Ladies, stop getting seduced by pickup artists

Remember my recent post about this stranger who sent me a rude Facebook message? If you haven’t read it, go read it here first.

I think Solomon Yeow read my blog because I just got another message from him!

Here’s the original message together with the new message (which I received an hour ago):

OMG. Faint.

I went to check out his profile again. It seems like he has deleted all his profile info (except basic details) and all Facebook apps.

I guess he didn’t like my readers making fun of his words.

Actually, I should give him props for taking it in his stride and not getting all upset with me for creating all that negative publicity for him.

He’s a jolly good fellow and all that.

But now, I want to highlight some links that my readers shared with me, which kinda sheds light on this subject.

K shared this link. It’s a page on this site called Art of Seduction (OMG), which lists a few choice messages you should send to females who put up personal ads in places like dating websites.

Solomon Yeow copied two of these messages wholesale and put them into his message to me.

Well, what the hell is going on here?

So, some dodgy con artist is teaching guys around the world to be rude, arrogant pricks? Pardon my language. Now I’m not pissed off with Solomon Yeow anymore. I’m pissed off with these stupid so-called seduction gurus.

They’re making the world a worse place than ever!

Stan alerted me to this book called The Game by Neil Strauss, which supposedly spreads more of such evil around the world.

(Stupid Stan, stop reading these books!! :P)

Noctalis blogged about my post on Solomon Yeow and presented some research results on the subject.

He found a forum thread in which people discussed the efficiency of rude pickup lines.

I was terribly shocked to see all that.

So, Solomon Yeow wasn’t acting on his own accord. He was rude because he was taught that being rude will get him the chicks.


After learning that, I just kinda felt sorry for him.

But then, now, with his new message, I don’t know what to think anymore.

His new message is as arrogant as his first, although not as rude. I wonder if he picked that up from somewhere, too?

No, I’m not going to reply him. Anyway, he’ll get to read my thoughts here since he’s reading my blog, apparently.

Guys around the world, please stop being jerks just because some lame “gurus” tell you that it will get you girls.

I have no doubt that there are self-loathing, depressed girls who will fall for your lines, but what kind of person would that make you, to prey on weak-minded individuals?

How can you face yourself in the morning?

One day, you’re gonna have a daughter who will herself be a target to lame PUAs.

And, ladies, wise up and stop falling for rude, arrogant men.

Goodness me.

154 thoughts on “Ladies, stop getting seduced by pickup artists

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    I saw the schools he came from…. kns he should delete that too…. making everyone from those colleges look bad

    (Can guess my Alma Mata already)

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    But PUAs are fun!! They are good to play mind games with!!

    Anyways, I only like Mr Nice Guys who I can bully and swindle into submission. :P

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    Your goodfather is a pick up artist. A fat botak managed to sian you this chao ah lian, you telling us not to fall for pickup artist?

    You fell into the hand of a big fat man and you still dont know? Tell your goonfather go and look into the mirror. He looked like a piece of lard. Standing beside you, you look like mee pok tar with a big piece of pork lard, very delicious lar! yummy!

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    Wow! Mee pok with pork lard goes hand in hand. Else Mee Pok wont taste good.

    Karen has got taste in food. Would you like to taste my Salami and call me Goon Daddy?

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    Goonfather, you know lar har…you have nothing…only good in talking lar. Take away your mouth you are nothing. You used your mouth to sian this chao ah lian and then this chao ah lian now calling others pick up artist, joke sia….

    You should become satay and bbq until those fats no more, then you will not be a pick up artist coz then you can use your body to sian ah lian. maybe then you will get better ah lian lah.

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    It’s one thing to ‘neg’ a target, but it’s another to plagiarize a pick-up line. That guy really brings the game to the new level–a lower one.

    Btw, The Game is actually a good book. Do read till the end. It’s not spreading evil.

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    Miss Loi: Haha.. don’t encourage the guys!!

    xinyun: Guys all over the world are using the same pickup lines lor.

    Jacelyn: Yeah, I know. The world is not safe!

    Daryl Tay: NOoooooooooooooo!! Daddy D is a PUA??? Heheh. Lend me the book can? I want to see what nonsense it’s teaching :P

    arzhou: Heh… well, every school will have its bad hats. Can’t avoid it.

    Rachel: Hahaha… Well ok, then. Girl power! :P

    karen: I’m really sorry if my post dredged up sad memories for you falling for pickup artists. I hope nothing bad happened to you. But I guess that’s not the case since you seem to be very bitter about this subject. Well, take it as a lesson learnt and all the best for your future relationships! :)

    modchip: Be nice! :P It’s not his fault, really. I think.

  8. Avatar

    sheylara : Wah lau wei, you jumped topic from mount everest top jump to mount kinabalu top. Very steady jump so far. poon pi pi. You dont know goonfather look like a piece of pork lard meh? when we meet up, we always laugh over it. How can such a big fat botak win the heart of an ah lian? obviously must be through the tongue lar…….aiya, you yourself kanna picked up by a pick up artist and then now condemning others??? where can?!

