My secret infatuation

Argh, okay, I suppose it won’t be a secret anymore after I blog about it. Damn, bloggers have got no privacy at all!

So, I am now secretly infatuated with drummers. *blush* Well, alright, it’s only secret to people who don’t read my blog. But I don’t think any drummers read my blog so my secret is safe.

Yes, I’m infatuated with all of them! Um, okay, maybe particularly the good looking ones. A girl has to be discerning where she directs her infatuations.

It all started eons ago when I watched a Metallica tour video and noticed Lars Ulrich, who is not really good looking but his drumming more than makes up for it — he’s like the god of drummers.

[Lars god of drummers Ulrich]

Even now, after so many years of listening to Metallica, my heart still skips beats listening to him play.

So I’ve always sub-consciously enjoyed good drum grooves but never thought to take lessons myself until recently when I got influenced by Rock Band, which I know is a freaking lame reason to pick up any musical instrument, but that’s how it goes, so I am suddenly paying more attention to drummers. (I used to only have eyes for Lars.)

I saw this band on Monday night at Nokia Connection 2008 (an event which I will blog about another day because there’s so much info and photos to sort through)!

[They had so much fun]

After a cursory photo of the whole band, I zoomed in on the drummer, whose name is Edmund.

[He had so much fun]

He is so cool!

He’s using black Vic Firth signature drumsticks, how cool is that??!??! It is so cool!

[The audience had so much fun]

His drumming posture (I dunno what else to call it) is so cool. I mean, seriously, I have no other word than cool. Cool says it all, I’m sorry.

Edmund’s like the best-looking member of the band, so like I took a video! Heehee!

The Goonfather is going to kill me, of course, but… don’t care lah. If he can have his infatuations on cute Korean girls and Angelina Jolie, I can have my infatuations on drummers! Hehe!

Oh, video!

I didn’t catch him at his best moments but I was really quite busy at the event and this was the only moment I was available to stand there and watch.

The best part of it is that he’s entirely self-taught! I don’t know how these people do it!!!! How can anyone teach themselves to play like that?

I’m not in any position to critique drumming, so I shan’t comment on his skill. But I think he looks good and sounds good on stage, so it’s all good!

Apparently, all members of the band PeepShow are self-taught! Can you beat that? I am totally flummoxed. (I JUST FELT LIKE USING THAT WORD!)

Go check out PeepShow’s profile and blog and support the band because it’s cool to support local acts and these boys are actually pretty good (great music and great showmanship)!

[Hiding from the meepits]

They won some band contest in 2005 and have just released their first EP, which got good reviews in TODAY and Time Out. You can buy their album at HMV!

Best of all, they’re all so friendly and down-to-earth!

Yes yes yes… I spoke to them later that night (well, particularly Edmund, because he approached me because he saw me unabashedly taking videos of him). AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH THEM.

(I did have a photo with a couple of Nokia models, of which there were TONS that night. Look forward to seeing them in my next blog entry about the event!)

[Smiley people]

(I feel so short and dowdy sandwiched between them. And I’ve got that silly Nokia lanyard name tag which guests had to wear. I mean, it’s a nice lanyard, but it doesn’t quite go with my dress that night.)

So I forgot to take a photo with the band, bummer. (I think I had six too many martinis. There was a really mean martini bar at the event.)

No I’m not turning into a groupie. It just sounds that way. I’m not, really.

I’m just infatuated with drums! And drummers.

Maybe if I ever get as good as them (I mean the pros), I’ll stop being infatuated. Right now, they’re all amazing to me.

Until then, though, it’s costing me an arm and a leg to get there. Make that two arms and two legs. $50 a week for lessons + $50 a week to practise at the studio ($5.50 an hour).

That comes up to more than $400 a month!! I don’t even make that amount of money some months (told you I’m poor)!!

I think I’m going crazy. =(

43 thoughts on “My secret infatuation

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    Daryl Tay: Sure, if you enjoy seeing me that way. :P

    Daphne Maia: HE IS MEAN YES!!! :P We must all gang up on him at the next SMB (or next whatever event/gathering)!!!

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    But I don’t think any drummers read my blog so…

    Hey, that’s not entirely true. :D

    Anyways, great to know you like Metallica, one of my favorites too! And I agree, Lars is one of the best I’ve seen, together with the drummers of DT and Pantera. :D

    …entirely self-taught! I don’t know how these people do it!!!! How can anyone teach themselves to play like that?

