feel free to help him.

[random idiot]
(Click to enlarge)

Or not.


72 thoughts on “This is what you get when you diss a blogger

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    Don’t you know that the Singapore network is created by a bunch of idiots and more so of those that are under the admin and officers bunch?

    FOC – full of crap…and that’s y I do not see myself in the SG network at all…and am I glad I didn’t join…

    Take care of yourself…

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    brian: Haha… not just me. Also millions of other bloggers in the world. :P

    arzhou: Yah lah, anyone can see that right? The guy’s an idiot. :P

    Mince Pye: I dunno. Maybe it worked with some other poor, desperate and lonely woman. Good luck to them. lol.

    Racerboi: Actually, I didn’t know that. But anyway, they’re deleting the network pages, so no more crap in the future? :P

    DK: Hmm…. does it even sound like a pickup line? I dunno. Some people are just too weird for me to fathom!

    yongwei: Probably not, since he likes sweaty women who work out… :P

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    OMG it’s a frickin’ old uncle!?!?!

    I “kena” before too!!!

    I think he’s some kind of pervert paedophile sex maniac that just thought he is being “smooth” or whatever that he can score a cheap fuck or something

    I think you should reply something like this :

    “Yea, thanks for your compliments. I know that I’m so gorgeous that all my pics look like studio shots, so you don’t have to tell me.

    And by the way, I’m still not gonna fuck you so FUCK OFF!!!”

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    Lame, lame, lame…

    Solomon Yeow is gay. Time to launch photoshop. Let’s see what we can do with his profile pic. *evil thoughts* Lol.

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    That is just nasty, well then you should ask him, “Why don’t you go to the mall and snap some glamor shot and post it in your profile, cuz that just makes you look so FUGLY!!!” It’s like this girl, when you’re pretty, some people just can’t accept the fact. But it’s ok, keep feelin pretty aight?! This is my first time dropping by, hola! =)

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    You ought to send him a picture of the goon father.

    That should be enuff to put him in his place

    on a lighter note, i tink he needs a makeover lor

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    Makes “L” sign with thumb and finger. Places on forehead.


    He looks like one of the teachers in my school who I used to want to strangle.

  8. Avatar

    People just trying to get to know you… although not the best way to start a conversation.

    Why so like that…


  9. Avatar

    Someone ought to create a facebook app with “Weirdos that have tried to pick me up” or something.

    Then whenever someone dubious adds me, I’ll click the “Add to Weirdo List” button. And voila! My very own Facebook banlist. :D

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    Given a choice between Wisdom and Wealth, I’d choose Wisdom anytime. [Hence my choice of Solomon as my Christian name – not that it would make me any wiser, but at least it serves as a reminder that I should not be foolish enough to have more than one wife! (The historical Solomon supposedly had 700 wives & 3000 concubines.) It is wise not to fool around!]

    More appropriate that he called himself Solomon because it is a futile attempt to compensate for the absence of a brain. A REMINDER? Is he an obsessive compulsive womanizer trying to break the habit or something?

    After all, wealth can be taken away overnight.
    But to lose wisdom would require tremendous might. [Imagine having 3,700 spouses!]

    What’s with his obsession with the 3700 women that he will never ever have? Taking wisdom away from requires only ONE person to “succinct” strike on his head.

    Having been endowed with slim genes (I can hardly put on weight), plus a love for running that’s cultivated since adolescent, I seldom have to worry about my shape (although there are some who insist that they are in shape – because round is a shape!).

    Sorry, but I think I read “scrawny” from all this.

    Hope to get back into serious running soon, and planning to stay healthy and fit for another 50 years. [If you love running, you can try chasing me!]

    Yes, perhaps to land that “succinct” strike on his head.

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    When he says, “do you even work out”, I think he is indirectly saying that you’re some fat woman using some model’s photo and is not a fetish that he has.

    Just my two cents though ;)

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    well some guys think they are such smartypants and suave in a criminal shot. there are abundance of such idiots in facebook to have a good laugh at their “witty” remarks (x

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    Some people are that desperate, that lonely enough to air their opinions which no one gives a damn about. Best part is he’s trying to get fresh with you, inciting you to react to his insults. That’s about why he’s still single and still lonely and forever a loser.