  9. Avatar

    Hmm… We could save other naive, desperate people from believing David DeAngelo by mass voting “poor” on his webpage.

    What do you think? Good idea? *grins*

  10. Avatar

    Who says I have nothing? You said I have fats. That is something! Ok ok… Now I use my fingers to sian better ah lian ok? I dun use mouth.

    So… When would you like to marinate me and I satay you?

  11. Avatar

    goonfather : you have nothing on your head. how cum? i wonder are you also kosong below there? if so then ho seh lah no need to trim can save money to buy scissor leh!

    Sheylara is probably the best you can get, no ah lian any higher class than that will be as naive. So actually hor sheylara got standard la….low standard lor..

    no need to marinate, just bbq until all the fats gone then ho seh liao, pang pang satay.

  12. Avatar

    Thank you! You also think so hor. A lot of people tell me so. Sheylara is the best I can get. Then that makes me a happy lard, coz I got the best already! Yay! Thank you!

    Have you found your best? I can intro leh. You want? Below kosong kind also can find for u. Straight satay without marinating kind also have.

    For me… I like some marination before satay. More fun lor. So no chance for you. Anyway, I already found my best, so me not available anymore.

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    Shu Yen: Haha… but if you read the Goonfather’s comments only, it would seem like he’s going in the direction of foreplay rather than war. And, yeah, great idea! I’m really surprised that “article” got high ratings lor. What the hell lah. :P

    xinyun: Well, sadly, people still fall for those lines!!

    karen: I hate to rain on your parade, my dear, but since the Goonfather is so low standard, and I am also so low standard, then really, no one needs to use any tricks to pick anyone up lor.

    Also, since we’re mee pok and lard, which goes so well together, we belong together naturally, and no one picked up anyone. So you can’t say that I’m a victim of pickup.

    And I didn’t condemn anyone lah. I’m just asking ladies to beware of PUAs. How wrong is that?

    Again, sorry if I reminded you of your bad experiences. Chill, girl. :)

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    yala, borbian now so have to say belong to each other mah HAHAHAHAHA. Ya lah you neber condemn, you only start a blog post and post his nice picture, give him more publicity ma. right? hor? hahahaahah.

    My bad experience? You know who i am or not? I am someone u very close to leh! Nvm…ahhahaahah

  15. Avatar

    goodfather > You know hor, you should really start slim down lar, coz not that sheylara will run away or what but fat hor is very very dangerous…..i mean a lot of illness also have one hor!

  16. Avatar

    Daryl Tay: Hahaha. That’s a good one. You totally hit the nail on the head.

    karen: I really don’t understand why you keep harping on the Goonfather being fat. What’s wrong with being fat? At least I’m not as lame as some people who only go for looks. Looks to me are totally unimportant. It’s the heart and personality that counts.

    If you’re the sort who chooses a partner based only on looks, then all I can say is good luck to you. I hope you find happiness.

    I don’t really care whether you’re close to me or not. I don’t really want to be friends with shallow people, so if you never reveal your identity, I’m fine with that.

  17. Avatar

    Sheylara : You simply cannot attract those with looks, and have to settle for something lidat lor. Then hor, its pork lard vs chicken lard vs mutton lard lar…..then pork lard kanna coz hor larder ma..hahahaah..his mouth larder la…not down there…so hor….then hor you happi lor..then how you happi hor, you come here condemn others leh! Super duper dont know how to look at mirror lor!

  18. Avatar

    Its ok lar. I think smoking will kill me before my fats can do me any harm lar. Anyway, the pollution from industrialization and economic advancement will kill me before smoking do me harm. At least I leave this world happy, knowing that I have no restrictions and lived life to the fullest. Why live 80 years of misery when you can live 50 years of luxury?

  19. Avatar

    @karen making personal attacks at Sheylara and boyfriend is waaaaayyy low lahs. especially if you don’t identify who you are. tsk.

  20. Avatar

    simply look into the mirror before you talk about other people lar…aiya so easy….if you diam diam hor i diam diam. You lidat hor,,this kind of pattern wah seh…still so loud at your blog condemn here condemn there..majiam like you and your goodufather very perfect hor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yala you 2 are perfect minus the looks. the rest are not perfect but with looks. then you jealous so condemn. tio bor? HAHAHAHAHA

  21. Avatar

    goonfather :At least I leave this world happy, knowing that I have no restrictions and lived life to the fullest.|

    Hahaha i can smell a consolation goal leh….so kanna whacked 4-0 then now score 4-1, tell yourself better than nothing lor! HAHAHA

    Daryl: Why do you need my profile to sue me leh? You so smart also dont know how to trace IP from blog meh? Really smart or not one?

    clauds: oh ya as if we know who you are! HUR HUR HUR! Practice what you preach la ok my friend?

