The babe collectors won’t stop

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In other news, I think I’d better stop blogging about Facebook pervs. It seems to be getting me even more friend requests than ever.

These people do like to torment me so. I just got this one whose friends list is scary. He’s got almost 700 friends and half of them are bikini-clad, cleavage-revealing babes. Yikes.

[can we be fren?]

I have a theory that most of these girls are actually men who created sexy female profiles just for kicks and pepper their profiles with photos of unknown but cute Japanese AV stars to lure babe collectors for fun.

Why else would they allow themselves to be collected by pervs?

One day, someone is gonna make a profession and make money out of babe collecting.

To quote Cowboy Caleb, there is no hope for the human race.

14 thoughts on “The babe collectors won’t stop

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    I better think twice before I send a request to add me in your facebook account. Haha..

    I wonder does putting your profile as private helps. I’m a noob when it comes to social media.

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    …and then there are those serial befrienders on facebook that indiscriminately call any Tom, Dick and Harry, Jill, Jane and Jennifer as their friends. Gonna have to do some housekeeping soon, I guess.

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    I’m just confused what these guys gonna do to these so-called babe “friends”. You actually don’t even know if they are the ones on the profile picture… for all we know those are just guys/fat chicks pretending to be hot chicks.

    On the otherhand… We want GGF! We want GGF!

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    LOL, are they even “real”? To me, Facebook is rather personal as it contains quite a lot of personal details and pictures…gotta be careful whom we authorize!

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    I don’t really understand why people open so many accounts of sites that all seem the same; facebook, myspace, friendster, etc. Like I know this one girl who opened an account on Multiply and she has only 1 friend there. ?!!

    Wait. Who’s site am I at now? Okay. I think I’m in trouble. :|

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    If you ask me, facebook is just a toy site that really serve no real purpose.

    Which is why, I don’t put my real name nor any personal data.

    Facebook peeps probably harvest these data and sell to third party.


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    motd: I dunno if putting profile as private will help. These babe collectors are collecting profile pictures, not profiles. So I guess what would help might be to change my profile picture. :P

    Shu Yen: Well, serial befrienders aren’t that bad. They just want to look popular, I guess.

    Tim: Hmm, so I guess that doesn’t happen. But then you never know lah. Some guys are weird and have too much time on their hands. :P

    modchip: Haha… I also want to know what babe collectors do with their collections!

    Steffi: Facebook is as personal as you want it to be! Actually, in this millenium, I think nothing is personal anymore.

    Al Sayf: *strangle* :P

    JayWalk: I think Facebook has been quite useful to me so far. I got found by many long-lost friends, which is always nice! :P

    shin: Hmm… that’s possible. Haha.

    Jesta: I guess Japanese AV stars won’t mind people collecting them. Haha.

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    motd: Yeah, that will also scare away potential employers lor. /bish :P

    JayWalk: Apparently there are… I just haven’t met them! Why don’t you put up a profile pic of yourself half naked and glistening with sweat at the gym, or something like that, and see if you start getting tons of requests from girls? :P

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    Ha ha! Yeah they are irritating, i don’t understand why men are like that, which is bad since i’m a boy, XD but anyways, look on the bright side! Guys think you are pretty that’s why they add you! XD cheer up ok?

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