Take a peek under my bed

I live with the weirdest person in the world.

He likes to build strange contraptions.

Last year, he bought a Logitec G25 racing wheel to play his PS3 racing games.

He was inspired to build his own racing station to enhance his gaming experience, so, using toilet pipes and Ikea wood planks, he spent a few weekends making this:

He was going to paint it all black and make it look really cool and even add cupholders and such.

But before he could start polishing up his prototype, he got tired of his racing games and sold his wheel and abandoned the project.

A few months later, he used part of his abandoned gaming station to build a makeshift mic stand for Rock Band.

Right now, all these toilet pipes and wood planks are probably buried in some dumpster in Singapore because we didn’t want to take too much rubbish with us when we moved house.

At our new place, he decided to turn our bed into an electrical hub, despite feng shui warnings that electrical currents disrupt sleep.

So, now, under my bed, together with towels, are endless cables providing power to our home entertainment system (TV, amp, gaming consoles, etc, all of which are housed in the cabinet built at the foot of the bed).

Under his side of the bed, together with our bedding, are more cables and nonsense connecting out to the main power socket.

A week later, he complained that the bed is too damned warm at night (even in an air-conditioned room).

So now he’s shopping for a thicker mattress that has more ventilation or insulation or whatever and has set his sights on this $5,000 Sealy mattress.

The mattress is very very comfortable. But, like, I could go to Japan on a holiday and buy lots of cool, kawaii stuff with $5,000.

I live with the weirdest person in the world. Call him the Goonfather.

16 thoughts on “Take a peek under my bed

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    wow, $5,000 for a mattress…. darn expensive!! a bunch of good things can be bought with that amount…

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    Back in the old days, I tried to play Street Fighter EX with a dance pad (DDR)… I can barely pull off a hadouken using Ken… Hahaha. :D

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    I love the Goonfather’s ideas. He is the one that keep you sane. He should keep building his stuff, and spending his money on cool gear (mainly so that YOU don’t get a chance to buy any more “cute” things).

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    Seems Goonfather is a genius! Great minds always build things. Building a driving console and a mic stand just goes to show that the G-man has a hugely creative mind and able to solve problems creatively.
    You go G Man!

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    Your goonfather is hilarious! But well, at least he can make stuff. My cow at home…..can’t even put an ikea shelf together!

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    goonfather’s a genius! the racing gaming station’s quite a work of art. any chance he’s selling that or the g25 wheel?

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