  22. Avatar

    Me thinks Karen is either a guy who is jealous of goonfather or a girl jealous of Sheylara. Watyathink?

  23. Avatar

    daryl: wanna sue, go to ISP provider tell them you want to sue because people call you pork lard. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA why the hell you need facebook profile for? majiam like facebook everyone tell the truth one lei…..aiya….you hor…just wanna see my picture right?? confirm i not pork lard lor…….the only pork lard here is………….*drum roll*…the one and only……….you know who lar…har…

  24. Avatar

    karen: why do i get the nagging feeling that your real name is solomon? since when did sheylara condemn lah… she sounds like peaches and cream even when pissed; “you’ve been bad. run along now!”

    and why the fascination and obsession over goonfather ah? you have a crush on him ah?

  25. Avatar

    Consolation goal better than no goal leh. If you always wait and wait and wait…. you may not last long enuff to even achieve your goal. In life, we must learn to be contented, then we can be happy. If you only want to wait for the first prize, then you may leave this world empty handed, feeling angry and miserable. =)

  26. Avatar

    diu lah. i see lard here lard there everywhere lard lard lard. make me later have to eat my bak chor mee with lots of lard again. ruining my intensive “ONLY one bowl of lard a day!” diet only.

  27. Avatar

    goon : hahaahah, just now hor you say you wanna live life to the fullest, but your measure of fullest is not what people aspire to be leh. even if yours is half full, also seen as half empty as others leh….ya la so be contented la, continue to slack. and ok since you are not interested in 1st prize, then you will never have the determination to reach it. good for you leh, sheylara got a lemon she also dont know..wahhhahahaa!

  28. Avatar

    Rachel: Hahahaah… yah lah.. me hungry now. I craving fried chicken! Eh, but chicken no lard leh. Hmm…

    Anyway, I’m tired of chatting with karen lah. All flame and no facts, a bit boring. You guys have fun with her (or him). :P

  29. Avatar

    sheylara: it’s all goonfather’s fault lor. everytime pose until so sexy in his pictures for what. make people have crush on him and flame you..

    lai.. i comfort you… promise no groping.. (now)

  30. Avatar

    If you think living hundred years and doing 100 meaningful things is better than living 50 years and doing 20000 meaningful things. Then it is your method of measurement, as 100 > 50. But it is no surprise, as i believe there are many others like yourself. They rather choose partners base on outer shell than the contents.

  31. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    I don’t think he saw your blog posting. He simply posted a standard follow-up message cos you didn’t reply to him.

    karen: You’re right. By all objective standards, this goonfather guy is a fat, bald smoker. Only Sheylara would know why she’s with him. But he’s probably a sweet-talker, or rich, or both.

  32. Avatar

    This comment thread can be an interesting enough blog post in itself already. Steady lah, the comments more interesting than the post itself. (ok, it’s debatable)

    Maybe QY can discuss about online harassment in her next post liao.
    How do you retaliate when the enemy that is unknown, formless, but omni-present?
    Waste each other’s time one time jialat-jialat lah.

  33. Avatar


    Reading all your comments it seems that you are bitter about something.

    Are you just angry because Solomon is your boyfriend and he is trying to pickup Sheylara because he is tired of you. =D

  34. Avatar

    Yoz, actually there are many pickup artists books. There’s the Mystery Method, David DeAngelo. Many guys think they can follow their footsteps but guess they failed. I mean it’s human nature. which guy dun wan haf sex n play with woman?

    No need to flame them bah.

  35. Avatar

    i was actually about to ask jokingly if the Goonfather got use any of the lines but after reading thru, @Karen actually ran thousands of steps more than I would have done.

    uhmmmm … im sure the “Trackback” software works for @Sheylara. Am probably gonna find out more about this tool.

  36. Avatar

    Aiyoh. This your typical book smart loser who can plagiarised everything then regurgitate here without knowing how to properly apply a neg.


  37. Avatar

    Wah lau wei, also a smoker?? Damn sia xuay la that’s your standard of living life to the fullest huh!?!….Everything in life requires a balance….it’s clear that your life isnt balanced if your size and vice are any measure!

    Your theory of trading some years for better living standard isn’t going to cut it here if all you’re talking about are vices! Yucks!

    I am jealous?!?!!?! KAR PUI!!!! Give me him and give me another $5million i will turn you flat!

  38. Avatar

    Hmm… If that certain comment poster wanted web traffic, he/she forgot to put up his/her URL…

    Oh well…

    Jialat, this nongsen is getting too entertaining!

  39. Avatar

    Raken: Well, he did delete all his Facebook details and apps. So I guess you’re in karen’s camp. Good for you. She needs some support. Haha.

    modchip/Minou: lol, you guys got some secret language between you?

