GGF#7: Games to play this week

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Welcome to another edition of Gamer Girl Friday! To those of you who have been supporting this little project of mine (silently or vocally), thank you very much! The reason I’m still going strong is you!

I haven’t had much of grand editorial plan for GGF so far. Like, I don’t plan my issues ahead and I just kinda write whatever appeals to me at the moment.

So, I know I’m not producing the best work I can, but I can only get better with your help.

Writing quality content, while having fun doing it, is my ultimate goal.

Thank you for being with me on my journey!


Table of Contents

  1. Have you created your Spore?
  2. Playing Battlefield: Bad Company
  3. Don’t play this alone in the dark
  4. Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 6
  5. Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card goes to…
  6. Ask Sheylara
  7. Want a cool PS3 keychain?


Have you created your Spore?

Hewwo! I’m a cute purple blob!

Bweek! Fweek!

Oooh! My creator just gave me pincers!

I look weird. =(

Snip snip!

Yippeee! I have eyes and legs!! And a tail!

Look ma! Hands!!!

Oh, OOH! We’re going into the painting room next!

Aww, why am I still purple? I like yellow!

Aniwehs, I love being a freak!

Oookies. You can go to EA to download the client to make your own freak!

Like, you can stick body parts anywhere on your blob and adjust sizes and angles for everything! You can give your creature a zillion eyes if you want to!

I’m glad I don’t have a zillion eyes. I wouldn’t know what to do with them.

I can be found in the game called Spore, created by The Sims creator Will Wright! But the game won’t be released till September. =(

Aww, don’t be sad. I will dance for you, okie?

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Playing Battlefield: Bad Company

Pretty cool game. There’s a lot of humour in the cutscenes and the gameplay dialogue. Funny storyline. Feels like you’re watching a movie. Nice graphics, with cinematic effects at times.

Here’s a video of the demo gameplay, played by the Goonfather.

Yup, it’s as good as the reviews are saying!

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Don’t play this alone in the dark

Because, as the game title suggests, you’re Alone in the Dark. And playing this game alone in the dark is going to be freaky, especially when zombies jump out of nowhere to try and eat you.

I uploaded a funny video of it more than two months ago. (Filmed it at the Xbox 360 party where we were given a sneak preview of the game.)

It has finally launched (only on the Xbox 360 for now) and I am alerted to that fact by the sudden influx of comments I’m getting in YouTube for the video.

So, I’m embedding it once more for my newer readers. It’s worth a look because it’s a funny video to the theme of “pwned by a zombie chick”!

Anyone getting the game?

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Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 6

Sheylara couldn’t wait to bop enemies on the head with her new hammer.

“HWAH!! Come to momma!”

Excitedly, she wandered off in search of an enemy.

The ditzy barbarian girl came upon a one-armed man who looked rather like a statue.

“Hi!” Sheylara said chirpily. “Are you an enemy?”

“Um, no,” said the man. “Why should I be an enemy?”

“Aww, are you sure you’re not an enemy?”

“Quite sure.”

“Are you very, very, absolutely sure?”

“Lady, see here now! I’m a one-armed man who looks rather like a statue, for goodness’ sake! Why would I be your enemy??”

“I don’t know. I just thought, maybe.”

“I quite assure you that I’m not an enemy.”

“Alright, then.”

Dejectedly, Sheylara wandered off to see if she might not find an enemy before too long.

Soon, she came upon a muscular red-haired man.

“Are you an enemy?” Sheylara asked doubtfully.

“Nope,” said the man. “I am the famous Captain Redrik, scourge of the southern coasts. If I have slain one of yer loved ones and it’s revenge ye seek, then a duel to yer death it is!”

“Well, you didn’t exactly…”

“If ye have business with me, speak!”


Fortunately for Sheylara, she possessed at least half an ounce of brain matter, which advised her that she’d better leave well (and beefy captains) alone.

She decided to get on with seeking her destiny, as the lady in white in the previous episode had told her.

As she plodded along in search of the island in the south, a dodgy character pssted her.


“What’s with this city and psst?” asked Sheylara rhetorically.

“Lady,” said a man with a strange cape that covered his chin and a bit of his nose.

“Hi,” Sheylara responded.

“I am Idogbe. Heard of me?”


“Aww, dang,” lamented the man. “Do you think I should start a blog? Bloggers seem to get famous quite easily these days.”

“I suppose,” said Sheylara. “I will read your blog if you tell me where the island is.”