    Hmmm… I guess anybody can learn with a lot of practice, dedication, and guidance (of course, it is advantageous if you own the instrument) – but of course you already know that. Just keep that up and your on your way to drumming nirvana… hehehehe. :)

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    I was poking around google, found this top 100 list…

    1. Neil Peart (Rush)
    2. John Bonham* (Led Zeppelin)
    3. Carl Palmer (ELP)

    10. Earl Palmer (Session man)
    11. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) <– Hehe, DT in no. 11. :)

    24. Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)

    27. Steve Smith (Journey)
    Where’s Lars?
    39. Jimmy Chamberlain (Smashing Pumpkins)
    40. Vinnie Paul (Pantera)
    41. Kenny Aronoff (Session man)

    65. Lars Ulrich (Metallica) <– There he is, no. 65 only? :(
    66. Jerry Allison (Crickets)

    99. Travis Barker (Blink 182)
    100. Ralph Salmins (Session man)

    .: Source :.

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    And so the secret to Sheylara’s heart is… (drum-roll) a DRUM-ROLL!
    *rushes out to buy drumsticks*

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    a lot of drummers are self-taught. but to perfect their techniques, they go for classes. sometimes the classes break down everything that they ever learnt by themselves before and it gets pretty tough to be re-educated.

    a lot of my friends and even my drummers, learnt their instruments online, books or from other people (those not yamaha-qualified ones. hehe).


    good luck with the drumming! i can hardly coordinate snare, hi-hat and base pedal.

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    Yes, I’m infatuated with all of them!

    *gets excited, stands up and raises hand*

    Um, okay, maybe particularly the good looking ones.

    *lowers hand and sits back down*

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    But I don’t think any drummers read my blog so my secret is safe.

    You’re wrong. I’m a drummer. I think I’m quite okay… not extremely good but good enough to keep a good groove. Anyway, quite a number of drummers are self-taught actually. I myself am self-taught. If one day you really can’t afford lessons but still have the desires to learn drumming, just send me a message and I’ll be glad to give you some pointers. The best way to learn is from watching others play, you know. After that, it’s just a lot of practice, practice and more practice.

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    so will you have a crush on me? i used to be a drummer [can’t imagine, right!]. ;)
    i tend to watch the drummer in bands too, cos they’re cool, and the ‘backbone’ of the band, and ‘repeat previous statement on being a drummer’.
    that aside, hv u ever watched rock band supernova? i saw this episode where one of the judges went up on stage and drummed spontaneously to the song that the contestant was singing. cool to the max!

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    ^ I told you drummers read your blog! :D Hey, are you talking about Tommy Lee of Motley Crue? I think I saw that too! :D

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    ktula : He is good but OMG!!! ROFL ! Is he high on crack or wat? Super LOL!!!!!! I especially laugh my heads off at the final few moments!!!!!!

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    I miss our rockband session! When when?!?!?! ^_^

    I waiting 1 day u and minmin will play metallica expert mode!

    Look at this :

    And Justice For All (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Star)

    Run To The Hills (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Star)

    Blackened (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 Stars)

    Blackened soooooo hard!!! I mati very fast hahahaha

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    hey you’re not crazy!

    my art director influenced me with his craze with drumming as he is a drummer himself.

    i suggest you take a listen/look at Dave Grohl, the Foofighters lead man, who was a drummer for Nirvana and sometimes guest drum for other bands.

    its great that you’re taking lessons. i dont have much moolah, so i’ll stick to air drums. :D

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    Hun Boon: Wow! I didn’t know you were into drumming too. Coooooolness!! :) The drum circle sounds really interesting. I might check it out some time when I’m more free! :)

    modchip: Heh, I know what you mean. But I just feel that drums are so much more complicated than other instruments. I think it’s possible to pick up basic grooves just by experimenting, but I don’t think I will ever be able to play like a pro without instruction. Just seeing pros play make me feel dizzy and I get the feeling that I can never do the same, even with instruction, lol.

    I know Lars isn’t the greatest drummer on earth, technically, but I really like his grooves and rhythm. They speak to me! Haha. I guess I should start watching other drummers too, though!

    Haha.. Travis Barker on #99. I have his drumsticks! lol.

    JayWalk: Yeah, I’ve heard of the Def Leppard drummer having one arm but never actually seen him at work. Cool video! I feel kinda sad watching it though.

    Jesta: Nice pun, haha. Yes, I will totally fall in love with you if you can play like Lars! Or close, anyway.

    yin: Ok. I guess. I have the deepest admiration for self-taught drummers! So, do you play the guitar or what?

    Sham: Heehee! Yes!