    Shu Yen: Haha, comments more interesting than blogpost? Maybe. I don’t get harrassed online very much. I don’t know why people would want to do that. Waste of time, if you ask me. What could people possibly gain from insulting other people?

    Candice: Lol. Nice one.

    dead_cockraoch: Possibly.

    Ethan: I haven’t actually read those books and researched into those methods. I just particularly don’t like the method that Solomon used one me. The one where you insult girls to get them. I mean, generally, being rude isn’t nice, so I certainly very against PUAs who do that.

    Sham: Eh, you’ve been plurking and twittering too much, buddy. All the @s coming out. :P

    Jacelyn: Heh. I dunno lah. You never know what people are thinking! Sigh.

    JayWalk: Er… what’s a neg?

    Shu Yen: Alamak… what have I started? :P

    karen: Please do not try to impersonate me. For starters, I most certainly would never go KAR PUI. A bit tak glam, if you ask me.

  40. Avatar

    Ok… my standard of living not good. Too bad for me I guess. I believe yours must be very good. Care to elaborate your lifestyle? So you go gym? Eat bland food. Walk ard with face mask? Wash your hands after everytime you touch something? etc…..

  41. Avatar

    It doesn’t have to be extreme ya goondu. This world is not black and white, there are many shades of grey. Being healthy isn’t about eating bland food, not at all! Face mask? Wash hand? You sure have a weird idea of a balanced lifestyle. You need enough good things to balance off the bad things in your life, it doesn’t mean you can eat lard until fat fat or eat msg until botak in order to feel fulfilled in life! You do things moderately, not just enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment can??? aiyo….

  42. Avatar

    Yeah.. Rachel, i think so too.. i have that same nagging feeling…

    anyways.. this feels kind of creepy… all these weird physchopaths…. whats the world coming to..

  43. Avatar


    Oh my goodness!!! Wait, first you have dirty old desperate old man and now, mad Karen?

    Firstly, Karen, I don’t know you at all, but I know QY longer than anyone on that has been reading this blog. Knew her the day I was born probably so I can safely say and speak about QY. In my personal opinion, QY looks beyond looks. She is not a lame, hypocritical bitch or slut or ah lian at all. Her intellect is probably higher than most of us! She looks beyond the surface to see the beauty inside Goonfather.

    I’ve know QY’s life and have seen ALL and let me stress, ALL of her exes, probably had meals and coffees at least once with everyone of them. And in all honesty, Goonfather is the best of them all. Looks wise, he may not be the best. But heart wise, he’s got a heart of gold. That’s more important than anything else. And Goonfather, no need to buy me dinner when I head back in August for a week. Looks fade away but love and heart of gold, stays.

    So please Karen, before you type about QY and Goonfather, ask yourself if you’re entitled to make such comments. And no, she is not an ah lian at all. Please! She has the intellect and a capability of probably Hillary Clinton but its just that she has chosen to thread the path that will make her happy. For that, she has my respect!

    And I love you both, Monster and Goonfather!

  44. Avatar


    karen sibei tmd CCB CLJ KNNBCCB .. Karen u sibei the shallow leh…. stop act so stupid can? U making urself like u juz kena lao sao lor.. dun act until so xia suay can? How ur mama n papa teach u one? LOL. Dun make them lose face can?

    QY is the MOST un-lian person I’ve ever known lor.. and the goonfather is 1 of the most determine and strong-minded person lor… I think hor… u dunno them well enough.. so stfu ok?

    Karen this kind of pattern is go everywhere tio beaten everywhere. I think ur life is pathetic and u confirmed no go out one cuz ur face all swollen n bruised up after kena wack upside down by pple the moment u step out of the house.. Wahahahahahahaha!!!! I long time bo wack pple liao lor… u put time put place.. i need some venting out…

    Jia you Goonie & QY! Me support j00!! ^_^

    @ Candice.. i also think so lor… she juz feel bitter cuz solomon lno longer interested in her lor.. gd for solomon.. this kind of gf can puke blood n forever remain spinster…

    Out of pure respect for QY dearie, if u find this comment distasteful, feel free to remove ok? ^_^

  45. Avatar

    Monster : We can tell you are sheylara. Talk about swinging an axe into your own foot….look at your last line…WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  46. Avatar

    Wang wang : You will know find out at 12am tonight if you have the balls to go to istana.

    goondu : seh! You are into all kind of vice ar? smoking lar, gambling lar, womanise?

  47. Avatar

    I bet u won’t be there cuz u choose such place… in front of the president home? u really out of ur mind lor! The moment u even start acting weird, u kena le lor… I can say for certain u won’t be there lor.. wah liew.. make me waste my time.

    This prove u really chicken~ LOL
    Xiao Ji Ji Karen!