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    *Shotgun beserks SolomonYeow with a glowing mithril dagger for 396 damage!*
    *SolomonYeow starts to bleed!*

  15. Avatar


    If he is trying to pick you or ANY women upfor that matter, he’s being an utter disgrace to the rest of the PUAs out there. kns….

    Negging a woman by calling her desperate and lonely = NO NO. I don’t even wanna start on that line of telling any lady she needs a workout. Pfft~

    Qiaoyun, nice counter! Hehehe…XD

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    he engrish is pretty crap. solomon for wisdom indeed.

    This is what’s sad about singapore (and malaysia) though – there are lots of fully grown men (ignoring scrawniness) with the mental and sexual maturity of pre-pubescent boys. or worse.

    On the other hand – ‘roflage’ – haha my word of the day!

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    Very odd, but you have to admit that it is at least an interesting diversion in chat-up lines. I mean you have all heard the “Can I buy you a drink” etc, now you get “You’re really ugly, desperate and lonely, so maybe you want to talk to me.”
    The fact that he’s really ugly, desperate and lonely may not factor into this…

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    It is a pickup line originated from States (or somewhere).

    Suppose to make him seem confident + humorous and make QY go all out to prove him wrong by responding in some way.

    I would say tat he juz lifted everything up and use it without applying to the context (or doing some homework…)

    But well, you must admit its… “effective”.
    He caught the attention of the people here. =p

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    Oh mine! That ah pek/old uncle sure does have lots of nerve! And gee, plus kinda ugly too! What is his problem? What makes him think that you’re desperate? The last, I know and checked, you’re one happy soul with one happy goodfather! Please, ah pek, get a grip of yourself! He must be the desperate one, lurking around and sending messages to people! Goodness!

  20. Avatar

    Cyren: Haha… did you kena from the same guy, or just from the same type of guy who think they’re smooth but are actually rude? Anyway, I won’t waste my time replying them. That’s what they want, so why give it to them?

    CeD: Haha, that’s a good one, and thanks for dropping by! Drop by again! ;)

    JF: Hmm, that’s possible. Hahaa. Then again, no point to engage him lor. I don’t want to have anything to do with him!!

    moby: Haha, oh dear. Yeah, we all remember teachers we dearly wanted to strangle!

    starm|st: Ack, I hope not. Well, I’m probably one of his 2 million targets so he’ll forget about me if I don’t reply him. Haha.

    Rachel: Yup! Not. :P

    yongwei: A little bit, lol. And evil picture! You guys really too free! Hehhe!

    modchip: OMG.. that’s pure evil! Haha. The Goonfather was laughing and laughing away when he saw what you did!

    piakpiak: Eew… I wouldn’t want to touch his nuts with a 20-foot pole! Haha.

    Agnes Tan: Haha, good for him. :P Maybe some girls will really dig him and message him!

    Suki: I really don’t have respect for people who try to get to know people by insulting them, so that’s why like that. :P

    omie: OMG if you do that it’s gonna spread! lol.

    Maria: That’s a freaking good idea, man!!!! I like!

    Shu Yen: Nice analysis! I actually never read his profile description in detail, but your comments made me laugh!

    Kaylee: Yup, I’m an actress and have been on TV and movies before. Well, you can check out my Acting Journal for stuff that I’ve done! :)

    K@*: Yeah, yeah, too many trying to be clever messages within messages lol.

    Jawker: Yeah, I know, I was just using his own words against him. Haha! When people insult you, that’s what you gotta do! :P

    bellrarie: Honestly, that’s the first time I encountered anyone like that. So far, all the weirdos I meet in Facebook are those either silent ones who just add you silently, or they drop a hasty line “hi wanna b fren?”. lol.

    mavis: I’m just ignore his message lor. I mean, after posting it up here. :P

    JayWalk: LOL. He needs some lessons from you, eh?

    Steffi: WAHAHAHAHAHAH! I swear, you guys have the best ideas! :P That’s a really good one!

    kucing robot jantan: Haha.

    Farik Osman: Are you calling me a “cheap shot” or are you referring to the subject of my blog? It’s a bit vague, you know.

    Justin: Well, no biggie for me. Just post about it and forget about it. :P

    Ruok: What is a PUA manual??

    Chong: Yeah, you’re probably right!

    Shotgun: Hahaha… nice one!

