I don’t like babe collectors

It started in Friendster.

Every once in a while, I would get a message in my inbox with the subject title: “Random Guy wants to be your friend.”

Because I’m terrible at remembering names and faces, I always consider the possibility that Random Guy is someone I know but have just forgotten for the moment.

So I would click through his profile to see if anything in there gives me a hint.

But then I would see this:

[Can I be your friend?]

Well, you tell me, what are the odds of a guy having so many pretty friends that the randomly highlighted friends on his main profile page are all pretty faces?

Very, very low. But still possible, I suppose.

Then I would click to view all his friends:

[These are all my friends!]


He has 800 friends and they are all of ’em pretty girls. OMG. WHAT A FREAKING LUCKY GUY.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you this popular hobby called Babe Collecting.

They are all freaking over Friendster, in competition with one another to collect the most number of babes.

It’s damn irritating lah.

So I quit Friendster and hopped over to Facebook because I believed that Facebook had more decent and mature people who won’t attempt to add me just because I have a nice profile picture.

For a while that was true.

I loved Facebook because it wasn’t full of kids who spammed your comments with:

, ,-. ,-.
/ ( )-( )
| ,.>-( )-< |,' ( )-( ) Y ___`-' `-' |/__/ `-' | | | -hrr- ___|_____________ But I soon realised my error. Facebook started getting crowded and the Babe Collectors started migrating over. So this guy tried to add me and I checked out his profile and he's got a friends list that looks like this. [Pretties in a row]

Freaking deja vu lah!

Even in Facebook, I am still getting friend requests by men I do not know, men who have 600 friends all of whom are GIRLS, men who have nothing on their profile pages but photos of GIRLS!!!

[More pretties in a row!]

Well, I don’t want to be part of your collection, you freak, so stop trying to add me.

What I don’t understand, most of all, is why all these girls are allowing themselves to be “collected”.


I thought Facebook was above the “I have more friends then you” shit you get in Friendster. So is there a reason at all for people to approve every single friend request?

Why must my life be plagued with such nonsense?

What do these sickos do with all these women in their friends list?

Actually, I don’t really want to knoow.

Just stop adding me.

20 thoughts on “I don’t like babe collectors

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    i have requests from such peeps too. the latest guy has about 1000 ‘friends’ and i decided to ‘test-play’ him a little by asking. and he said ‘i have many friends but you will be special’.


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    seriously, there are girls/spambots that collect guys. i wish i have a collection like that, and i get to meet every single one of them pretty girls in person. hopefully, their profile pics have not been photoshopped.

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    Now a days, everything is via digital. How many of us use the postal services these days. So, gone are the days of collecting stamps. Next best thing is collecting babes or hunks in such websites. Dun you think those little thumbnail pics look like stamps?

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    Too bad upside down thumbnails don’t fetch millions of dollars, unlike upside down stamps, or stamps printed in the wrong colour, etc.

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    My wife gets some invites from unknown men too. She rejects them all unless she knows them personally. I don’t really understand this fetish. But then again, I don’t get stamp collecting either.

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    Can I “collect” you too? :p

    Its pretty normal to get random invites on facebook especially if you play certain facebook apps/games that sort of relies on ingame friends. You suddenly have people just sending you request so you can be their “trading partner”.

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    Speaking as a male I can understand (just) the impulse to collect pretty girls as “friends”, but it is pretty sad.

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    i really dislike it when strangers wanna add me…and yes..these are the so call ‘babe collectors’

    irritating but they are here to stay..and these girls in the list don’t seem to mind..who knows but they may be proud to be in the list hhahah

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    It is pretty sad, sadder still is that these guys probly don’t realize how pathetic this makes them look, what idiots.

    My girl gets a lot of these too, first on Myspace, then on Friendster. With enough people in it most social networks eventually turn into a cesspool of filthy babe-collectors (and women who crave the attention, hence the “collected” ones). :)

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    It’s a compliment, no? Just don’t add them then – I have a lot of requests from people that I don’t recognise, but the thing is I feel like I should! So I have a lot of requests that are just sitting in my account, neither approved nor disapproved… haha.

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