  48. Avatar

    Well, he is just trying, in fact, pua is not something bad. Long ago, in the english courts, it is natural for the man to learn how to seduce the courtesans back in those days.

    anyway, it is a nice post btw.

  49. Avatar


    You must be an idiot! I am not Sheylara or QY. For goodness sake, shut up if you don’t know anything. She’s my cousin. We grew up together. Gee, some people have brains in their asses! And notice my post, I’ll see QY and Goonfather when I get back in Aug? How dumb can you get?

  50. Avatar

    Wang Wang,

    Thanks! Although I’ve never met you before, hopefully, this Aug when I get back, I might be able to meet you, thanks for supporting QY. She’s like my bestest friend and cousin!

  51. Avatar

    Monster wrote a comment on Thu, 26 June 2008


    You must be an idiot! I am not Sheylara or QY. For goodness sake, shut up if you don’t know anything. She’s my cousin. We grew up together. Gee, some people have brains in their asses! And notice my post, I’ll see QY and Goonfather when I get back in Aug? How dumb can you get?

    –> Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Braaaaaaaavoooooooooo!!!

    I will like to meet you too! Were you the one who flew to Singapore and pass QY a few boxes of dunkin donuts? I luv them!!!! Soooo yummy!!! Omg! Lol!

  52. Avatar

    Wang Wang,

    Yup! That’s me! But it’s Krispy Kreme! My favourite! Want some more Krispy Kreme? Just let QY know and I’ll get them on the way back to Spore.

  53. Avatar

    wah d*mmit, how come u have so many comments here.. gawd.

    anyway, i read that book! haha.. in fact, i HAVE that book. saw an excerpt in an article and decided to purchase it. hur hur.

  54. Avatar

    Haha no secret language.

    I am just rather puzzled by how this post generated such…er…heated remarks?

    Just my take about QY and Goonfather.
    They are both very loyal, always there for their friends. Determined to get what they want to achieve and not afraid to follow it.

    Wang Wang and Monster : Hmmmm….did I miss the Krispy Creme on that round???? AHHHHH!!!!!

  55. Avatar

    Goonfather : oh that! That one not Ely bring one ar? Oh no…I must be suffering from Krispy Kreme withdrawal!

    Now that I remember…I had doughnuts for breakfast for the next 2 days or something.

    Thanks Monster!

  56. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    Since you haven’t added this solomon guy, you were only able to view his profile cos he sent you a message. He probably adjusted his privacy settings, so that you no longer see the details and apps.

    And I’m sure you’re not the only girl he messages. He’ll get a shock when he sees all these comments about him!

    Anyway, I’m not on karen’s side, she’s a bit hysterical. But cos you wanted facts, I just provided them.

    facts are: he’s fat, he’s bald, he smokes.

    Strange that no one has disputed that he’s a sweet talker and rich, so I take it that he’s at least one of them.

    Having said that, many girls would make the same choice as you i.e. get a rich and/or sweet-talker. So you’re in good company.

  57. Avatar

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!! I am not rich!! I am not a sweet talker either!!! If I was a sweet talker, I would be in Karen’s pants right now, won’t I? I am just lucky!

  58. Avatar

    this is soooooooooooo interesting…
    hi sheylara!!! passing by to see the comments… sorry forgot what you posted already.. the comments too fun! XD

  59. Avatar

    Omg, look at alll the comments here! Haha =x

    These kind of (thick-skinned) guys exist everywhere, and obviously they’re not shy to show how full of themselves (and irritating) they are. But, on days when time passes awfully slow, they’re good to be around lol!

  60. Avatar

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Who attacks people who are in love and want to be with each other?

    Ans: People who arent in love, or dont know what it is.

    Who attacks people without knowing who they are and what they are like?

    Ans: People who not only have too much time on in their miserable lives to troll the blogs that dont belong to them, but also dont spend time reflecting on how much a loser they are in real life hiding behind a computer screen and spewing nonsensical crap.

    If QY wants to make everyone happy, satisfy all her readers, she would be running for political office. Her life is hers to choose, her partner is hers to choose. Don’t you think if GF is really that type of person you claim he is, her family(who reads the blog *hint*) and her friends would have warned her long time ago? Fact is none of us did because we know he’s a great person. That’s our valued opinion because we KNOW him in RL, and not choose to believe stereotypical hearsay.

    Just like now, I’m suggesting that everyone choose NOT to answer to any of “karen the shemale’s” posts. Why? Because reading bad english gives me a headache and I want to bring the topic back to Solomon Yeow.

    I wonder if Solomon Yeow is actually karen in disguise, that would be pretty lame.

  61. Avatar

    wahaha Shey u broke record liow.

    I’ve seen many ppl pulling PUA moves in SG, the sad thing is most of them just apply them blindly and miss the point of it.

    All a girl needs to do in this day and age is to use the internet and search for these pua “moves” and would know how to guard against them. Or just buy some of the books. Its a no brainer really.