“Awesome! The harbor is just right there! Leave comments, too, will ya?”

“Sure, if I’m not too busy. I gotta find some enemies to bop on the head, as you can tell, seeing as I got a bigass hammer and all.”

So, off to the harbor Sheylara went. She spotted a grouchy guard standing guard.

“Oh, hello!” she waved.

The guard ignored her.

“Hellooooo,” waved Sheylara again. “Tell me about the harbor!”

“Harbor’s not your business, stranger. Leave me alone.”

Sheylara considered momentarily hitting the surly guard over the head with her hammer, then thought better of it. He did have a silly-looking spiky thing on his head and she didn’t want to break her new hammer.

“You people in this city aren’t very friendly,” she told the guard. “I shan’t bother with the lot of you anymore!”

It was then that the disillusioned barbarian girl decided it was a good time to go for a midnight swim.

After all, what was a swimsuit for if not for swimming in?

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” she cried to no one in particular and jumped into the water.

“Ahhhhhh,” Sheylara luxuriated, all the stresses of the day washing off her.

She swam and swam.

And swam.

And enjoyed the caressing waters.

And swam.

And suddenly found herself on an island.

“Ooh, I found my island!”

First order of business was to take some touristy camwhore photos.

“Nice! Now, what shall I do on this island?”

Wandering around, she spotted an old man sitting by a campfire.

“Ooh, maybe that’s an enemy I can try my hammer on!

Happily, she ran towards the old man.

“Are you an enemy?” she asked.

Startled out of his reverie, the old man said, “Of course not, you dumb blonde. Now sit down and listen to my story because I’m part of your destiny quest.”

“Oh, alright.”

While listening to a somewhat long and tedious story, Sheylara camwhored. She was kinda getting into it.

Before long, the storytelling old man lulled her into a drowsy daze and she eventually fell into a dreamless slumber, all thoughts of quests and hammers and camwhoring forgotten.

Once again, Sheylara wasted another episode of Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian not doing anything very exciting, but that’s the way the story goes.

At least, she felt, her life is a little bit more fun than that of the old man whose grandfather story put her to sleep.

(To be continued next week…)

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Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card goes to…

Dexter Tiah!!!

Congratulations! You win this for simply posting a comment in last week’s GGF! Hope you have fun with Xbox Live! I will be contacting you by e-mail for the delivery of your prize!

Those who didn’t win this time, don’t be disappointed. There will be more in the future, I’m sure!

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Ask Sheylara

Ask me any gaming-related questions! Post them in the comments or e-mail me, I don’t really care. I will try to answer all questions (unless I get like 500 questions a day).

Alex Tung asks a general question:

If I had to decide between Nintendo Wii and a PSP, which one should I get? I am not into cute games… not much of a Guitar Hero fan too… I like RPGs with fantasy/magic/dungeons & dragons themes and stuff. The last time i bought a console (PS2), it ended up rotting in my storeroom after a year. So… any sort of advice is appreciated.

Sheylara Says:

See, the thing is, if you really like RPGs, you wouldn’t have let your PS2 rot in the storeroom because the PS2 was, like, famous for its great library of RPGs (e.g. Final Fantasy). So I’m going to assume that the reason that happened was because you didn’t have time to play games.

If that’s the case, then the PSP will be a better choice because it’s portable. You can play on the go, while waiting in queues, while waiting for your girlfriend, or whenever. Well, of course, the PSP also has more RPGs than the Wii.

Wii has the monopoly on cute games. So if you’re not into cute games, your Wii will just rot in the storeroom together with your PS2, I think.

Wishbone asks a camwhore question:

For a person who isn’t that photogenic, how would you tell him/her how to pose for photos?

Sheylara Says:

Everyone has a good side. Just take tons of photos, try all kinds of angles and all kinds of smiles and expressions to find the best one! Yes, it may sound strange, but looking good in photos requires practice just like everything else.

If that’s not working, then wear makeup, or wear a mask.

Apoorv Khatreja asks a comparison question:

If you had to choose a favorite, which one would you choose – GTA IV or Super Mario (The classic version for SNES)?

Sheylara Says:

Definitely GTA IV. I’ve never been much of a Super Mario fan, although I do like some of the characters like the mushrooms and goomba.

But GTA beats everything else hands down, anyway!

junkie asks a Super Mario Bros question:

Did you play Super Mario Bros (the wildly popular one in the 90s), and if so, did you ever finish (I couldn’t because mum would yell at me to STOP PLAYING NOW before I even came close!)? If so, what happens at the end? I was convinced that this game was programmed to go on forever.

