Omy! I’m in the S’pore Blog Awards!

In the words of the now legendary Borat, “Very nice!”

(Incidentally, I found this quote online:

I’ve decided I’m absolutely sick of Borat quotes. If I hear another “High-Five!” or “Very nice,” someone is going to die.

I hope the owner of this quote doesn’t read my blog or I might die!)


So, like, I’m a finalist in the Most Entertaining Blog category of the Omy S’pore Blog Awards.

[S'pore Blog Awards]

The site navigation is a little confusing but just follow these simple steps!

Help me win this award!

  1. Click here to vote!
  2. Click on the “Vote Now” button!


  3. Enter your e-mail and choose a password on the spot.
  4. Fill in the rest of the forms and click on my picture to vote!
  5. Do this once a day to help increase my votes!


To sweeten the deal, here’s an incentive!

All voters stand a chance to win cool holiday prizes!


Click here to learn more.

I’m currently in the Top 3 position but I need your help to stay there!

[Vote for me!]

That’s me in the bottom right corner. I wish they wouldn’t use that picture, though. It’s a little outdated!

Maybe this one?


I took this picture two days ago, so it’s very, very new! Hehe!


Now, with this nomination, I feel obliged to make my blog even more entertaining in order to live up to expectations.

Not that it’s a bad thing. It has been my goal since Day 1 to entertain people. Being selected as a finalist in this blog awards validates all my efforts so far and I’m very thankful to the organisers for picking me!

Very nice!

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading my blog, please vote for me!

And help me blog about it to spread the word if you can!

Thank you, and see you in the next post! ;)

38 thoughts on “Omy! I’m in the S’pore Blog Awards!

  1. Avatar

    alamak… in ur screencap, i was wearing a crown… how come now no more!!!

    What have my supporters been doing?!?!!

    I need to post pics of myself too!

  2. Avatar

    Vote liao.

    Don’t say I no friend enough hor, I plug you on my blog lah.

    p.s. I think you should ask CowBoy to plug you also. Confirm win one.

  3. Avatar

    Why kena


  4. Avatar

    I.Z. Reloaded: Haha… good luck!! ;)

    Wang Wang: Thanks dearie!! Heart you muchie!!!

    DK: Congrats to you to, dear DK!! ;) All the best to you!

    Jacelyn: Thanks, dear! You’re really nice! Great to have met you!

    nadnut: Thank you, babe! And thanks for the “lesson”!! Hehe!

    vinyarb: Hahaha… go get your crown back! All the best! :P

    dead_cockroach: So I should thank karen? Hehe. Actually I already did in my last post about that issue! lol.

    Kerr: Thanks thanks! Appreciate your apperance in my blog and the continuous voting! heheh!

    abraxis: Woot! Thank you for the support!!

    Shelly: Thanks, dearie!! I hope you’ve been doing well! Really sad I couldn’t go to Josh’s party. I hope I get to meet him soon!

    JayWalk: You’re the best big brother friend I have!! Thanks! ;)

    modchip: I don’t know if you’ll be able to vote being non-Singaporean, but I appreciate the support even if you can’t vote!

    Jesta: Aww, thanks. That’s really sweet of you to say :)

    arzhou: Thanks, pal! Really happy to have your vote!

    Minou: Yay!! *hugs hugs hugs*

    Shire Li: Thank you to the power of one million! lol!

    JF: Great plug, thanks! I like the picture you chose to use of me. ;)

    oOFooi: Haha… nice cute name you have. Thanks for your vote and support!

    Anlooo: Awesome!! Hope to meet you someday! ;) I told the Goonfather I want to put you in my videos! Hahaha.

    Wang Wang: Um… I don’t know. So are you able to vote?

    howshouse: Thank you for your well wishes! I hope I get your vote, too! ;)

    aig: Thanks, my friend!

    Jesta: lol… sorry for the spam!

  5. Avatar

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to vote being non-Singaporean, but I appreciate the support even if you can’t vote!

    I can actually vote! ;D

  6. Avatar

    modchip: Wow, that’s amazing. Cool, I suppose! Thanks for trying! :)

    Bibi da Birgin: OMG da birgin is in da house!!! Thanks for ya vote!! Woohoo!

  7. Avatar

    But can only vote once a day, I wonder how the others can vote multiple times a day… I read somewhere.. :(

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