The Goonfather’s prank

The Goonfather played a prank on me earlier when I was showering. He turned off the bathroom lights.

Since it’s the middle of the night, the bathroom turned pitch dark. I hollered at him and he turned it back on after two seconds.

When I came out of the bathroom, I jumped on him and yelled into his ear, “Chao ah beng! You turn off my light!!!”

Wearing an innocent face, he looked straight at me with big, wet puppy eyes and said, “Never. That was a solar eclipse.”

14 thoughts on “The Goonfather’s prank

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    GGF coming lah. Hold your horses! ;)

    Er… someone please explain to modchip what is chao ah beng. I’m busy finishing GGF so I can post it asap. :P

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    Chao = smelly
    ah beng = punk, gangster, hooligan, or even someone with little dress sense.

    in the post, its almost equivalent to calling the goonfather…
    “stupid punk”

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