The cat that fell 10 storeys

At a cast party last night, an actress was telling us how her cat had fallen off her second-floor balcony, broken its limbs and cost her $2,500 in surgical fees.

Then, another actor piped in and told us how his friend’s cat once fell 10 storeys and didn’t even get so much as a scratch.

This friend became really proud of his supercat and started going around bragging about how his cat survived the amazing drop.

One day, he invited his friends over to watch Supercat in action.

With everyone crowded in his 10th floor balcony, this crazy person threw his cat off the balcony.

The cat died.

Everyone was stunned and the owner cried.

Well, just thought you guys might appreciate a morbid tale to start your week off.

Have a great one.

35 thoughts on “The cat that fell 10 storeys

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    argh! i typed a whole bunch of facts but it didn’t post. WAE@!O#K!@#OK!@

    now it’s lost!!!

    anyway i read about this before! if a cat falls off by mistake, it has some time to react to the fall and prepare for the landing impact.

    remember how people say a cat always lands on its legs? it’s true. they naturally will turn over and prepare to land on their legs, hence your friend’s cat broke all its limbs but survived.

    if a cat jumps off on it’s own, it would already have prepared and braced itself for the impact and would be perfectly fine.

    if however someone tossed it off a ledge, it will die even from the 4th or 5th floor as it would not be able to react and land on its feet.

    i can imagine the splatter that was made when “supercat” met the pavement.

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    My first cat fell from the 4th floor accidentally.

    Didn’t die but broke it’s spine. Doc said even if he were to live, he would be paralyzed and in pain for teh rest of his life.

    Hard decision to make, but we let him go peacefully via euthanasia.

    ..Life still goes on though… oh well.

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    Who is this person? Gimme his name, I’m calling the SPCA, I’m not kidding.

    How stupidly cruel can a person be????

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    It’s the friend of the actor, not the actor himself. The owner cried after that, knowing he made a stupid mistake. Why get so worked up over it. This not STOMP leh. Only STOMPERS would go around reporting others to authorities. There are many stupid people in SG, we just have to leave with it. If we are to rid stupidity in SG, population will be less than 1 million.

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    how come the friend so bloody stupid with no common sense? and in a party No one stopped him? everyone present just assume that there is really a cat who can jump off 10 stories and live????

    poor cat, to be murdered by the one it trusted most.

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    This is so sad. Bragging….that’s where bragging gets a person to. And what sort of ego would bring a person to do that? Imagine if that person had a son who managed to survive a car hitting him without a scratch. So will he invite his friends over to his car park and ask them to watch well he tries to run his son down without a scratch?

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    GF: That’s the reason why there’s stomp in the first place. All talk no action. Stompers and for the most part alot of us, are too lazy or wussy to act on what they think is wrong or believe in, so they either make some noise, post a pic, vent, then let someone else deal with it. If everything is someone else’s problem, we might as well put up fences around our houses and get attack dogs. Its easy to say that it’s someone else’s problem as long as it doesnt effect me.

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    Chong: No leh. I think STOMP got a lot of sabo-kias. Recent issue abt PSP10000 trying to sabo a HDB dweller with a Husky.

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    GF: woah. that happens. some pple dont like barking dogs so they complain complain complain. they dont realise their mahjong playing, baby crying, loud sex moans etc are just as annoying.

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    unfortunately, his cat paid for his Darwin award mistake.

    fortunately for him though. Darwin award winners usually end up being removed from the gene pool.

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    The cat will have a better life in the next life. Mabbe becoming a cat owner. And the owner may become a cat in the next life, possibly the pet of his past life pet cat. Will he be the experiment of whether a cat can sustain a 10 stoery drop?


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    I know (and I do feel) it was a horrifyingly cruel and stupid act, but was it weird that when I read it I found it funny?

    Must be the writing.

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    huh.. wtf.. stupid owner.. if he love the cat, how can he even bear to do this in the first place..

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