Winners of the Great Hamster Giveaway!

I have the results of the Great Hamster Giveaway! There are 17 winners! Congratulations to you all!

I’m really pleased with the response to this contest. The only regret I have is that I don’t have enough prizes to give to everyone who participated.

Not to fret, though. I will be holding more contests in the future, so watch out for them!

[Random hamster prize]

Okay, I’m announcing the winners now! Is your name on the list?
(Click here to see pictures of the prizes) Great Hamster Giveaway Winners

  1. Jane Foo – Pink Princess Castle
  2. Syndicatee – Cosy hamster cottage
  3. Cannie – Hamster house and bathroom
  4. Kewrious – Hamster wheel
  5. Clarissa – Hamster bed with cooling pad
  6. Annisha – Hamster couch with cooling pad
  7. Danny – Hamster Bathroom
  8. Bunny – S.A.M. feeder
  9. Winston – Capsule hamster bathtub
  10. Issura – Cardboard playpen
  11. yukita – Cardboard playpen
  12. modchip – Mini food dish
  13. CJ – Grow your own grass
  14. xing – Hamster ball
  15. boa51186 – Feeding bottle
  16. Kochier – S.A.M. elbow tube
  17. GeekStars – Wood carrot chew toy

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation! I really enjoyed reading all your answers, too! ;) I will be sending all of you an e-mail soon about your prize collection.

Some interesting facts

  • The draw was conducted using a randomiser. First drawn person got first prize and so on.
  • Jane (1st) had 55 credits.
  • Cannie (3rd) holds the record for most credits earned — 64.
  • Danny (7th) is the luckiest, being the only contestant with only 1 credit to win a prize.
  • Most of the winners had at least 20 credits. Two winners had below 10 credits.
  • There are four outside-Singapore winners — Malaysia, Philippines, Canada and UK.

Well, that is all. I hope your hamsters like their new toys!

19 thoughts on “Winners of the Great Hamster Giveaway!

  1. Avatar

    congrat to all the winners!!!
    yay!!! i got a couple of answers from the daily banner but i forgot to send them… YAY x1000!!!

  2. Avatar

    Congrats to all who won. Was slowly scrolling down the list not expecting to win, but then there I was. Thanks to sheylara for having the contest.

  3. Avatar

    Not being a hamster person I didn’t participate, but wouldn’t an easier system have been just to award the prizes based on the number of points?

  4. Avatar

    I kinda agree with Jesta it would kinda be easier to see who has lots of points.
    Anyways…Congrats to all the winners!!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    sniff sniff* *runs around cage* sniff sniff* i’m lonely la lara… *sniff sniff* why i dun hav toy wan? Lol. Btw … i don’t know why but ur blog is addictive. *scratches head*

  6. Avatar

    Jesta/Maddy: That would have been easier to award, but it would have deterred many people who can’t be bothered to earn credits, knowing they would then have no chance of winning. On the other hand, people who bother to earn credits are rewarded by having a higher chance to win, which shows in the results. So I think that’s a pretty decently balanced system.

    VictorTan: Um… maybe because you didn’t even take part in the contest? lol. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog! ;)

  7. Avatar

    Yo i won something whooooooooo!

    Thxs Sheylara, Sorry for being one of the persons aving less then 10 credits ;( but yeah to ur fair system!

    btw Guitar hero ROCKS i just finished it, i know a bit slow but i am so so so stressed with final year of uni! argh panic!

    anywa i’ve bookmarked this blog so may be back soon.


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