Poor balding bird

I was having tea with Ely one leisurely afternoon when she suddenly pointed behind me and exclaimed in shock, “OYO!!”

I don’t know what kind of an exclamation that was. It was part fear, part amazement, part apocalyptic.

It gave me a scare.

I thought maybe someone was creeping up behind me to try to sell me a gym membership (gym membership salesmen being the new insurance agents) because I look like I really need to go to the gym.

I turned around and followed Ely’s finger. There was something creeping behind me, alright.

I released a more universally understood exclamation.

“OMG!” I exclaimed.

For the next 10 seconds, both of us gaped in astonishment as this little guy walked past our table.

[Hey, handsome]

“Poor thing!!!” cried Ely in sympathy.

It was a balding bird.

“So cute!!” I gushed.

The little bird strolled past nonchalantly, enjoying the afternoon sun.

[Hey, handsome]

He looks cute to me but I wonder if he gets shunned in avian country.

[Hey, handsome]

When I was writing this post, the Goonfather saw the picture on my screen and exclaimed, “Hey! Where did you get a chicken?”

“It’s not a chicken lah!” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“It IS a chicken!” he insisted. “It has bird flu.”

“It a mynah!” I said.

“It looks like it’s trying to be a vulture,” the Goonfather shared.

[Hey, handsome]

I tried to take a video of it but the little guy didn’t like it and kept running off and hiding behind chair and table legs so I only managed to get a clear shot of it for like three seconds in the beginning.

I guess I wouldn’t like it either if some strange girl who looks like she needs a gym membership were to start following me around with a video camera.

14 thoughts on “Poor balding bird

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    mmm maybe it was born like that? Some breed? or some.. well abnormality? there are always exception ba. Anyway it’s much cooler. Nowadays weather very hot.

  2. Avatar

    ahaha!!! so funny, you even tried to take a video of it!

    I’ve seen some around. Thought it was perhaps hair loss from fighting but this extent of hair loss very exaggerated leh. Maybe it’s some disease.

    Or maybe a vulture mated with a mynah.

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