    As for karen, its so obvious that “she”‘s just a troll. I skipped all her posts after the first one. Sheesh, at least try to sound like a proper female lah if u want to impersonate one.


    On another note, Shey, I hope your posts enlighten some of the gals out there., if they don’t already have a clue.

  62. Avatar

    This has to be one of the most commented on posts yet…

    As for Solomon – well, at least he’s trying, even if it is a little worrying that he has to use other people to express his feelings (or he’s just playing around for the hell of it).

    Neil Gaiman is definitely worth reading.

  63. Avatar

    HI QY can you please delete the comments from Karen/Raken/Solomon whoevre this moron is. While somewhat perversely entertaining, its really starting to get old now.

  64. Avatar

    Wang Wang,

    Sure, will try to pick up Krispy Kreme for you when I’m on my way out from HK back in Spore in Aug. Will be in Spore from 7th to 20th Aug.

    Modchip, I got them in HK. The nearest Krispy Kreme from Spore!

  65. Avatar

    Wah… so many comments…
    Read till blur liao…

    Haha, yes, i agree with Alex to remove Karen’s posts.
    I totally skipped reading them after the 3rd/4th post or so.

  66. Avatar

    @Monster: Too bad, I have searched the web for the closest, it’s about 6-8 hours ride just to get it from where I am. :(

  67. Avatar

    Wow! I finally read through the posts above… I haven’t seen so many flames and trolls since Lord of the Rings.

    To ALL: Writing responses to trolls is like wrestling with a pig – it’s pointless, you both get dirty and the pig probably enjoys it.

    QY: Either ignore or remove. I’m not sure that there’s value…

  68. Avatar

    All those continue to curse me after my post long long ago in the thread is majiam like on the road a car infront of you brake suddenly almost causing you accident then you horn and horn and Kao bei kao bu but the fact is the car infront already speed until dont know where liao you still there horn and KBKB. LOL!

  69. Avatar

    yipee ai ai yipee yipee ai, I had exposed goondufather to be a con artist. I had also exposed sheylara to be a chao ah lian who dont have the audacity to look into the mirror first before she write.

    All said, you can delete now since the damage had been done.

    Yipee ai ai yipee yipee ai.

  70. Avatar

    It’s funny that the car thinks “it speed until dont (sic) know where liao” when actually it’s still stuck in first gear, making loud noises and passing stinky exhaust from its very big pipe, while struggling to to appear fast and quick-witted.

    The only thing that the car has exposed is that it’s a wannabe “spok-kar”, but in actual fact it’s just a chao chery QQ.

    Please QQ more, n00b.

  71. Avatar

    Hehe Mince Pye so you’ve been waiting for me eh? Too bad i am no longer interested in this thread liao lah. All the Sheylara and Goondufather clones had start appearing, so let them take over and make fun of themselves, my job is done. Yipee ai ai yipee yipee ai.

  72. Avatar

    Funny… for someone who is “no longer interested”, you seem to be hanging around quite a bit.

    Wannabe much?

  73. Avatar

    Alas…I’m yielding to temptation to add in to the competition of wit here. FYI I’m not a clone of QY though I am related. That’s why my real name as used in my IC is up here.

    This is the most hilarious comment page I’ve come across. I’m not one to leave comments but this is beyond me cos I’ve been thinking about the silliness of this page for the whole afternoon and am not able to concentrate on my work.

    Karen or whoever it is: For someone who claims to know Sheylara, you seem to have a lot of misconceptions about her. Just as long as someone speaks/writes good english, you lump the person as a clone of Sheylara. She is exactly the way that she is described by those who know her personally. I know her personally too cos I’m part of the cousin’s gang. I’ve been a secret reader to keep myself updated with these pple I know. She is NOT an ah lian…otherwise known as teenage chinese hooligans hanging out at void decks smoking, making out and making a fool of themselves. The real ah lian here in this thread is the one spewing hokkien expletives without having to take a breather.

    Sheylara can write better than anyone here easily if she has the time to focus and concentrate on it. So why would she need to master the audacity to look into the mirror before she writes?

    audacity n[U]: the quality of having enough courage to take risks or say impolite things

    In fact, someone here had the audacity to misrepresent the true character of a person he/she don’t really know but doesn’t have the audacity to disclose who he/she really is.

    Now….who is the real ah lian….????

  74. Avatar

    now we know why i dun usually comment on blogs… cos its longer then some… QY, sorry abt writing so much =(

    I was so tempted to write cos of how hilarious it is…and I’m still sniggering abt it

  75. Avatar

    Woo hoo! The power of the cousins! So when you piss one of us, you risk the fury of the rest of us!

    By the way, the Sims or cousins related to the Sims are in no way ah beng or ah lian. We’re relatively well-educated, cultured, well taught from young, maybe not rich but still well mannered. And of course, we were taught not to spew vulgarities on anyone’s blog too. So guess we all know who the real ah lian is now.