Sheylara Says:

Eh, what’s the fascination with Super Mario, you guys? The only Super Mario games I like are the party games! Hehe. Like the one on the Wii where it’s like a board game (Mario Party 8) and also the board game one on the DS.

I don’t generally like 2D side-scrolling games, and I find endless coin collecting very annoying.

What a shame your mum never let you finish it, though. You should have told her that she needs to let you rescue Princess Peach if she ever wants to have a daughter-in-law and cute grandchildren.

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Want a cool PS3 keychain?

This keychain is very cool!! I would keep it for myself if I’m not already using a Tiffany & Co keychain which I got for Christmas last year.

Anyhoo, here’s a picture of it!

Mouse not included! I only put the mouse in the background so you can have a size reference.

You can open up the keychain to reveal a secret compartment! Oooh!

It’s to store a Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo for your PSP! How cool is that?!

Aww, I’m almost sad to part with it!

But one lucky you is gonna get it! So…


Answer these questions:

  1. What content(s) do you like in Gamer Girl Friday?
  2. What content(s) don’t you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

Most useful/helpful/constructive/impressive answer wins!

Closing Date: July 3, 2008

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Fridays used to mean nothing to me since I don’t have a regular job and, like, every day was a weekend to me.

But now that I’ve suddenly gotten very busy with activities and freelance work, I’ve had to specially put aside weekends for friends and family and fun. Now I look forward to Fridays (and weekends) very much!

Hey, don’t forget to go to VivoCity tomorrow for the UEFA EURO 2008 PS3 tournament! It’s happening from 12 pm till 7 pm at the East Court. I will be there from 12 pm to about 3 pm! Come say hi to me if you spot me!

And, as always, have a great weekend! Love ya!

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43 thoughts on “GGF#7: Games to play this week

  1. Avatar

    At last a comments section that is flame-free… for now.

    As with most things the Spore creator has become a way of having some real fun. Take some time to check-out the pornographic creations that EA has being trying to ban, they are both very funny and rather disturbing…

  2. Avatar

    ^ Haha, yeah, when something like Spore is released, it’s human nature to create those stuff… then we giggle with ourselves, hihihihi… It’s like that curiousity we had when we were kids… what does … lok like? Hihihihi… *giggles*

    Congratz Dexter!!!

  3. Avatar

    Wow, I really like that keychain! Here’s my answers. =D

    Answer these questions:

    1. What content(s) do you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

    a) Organized. The table of content is great as we already know at a glance what topics (or games) you are writing about.
    b) The contest. This is a great way to interact with your readers.
    c) The Ask Sheylara. Also a great way to interact with your readers. And we have a place where we can ask any game related questions and get good answers.
    d) I also like the Adventures of Sheylara. It is a nice read with lots of pictures. Even if I am not playing the game it makes me feel that I am. (Thanks.)

    2. What content(s) don’t you like in Gamer Girl Friday?
    So far there is no content that I dislike.

  4. Avatar

    Hey there,

    I don’t really get the part about the barbarian girl. It always seems a bit out of place with the rest of your article, and takes up a lot of space.

    The Q&A is most interesting, but not always relevant to everyone.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas. Just try it, listen to real feedback (not those who say everything is perfect), and try some more.

    Good luck. :)

  5. Avatar

    Wow, Goonfather. ang galing mo magsalita ng tagalog. Bilib ako sa yo. Sino nagturo sa yo?

    @modchip – san ka work? bago ako dito at natuwa ako kasi me nagtatagalog dito.

  6. Avatar


    The barbarian girl is Sheylara’s adventures in AOC. It is her interest and she wants to share it, besides GGF has TOC so you can just choose what you want to read and after each topic you have a choice to go back to TOC to choose another topic again. The diversity of topics here is one of the things I like.

  7. Avatar


    “Harbor’s not your business, stranger. Leave me alone.”

    The guard sounds like a gold farmer, are you sure he didn’t add :

    “Annoyed for cant afford better ship?”

  8. Avatar

    Back on topic before we get swamped by pinoys (Maybe we should make a pinoy section since we got so many pinoy shey fans).

    Some pretty cool Spore stuff can be found here:

    Also, Spore is available for Mac users too, so dont feel left out!

