Singaporeans and their ridiculous complaints

I was at Watson’s the other day buying a whole heap of stuff.

As the cashier was scanning my purchases, she noticed a small tin of grape pastilles among them.

She held it up and said, “This one is $4.95, okay?”

I stared at her quizzically before saying, “Yes, I know.”

Then she continued scanning.

I was puzzled. Why did she have to say that? The price was listed on the shelf.

I said, “Why? Have people complained about the price before?”

She replied, “Ya, got customers buy this sweet and complain it’s too expensive. Then they reject it.”

WTF lah, people. It’s only five freaking bucks. Sure, it’s kind of expensive for a small tin of sweets but you don’t open your eyes and look at price tags, then you make a joke of yourself by announcing to the whole world that you can’t afford five bucks for some sweets.


I’ll bet this person doesn’t blink when shelling out $2,000 for an LV bag.

Maybe if the sweets came in an LV tin, he or she will pay $200 for it. Haha.

Crazy people.


UPDATE (9:15 pm):

Seems like people are misunderstanding what I mean!

I’m not complaining about the cashier. I’m commenting on the people who complain about the sweets being too expensive! LOL.

The cashier is fine. She was only doing her job and I had a nice conversation with her about lame Singaporeans who complain too much.

13 thoughts on “Singaporeans and their ridiculous complaints

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    The cashier is just covering her bases.

    It doesn’t take much effort to reconfirm the price with you but it sure should save a potential load of hassle if she has the unfortunate luck of running into yet another nitpicking customer.

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    Guys, please read my update in the post.

    I wasn’t unhappy with the cashier or anything. She didn’t do anything wrong!

    The “culprit” is the person who complained about the cost of the sweets in the first place! I’m just amazed that anyone would do such a thing, y’know?

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    Yah, a few times such things happened to me. I saw the price wrongly and when I find out the actual price is much more than the price I saw…. in order to “save face”, I end up buying the item and feeling lousy about myself later :(

    I think the problem isn’t with buying $5 tin can of sweets, but we value things differently. I.E. $5 for tin can of XYZ sweets versus $5 for tin can of branded sweets… if you get my gist ^^

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    hahas. you just complained that Singaporeans complained too much. :P Oh no now I sound like I’m complaining that you’re complaining about Singaporeans complaining. argh. I think if anyone would start some stop complaining campaign, sure kena complain one. :p

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    Recent information from a friend of mine indicates that LV bags run around the $2500 mark. Something that I hope that cashier checks when the buyer wanders up…

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    Guys, please read my update in the post.

    I wasn’t unhappy with the cashier or anything. She didn’t do anything wrong!

    What lah the cashier?! Why she so like dat?! >(

    The Goonfather: I think she put in your food lah. Cannot see but the food somehow taste sweeter.

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