  76. Avatar

    Joanne : Hello chao ah lian, you have a distorted view of an ah lian. Who tell you ah lian cannot write/speak good english? And why do you see the need to hide behind the nick Joanne instead of your usual nick sheylalalala? And praise your own english powdery? WAHAHHAAHAH.

    Please don’t condemn ah lian ok. Ah lian is nothing like what you mentioned. They command my respect because they got guts ok! You got guys to date a botak pork lard meh?! Oops i forgot you are sheylalalala, ok la i play along and pretend you are not la ok?

    To be honest you sounded like a broken record more than anything else. I wonder how many people still wanna malu themselves lei?!?! come on, bring it on and malu yourself and get bitter something that has nothing to do with you WAHAAHAHAAHAHAHA

  77. Avatar

    Monster : Lu CCB lu, stop condemning sheylalalalaal! Stop raising her characteristics and rub more salt into her wound.

  78. Avatar

    Someone really has the audacity to be impolite and rude. As I have mentioned to the whole world, my name is Joanne, which can be found in my IC. If Karen has the guts, why doesn’t she tell others her real name like how I did. Karen, do you want my full name? Come on and ask me outright!!

    Karen:You have been very rude to my blood relations in this blog. If this does not stop with immediate effect, I will be consulting my lawyers on whether this consists of slander. This type of behaviour in this blog has to stop. There is way too much insults using accronymns commonly known as Hokkien expletives.

    Furthermore, for somebody who is not interested in this thread, there has been many replies from this specific person thereafter.

  79. Avatar

    My apologies to Karen for not being able to continue entertaining her with my almost perfect English, which she claims to be from Sheylara.

    I’ll be enjoying myself in clear blue waters with white sandy beaches =)

    To the rest….this is more exciting than some movies I’ve watched. Continue to enjoy

  80. Avatar

    Joanne : You are too stupid to see the difference.

    Here I am not trying to be a hero showing you there is nothing wrong being an ahlian and yet you refused to be kind. I am here to expose and ridicule stupid assholes like you.

    Words are my weapons not action…my words do hurt and frustrate many of you silly motherfuckers.

    On the other hand, you choose to look down on ahlian and ultimately condemning sheylara in the process..wanna sue me??But in this case WORDS ALONE ARE NOT ENOUGH. LET’S SEE SOME ACTION.

    TALK WHO DONNO… you retarded motherfuckers have been singing songs from broken records…no wonder i love shitting all over you?

    Let’s see you be kinder to ahlian…give some lives… ACTION BABY…Talk who donno.

  81. Avatar

    starm|st: It really does not matter what the few of you losers feel. Hate or love me it’s still an obsession either way I’M STILL IN YOUR MIND.

  82. Avatar

    “Words are my weapons not action…my words do hurt and frustrate many of you silly motherfuckers.”

    Quote from same comment:
    “ACTION BABY…Talk who donno.”

    A great example of shooting yourself in the foot.

    If you actually bother to do a search on QY’s blog, you can find pictures of almost everyone who commented here. Feel free to continue fantasizing about us being QY and GF clones.

    Pretty pointless continuing this cos what does it matter what the little kid says? Its like the noise cockroaches make when they get smacked by a roll of newspaper. *SILENCE*

  83. Avatar

    I apologize. I am an extremely jealous person and I am very jealous of QY and GF. Infact, I tried to date QY but it didn’t work out so I just want to get back at her.

    I suck and I am a loser and I wouldnt do it again.

  84. Avatar

    Chong : Don’t pretend to be shy lah…we all know you are dying to suck my cock…maybe you wanna start a little lower down the list? How about goondu head first?

    Just give me a wink and I will arrange an audition for you.

  85. Avatar

    I apologize. I am an extremely jealous person and I am very jealous of QY and GF. Infact, I tried to date QY but it didn’t work out so I just want to get back at her.

    I suck and I am a loser and I wouldnt do it again.

  86. Avatar

    I am such a loser that I actually changed my sex and went for breast implants and renamed myself karen. Unfortunately one day I was trying to pick up some 15 year old innocent secondary students at the beach on a sunny day and the heat burst my implants. Now I even suck at being a shemale.

  87. Avatar

    So since we’re into cloning, I will just clone myself as karen here and write about how sad “karen’s” life is. That might be more entertaining. Stay tuned for more insights into the life of a shemale!

  88. Avatar

    I have to apologize for using the term “shemale” here. Trannies are real people who aspire to be members of the opposite sex. Totally nothing wrong with that.

    Our friend here is a probably a wannabe who aspires to have both boobies and a dick at the same time and wants to be stuck there forever. Problem is, its all in his daydream and like he has demonstrated, he’s “all action baby”.

  89. Avatar

    Flame war aside, did anyone point out the “dazzling good look” part? Either he only has one look (“mugshot”), or he’s been stealing more than pick-up lines, like, you know, sentence construction.