    Stan: Again, what’s a PUA??? lol. Sounds scary!

    junkie: Thanks! Glad you like my word! ;)

    nocturne: Haha. Thanks, man. But I’m not mean leh. I only retaliate. :P

    Ashtar83: Hehee… don’t dirty your foot!

    Jesta: Interesting diversion? lol, you’re really too kind to him!

    K: Really? You mean this is actually a documented pickup technique? Interesting. Got any links where I can read about it?

    Monster: Haha, that’s why. Most ridiculous message I’ve received, ever. Which is why I featured it!

    The Goonfather: Haiya, don’t be racist!

  21. Avatar

    Shotgun: milthril dagger expensive. use an ice cream stick. its blunt and he will take a longer time to bleed to death on the splinters too.

  22. Avatar

    Are u SURE u want me to link it here?

    Wrong teaching materials leh.
    Next time your jie-mei-s come complaining cos the guys start picking things up here. =p

  23. Avatar

    K: Nothing that she can’t quickly google anyway. Or.. ARE TRYING TO KEEP THESE “MATERIALS” TO YOURSELF SO YOU CAN USE THEM?

    Just look for David DeAngelo, The Mystery Method etc etc. There are many, many more of the same stuff which seeks to play on women’s insecurities so you can fuck them.

    I don’t mind sharing though, because in my experience the girls worth fucking are the ones worth keeping, and these methods don’t work on the girls who I like (intelligent, very confident & don’t really hang out in clubs surreptiously advertising themselves to be picked up, and not stupid enough to risk STDs).

  24. Avatar

    aw: True true. But since u already gave the name of the guy, i might has well give the link. :p
    Notice the direct cut+paste.

    Haha, sometimes, i wish i had the heck-care-attitude to try the “materials” out. (Nope, not to the extend u proposed :p)

    But then again, i really have my doubts about how applicable such methods are in SG.

    And i agree with u, such tactics seems more suitable for picking up “gals who dun love themselves enough” (best term i can think of at the moment)

  25. Avatar

    Jo Qiaoyun,

    A PUA is just a shor form for : Pick-Up Artist. Of which in this case: Fail! :D

    There’s plenty more of where that came from. Try: The Game by Neil Strauss. I bet The Goonfather will take to it immediately. But be aware, it can jolly well be a 2-way sword. Ahehehehe~~

  26. Avatar

    wow lame. his name lagi lame. his face super lame. like this dare to say ppl’s pic not real one.

    his one sure real lar. no amateur internet voyuer so geng know how to photoshop themselves ugly mar


  27. Avatar

    hahaha…the guys gets famous overnight… wow, such an accomplishment.. NOT… anyways, just avoid these type of people, too much time on their hands… :p

  28. Avatar

    K: Haha… I believe in learning and gaining knowledge, so yes. And I’m sure my jie meis are smart enough to deal with desperados who use unorthodox techniques to pick them up.

    aw: Hahaha. Thanks for the keywords! Well, I didn’t quite know what keywords to google since I wasn’t even entirely sure what K was talking about. :P So thanks! This is very educational. I really didn’t know such things exist!!!

    kucing robot jantan: I try to. I really enjoy interacting with my readers. The exchange of ideas and opinions is always fun! But it does take a lot of time so sometimes I can’t reply all comments, unfortunately.

    Stan: Ok, thanks! I learn a new abbreviation today. Haha. Kinda scary to find out that men actually have all these “guides” they’re following to pick up girls! So is anyone even genuine these days? omg.

    naeboo: hahahaha. love you, babe. always can count on you for the evil comments! ;)

    aig / elle: Well, I hope he’s enjoying his newfound fame. lol.

    David: Why would I? I have my Goonfather!

  29. Avatar

    David: You obviously dont know QY well nor read her blog alot. Maybe you are even Solomon “The Wise” Yeow in disguise. Even if QY is 60(if she ever gets there), she will still be the same hot, smart, cute chick we all love.

  30. Avatar

    Solomon Yeow. What a douchebag asshole! I loathe people who have nothing better to do than to randomly offend people on facebook. Shame on him.

  31. Avatar

    hey sheylara. i gave him a pretty bad scolding and told him to stop bothering you. let’s see what happens. anything more i’ll be willing to call the police for you. ;D

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