    Al Sayf: lolol you’re funny! Well, to be honest, looks aren’t really all that important. I just wanted to sound bimboish. Haha. ;) Thanks much for your offer! I might just take it up someday! So do you have a band or a regular group you jam with? Do you play gigs?

    starm|st: I will have a crush on you any day, babe, even if you don’t drum! *wink* *hugs* I want to see you play drums now!!! Quick, put time put place! Hee!

    No I haven’t seen rock band supernova. That’s pretty cool, I wish I could have seen that! Wonder if it’s on YouTube?

    ktula: Wahahaha. He is damn funny, this Korean drummer. Have to admit he’s got a damn unique style. Love the headbanging especially. lol!

    junkie: lol. What do you mean not modern kind? What’s a not modern drummer? BTW fantastic video! I love Mr Bean! And this is really one freaking happening vid! Love it! Going into my favourites!

    Nicholas: No idea who that is. lol.

    ahtiong73: When? What band does he play with?

    Wang Wang: OMG you guys are giving me a million vids to watch. haha. But that’s a nice one! The number of drums that guy has is amazing! Anyway, we’re definitely playing Rock Band next weekend cos Ely is back in Singapore!!! Keep next weekend free! ;) How about this weekend also? I think I can spare Sunday! I miss Rock Band… haven’t played it since Ely left SG! *sob*

    The Goonfather: Cannot! Starm|st is all mine! Wahahaha. Um… you can have… um, modchip? lolol. I’m pimping my partner to my blog reader. :P

  14. Avatar

    malique: Heh, that’s nice. I’m very happy to know that so many people I know actually like drums too! :) We have Foofighters and Nirvana songs in Rock Band (the game), hehe. ;) I love the songs!

    elle: Nah, the Goonfather isn’t. He’s a sweetie! hehe! :)

  15. Avatar

    Al Sayf: lolol you’re funny! Well, to be honest, looks aren’t really all that important. I just wanted to sound bimboish. Haha. ;) Thanks much for your offer! I might just take it up someday! So do you have a band or a regular group you jam with? Do you play gigs?

    No problem about the offer. I hope you know I wasn’t kidding… the teaching bit, that is. Yes, I do have a band. I’m the drummer of a Hardcore band called Stompin’ Ground. We started playing since ’88 (I was only 14 then). We had quite a reputation for being notorious everytime we play gigs until we eventually got banned from playing for a few years. I’m also in a few other bands as well. Yes, I’ve played quite a lot of gigs too but I prefer to play gigs when we have a release (like a CD) to back it up. Otherwise, I prefer to give the opportunity to younger bands and let them show themselves off. You can listen to my band here

  16. Avatar

    Stompin` Ground IS NOT A BAND!


    Stompin1 Ground is THE LEGEND!!!!

    wooot – my post-teenage life has just gone full-circle! :)

  17. Avatar

    Oh wow… it’s great to know there’s a Hardcore music fan here. We owe it all to the fans. If not, we’d be nothing. The supporters were the bomb! I hope you’re still listening to Hardcore. :)

  18. Avatar

    haha .. nah ive gone commercial. :) – anything that i can really dance to basically.

    besides, im too heavy now to be hoisted around anyways :P

  19. Avatar

    I don’t mind dance music as long as it’s good. I don’t dance though.

    $50 a week for lessons + $50 a week to practise at the studio ($5.50 an hour). That comes up to more than $400 a month!! I don’t even make that amount of money some months (told you I’m poor)!!

    You know, come to think of it (seeing how much you’re spending), in 2 months you could get yourself a decent enough practice drumset. From there, you could actually learn from watching others play (@ gigs or on instructional videos). The best part of this idea is, once you get the drumset, the spending stops there. :D

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    Al Sayf: I’ve seen your band name mentioned in SOFT!! Cool! I’ve got a famous drummer reading my blog!! :)

    I really wish I could buy a drum kit but it’s really not convenient for me to play drums in my current home. :(

    Steffi: Me too! But according to PeepShow’s blog, they specially wore jackets that night to cater to the corporate crowd. :P

    The Goonfather: Get away from me…

    starm|st: I’m sure with a little bit of practise, you’ll be up to where you left off!

    ahtiong73: Thanks for the link! But I’m confused. Is Brandon Khoo the official drummer for The UnXpected, or is he his own drummer who occasionally drums for The UnXpected?

  21. Avatar

    Brandon Khoo is the drummer for The UnXpected.

    He has more fun while playing at Wala, Thurs and Sat,but get there early before the queue starts.

    Happy hour ends at 9pm, one for one for all drinks.

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