  90. Avatar

    I’m actually staying up past midnight to put a few lines of defence for PUAs, old and new, here.

    I’m still reading the Game, am now at Chapter 7 out of the whole 11 Chapters since starting middle May. I read it while commuting to and from work. And yes, it is not trash. It is a bloody gold mine.

    While fking noobs like Solo-man copy and paste lines verbatim making such lines essentially hot air, it’s interesting how the usefulness and objectiveness of these pick-up strategies are overlooked in view of the morality of the art or the idea of pick-up.

    From the side of the men, closing a telephone number or a chance of a 2nd date isn’t just that. Like the many little rewards we choose to validate ourselves – that salary increase, that career promotion, for the ladies: that chance to afford a LV Handbag etc etc – the reward of a PUA is reaching that stage where you are aware of your capability to literally take a woman’s breath away, now THAT is awesome. You know you stand out from the rest of them boring blokes who either try to bribe with a drink or two, or desperately latch onto a just-met girl in the club for the rest of the night hoping she’ll give her number or worse, dry hump a lady from behind on the dancefloor. The process of becoming a PUA tackles alot of the social and physical obstacles of a man that have been there the whole time since the first rejection or the first dump or first time the ex revealed the orgasm was faked….you get me. Guys are actually forced to be interesting and learn to actually BE attractive to be worthy of a lady’s attention.

    And besides, not everyone…who reads the book or learns Speed Seduction or the Mystery Method or attends Social Dynamics workshops, is always out to become a playa. PUAs are after all, human beings too.

  91. Avatar

    The Game is at the core a study of human social dynamics in a setting of men learning to pick women up.

    Direct application of the methods explained in the book is a surefire way to get laughed right in the face.

    What 95% of the SG men reading the book need to realise is that- the spirit of it is UNDERSTANDING HOW and not WHAT women are attracted- how to appeal to their instincts and not the social constructs that they have “chosen” to pursue.

    The reason the women featured fall for previously “loser guys” mentioned within the book is because these men have learnt to appeal to their basic instincts. How to instantly generate chemistry and rapport and develop the whole “in love” feeling is what moves reasonably intelligent women into ignoring the whole “poor, broke, unattractive” bastard bit.

    Simple copy and past DOES NOT work.

    That said- morality is a question of cultural relativity. We don’t condemn women for cock-teasing men into LV bags, why should we condemn the weaker gender (men) for learning how to appeal to women psychologically?

    Women use their feminine wiles and form. Men use emotional charm and psychology. Willing buyer, willing seller.

    Caveat: The Game to me practices a very cheap form of the emotional con. By all means, use it to get to know more people. Use it to feel empowered via a harmless flirt. But NEVER ever (emphasis mine) use it to cheat someone emotionally- that’s just F-ed up k? “Love em and leave em” is NOT something practiced by REAL men. REAL men actually love women and not treat them like playthings.

  92. Avatar

    Well, now that I understand more about this Game thing, I guess I have to say it might have some good points. I have yet to read the book, though, so I will have more defined opinions after I do.

    Anyway, my initial objection towards this guy using this technique was that he was very rude in his approach. And I totally object to rudeness as a general rule.

    He kind of led me to believe that this technique taught men to be rude to women, which you must admit is just wrong!

  93. Avatar

    Haha, that loser should be sent to FAIL blog for a nice online feather-and tar parade.

    Losers should read the art of seduction by Robert Greene, or simply, get a life.

  94. Avatar

    I am glad this Karen episode is finally over. To Karen, I think you’d better seek some professional help.

    While you are jumping with joy thinking that you have achieved your aim of exposing Sheylara and GF, I think you have achieved quite the opposite– You have exposed yourself to be a sore loser, and whether what you said have any truth in it, is not relevant anymore, as most readers will just be disgusted by you and lean towards the opposite of what you have said or trying to achieve. Congratulation!

    I am a casual reader who stumbled upon this blog a few months back. As a man myself, I wonder what is so attractive about GF too, perhaps you are right, he got a glib tongue. But for a relationship to go this long, he needs more than a glib tongue, and the more I read the blog, the more I admire both of them. For one, GF’s self confidence for having such a babe with such an active social circle as partner, that says a lot about the man. Secondly, I respect Sheylara as well for going beyond good looks, well, perhaps GF is filthy rich, which I doubt so, if so, why the hell Sheylara has to work her XXXX off?

    I don’t usually leave comments on blogs and get myself involved in flame war, but what you are doing is too much, Mr Solomon Yeow. What you are doing is immature, and I highly doubt you can pick any girls who have a little intelligence with canned lines like yours.

  95. Avatar

    Haha! I just witnessed the ultimate personification of a loser!! Curious, why the name Karen? Pity the authentic ladies out there who are named Karen …

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