You get to decide the fate of my hair

By the way, I’m feeling okay today. Well, I said I would. Thanks for all your concern. I just needed to rant, is all.

Besides being really really sleepy and fatigued (but still having to go to Ikea and IMM and carry heavy things to and fro all day), my mood is considerably good.

So, that’s done.

I’m not surprised that I got some comments asking me not to cut my hair. But WHY?

I think I look old and haggard with long hair. I feel old and haggard with long hair.

So, here’s a chance for you to tell me whether you prefer my hair long or short. (Actually, either way, my hair is always the same style… ramrod straight. So, like, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference, anyway. Haha. Sorry, my hair can’t be any other way.)

Photos for reference.




Actually, the photos probably aren’t very accurate for voting because I only post my good hair day photos. But who cares. Just vote.

29 thoughts on “You get to decide the fate of my hair

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    Anything will also look good, except the cleopatra cut. I think I already gave you a hard time mentioning it everyday in the past hahahah

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    long with 2 neatly tied buns on the side…..(a.k.a Chunli)

    but seriously…. long suits you better. U don’t look haggard.

    What does the Goonfather say?

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    Well how you feel is more important, cut if u want it but not too short like britney :D

    Don’t scare me away like that, unless botak is the trend among ladies now?

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    NO SHORT HAIR! Long, luscious locks please… Any style is good, but I prefer you with it longer in front.

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    I like the way your hair. Long or short doesn’t really matter. But….please just don’t go and have a pixie haircut. Don’t think that suit you. And on the topic of washing hair….You can do what I do when I’m lazy and dirty…..In HK sometimes I don’t wash my hair for 3 days and then I’ll pop to the salon to get it washed for like SIN 10. Saves me the hassle to washing and waiting, waiting and waiting for it to dry before I can get to bed.

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    Actually I like all expecially if on you… :D

    but only one “LONG HAIR WITH SHORT FRINGE (past)” I’m not a fan…

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    long hair with fringe off face, definitely!

    Oh and I don’t know how the nuffnang poll thing work sia… I vote on one blog then after that can’t vote anywhere else liao.

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    Daryl Tay: Interesting. There were several positive comments about that picture when I posted it up in the past. I personally don’t really like it because I think my hair looks too bushy in it. But just goes to show people’s opinions differ so it’s always good to ask for and consider a wide range of opinions!

    KingMeng: Nah… I scared cold.

    Mother: Yeah. And I mentioned in the past that the Cleopatra cut was to help me in my acting but now I’m moving away from acting, I guess I can go back to my old cut again. :P See how lah. Things in my life are like changing damn fast!

    aig: Thanks. :) I kinda expect a majority of people to vote for “long hair with fringe off face” :P

    krisandro: Hahaha. I’ll look funny as Chunli. But I don’t mind trying it out if ever anyone feels like dressing me up at her, but have to provide costume and hairdo. lol.

    The Goonfather from the start always preferred long hair, long fringe. But he says he’ll accept it no matter what hair I have. Isn’t that nice?

    Mike M: Okay, that’s a safe middle ground. lol.

    Ashtar83: Haha. Some ladies do look good botak what. But I think more suitable for ang mohs since they have sharper features and bones.

    modchip: Seems like you veer more towards short-medium length. :P And OMG please don’t look at my old pics. Those are so disgusting! haha.

    Jesta: But don’t you photographers get irritated with models whose hair keeps covering their faces? Do you remember at our last photoshoot how often you had to tell me to brush my hair out of my face? lol. With a long fringe, it’ll just get worse.

    yukita: No need to choose from picture lah. Just wanted to give an idea how I look with long or short hair. I did consider gentle curls at the ends! But I scared very hard to maintain. Plus hair perming very expensive right? I never really spend a lot of money on my hair tbh. :P

    thiang: You should try just once in your life. If you hate it, you can always grow it back, and then you’ll stop wondering!

    Monster: OH MY. I have to wash my hair at least once a day or it’ll feel itchy and gross. Plus I look gross, cos my hair flattens when I sleep. So I always have to wash and blow dry before going out or I can’t face the world. Haha.

    Leaf: Haha. Thanks! You’re one of the few to support short hair! ;)

    starm|st: Ahh, good! I quite like that look, too!

    Wang Wang: Thanks! Although I thought you liked my short hair too! :P

    arachno: Awww, thanks. Ok, I guess most people don’t like my Cleopatra hairstyle. *sigh* That is really the easiest style for me to maintain because I don’t have to put a disgusting amount of gunk of it every day to keep hair off my face. :P

    tstar: Thanks for your vote!

    For the Nuffnang poll, it remembers your details via cookies, so when you visit some other blog with the same poll, it already knows your details and automatically answers the questions for you. That means so you don’t need to keep answering the same the poll over and over again! It’s a good thing! :)

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    Lest you forget the important element of a good look is not the hair on top of the head but the person just directly underneath it.

    Any hairstyle will do fine lah. ….

    …. as long as not the cheesy taiwanese wedding photo (with the nonsensical english scribblings by the side) where the girl bun up her hair leaving two strands of curly chee cheong fun down the side of the face can liao.

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    Hi Sheylara, my first time here. I came over from Bobo’s.

    I think all the hairstyle suits you. The Chunli look is totally funky. The last photo. I love those eyes of yours. Are you looking at a bright light to create that eye effect? :)

    Have a good day :)

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    JayWalk: What’s wrong with Taiwanese wedding curly chee cheong fun hair??? lol. quite nice mah. :P The reason you see me having lots of hair posts in my blog and asking for opinions is because people love to comment/complain about my hair. Has been like that since I was in Secondary School. Every time I cut my hair, I literally get scolded by all my friends. O_o. Seriously.

    Janice: Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Sorry for the late response… been so busy. :P Anyway, to answer your question, that was just an accidental shot. I was in the car looking out the window (trying to take my photo from different angles) and it just happened at that time, the sun was shining into the window. :P

    Derrick: Cool, thanks!

    barberlim: Technically, “cutting” botak is a very inefficient method of hairstyling. “Shaving” would be better. You would think a barber would know that! ;)

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    Ok lah… I know that style is much easier to maintain… but hor… the other look SOLID… nose bleed kind one you know… hahaha :D

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