  9. Avatar

    What i like:
    i like the reviews of some cool games on xbox and the conan
    the reason being i dun own a xbox(prefer a play station anytime haha) and the conan reviews bringing me around the game which me too, do not have the time to play.
    The Q&A section is really useful in most of the time.. the Q&A MUST stay! haha

    what i dun like:
    is also conan. the reason being, its still a review or interest but we are not knowing too much about the game? we wan to noe more haha! We noe you are busy( we understand) but i tink u can have provided more screenshots to let us have a feel of the game… like letting us feel that we are actually playing the game haha instead of reading the thing and seeing juz a little screen shots…

    p.s no offense juz providing my feedback and a chance to win the keychain =x AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  10. Avatar

    “are you an enemy?” LOL…. Barbarian girl rocks! Give Barbarian girl a medal! Barbarian girl for President!…. I think you get the message; I like the adventures of the barbarian.

  11. Avatar

    + ask sheylara
    ++ game reviews
    +++ video game review
    ++++ contests,freebies,give-aways

    below are some consideration for improvement
    – more side-game introductions (guitar hero,spore etc), i understand though this means more work for you…
    – on the video game review, a quick the good and the bad of the featured game would be nice… =>

    thanks and more power…!!!

  12. Avatar

    AITD or Alone in the Dark was a classic in those days. Crappy 386 era graphics and all but still. And who can forget The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour? Or Phantasmagoria? Those were the days. Still remember the Kings Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest series? PC gaming nowadays are so cliched sad to say.

  13. Avatar

    Devil: Thanx for the link!! Expected it when Blizzard negotiated with a diablo fan site to take over their url. Cant wait for D3. Looks like i need to buy a gaming PC again.

  14. Avatar

    DOT as in Days of Tentacles? I prefer Monkey Island Series. Damn funny game. Murray the skeleton.

    Should we have a graveyard column? Review all those DOS games of the past. Including having a link to download em! Wonder if their copyright have expired.

  15. Avatar

    ^ Correct, Day of the Tentacles. Yeah, and I agree about the Monkey Island series too. I don’t know about putting a link for those old DOS games, I think the copyright of some of the best DOS games are still protected, though some are now released as freeware. :D

  16. Avatar

    1. What content(s) do you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

    The ask sheylara section.. its quite informative and direct to the point style of answering questions.

    2. What content(s) don’t you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

    Currently its all quite limited to mmporhs(pardon the typo) and i honestly tink u should explore into different genre of games and different platforms.. Games like sports, racing, actionrpgs… Platforms like PSP, Wii, PSP, PS3 and Xbox.. whihc i tink u do.. but juz have not gotten round to it yet. Or perhaps i missed those posts.. =P

  17. Avatar

    What content(s) do you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

    freebies! haha… nah… introduction to new games and reviews on them is a good thing that everyone comes here for… unless they are here to peek at you… anyway… yes reviews.
    ur conan jokes are quite funnie… go around with ur hammer poxing ple up… lol… suggestion: there are slightly more guys that comes to ur blog then girls, hence, maybe u can review new games that guys might like, say like 2:1 ratio for the game choice based on gender.

    What content(s) don’t you like in Gamer Girl Friday?

    conan. it has gone been too draggy in my opinion. this mmorpg, seems like still a long way to go b4 u will end the game. and trust me, by the end of “Adventures of Sheylara the Barbarian Part 43655”, you have learn to hate that u started the part 1. one month once, will be juz sweet for readers, too draggy, tend to make u lose ur target audience. juz my 2 cent worth of RMB. lol!

  18. Avatar

    I personally like the give-away portion of GGF. In my opinion, it is the best attraction for this weekly newsletter. Like if I had a friend and I say, “Hey, visit Sheylara’s site every friday!” and he’d ask “Why?” and I’d say, “…it has lots of gaming updates, news, stories…” then my friend will say “… I know other sites that has that..” and I’ll butt in “…and she also gives out prizes..” then he’ll like “Whoa! I like that, I’ll check it out this Friday…” Get my point? This section is great for absorbing more readers to go into your site.

    No offense but… sometimes the AoC story is a little bit too long. If you could maybe shorten it, just a tiny bit, then it will be all fine, anyway, it is continued every Friday right?. Then with the content trimmed a bit, you could squeeze in more sections to quench our/your gaming thirst, maybe a “Crappy Games” section, that could give us a lot of laughs!. :D

    I hope GGF will continue on until like.. forever. Thank you! ;)

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